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    Kannan Koh

    Price: $1,425

    The last sinking grade oud oil I heard of sold at $5,000 for one gram. It wasn’t just the last one I heard of, it was the only one, distilled about three years ago. So, yes, $15,000 for a 3 gr bottle.

    It’s a fair price, if you ask me. Given what sinking-grade wood sells for today, give or take $100 you shouldn’t expect oud distilled from such wood for much less. I just want to get that on record because of what I’m about to say next.

    You cannot make this oud today.

    Not with aloes that sinks like hard rock, nor with a golden pot or condenser made of crystal.

    The smell outclasses, transcends, soars miles beyond and towers above any sliver, any chip of the sickest sinking-grade oud you’ve ever burnt, low temp or high.

    To date, I haven’t smelled an oud that surpasses Kannan Koh in beauty or grandeur.

    There are oils that are as dear to me, of comparable caliber and depth. But not better. And from them all, none are rarer.

    You could speak of notes of musky-but-purple, patchouli-like plum-fruitiness and precious flowers galore, all doused in a sherbet of sticky purple kyara. The scent is so grand, so complete-perfume-like in sheer scope and complexity, you’ll discover an olfactory microcosm in itself.

    The closest oils in scent profile are the original Royale and Oud Sultani:

    “To quote Rudyard Kipling, this is ‘the earth and everything in it.’ It is almost as if it has ALL the notes. Everything that is natural and beautiful on this earth is somehow packed into this fragrance and expresses itself at different times/temps/conditions/moods. Absolutely the most beautiful smell of any type I can imagine. Wondrous.”

    Here’s your chance to own one of the rarest olfactory relics on Earth: aged sinking-grade oud oil—with a smell that simply cannot get any better.

    Just a handful have ever smelled it. Only a couple people own one. It’s available for one day only.

    The great King Malaysian. A rich, heavily resinated oil along the lines of Oud Sultani. – Brian, USA

    Beautiful dark musky oud. A little goes a long way. – Phil, USA

    It shares the same DNA as Oud Ahmad, even Tigerwood Royale and yes… hints of Purple Kinam. This is one bad ass old school oil. I will cherish its fumes. Even just off the vial and without ever wearing it, I get tons of ooomph and pleasure from it. Words don’t fit. When we hear Oud is gone, oud is a thing of the past, it is oud like this that vendors mean. So much heart. What a base! Deep deep deep. I bet even a mustard grain size wear will be enough to deliver a knock-out punch. A wow oil for seasoned wearers but I think even newbies will fall off their chairs. This is medicine as well as an insane scent. From the deep deep red to the camphoric top and a whole world of musk leather tobacco medicine in the middle. Kannan Koh is for me a tad above Oud Sultani. – Rasoul, Canada

    Ultra decadent Malaysian; its quality is readily palpable. – Philip, USA

    I have always enjoyed this, and have been impressed by its richness and opulent qualities - but last night I had an exquisitely enjoyable experience that I've repeated this morning. There are these tangy fruity/floral type notes in it, but they are so dense and otherworldly smelling - really extraordinary. – Josh, USA

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