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    Jungle Kinam

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    All you need to do is get on a boat and sail along the Amazon river. Then hike northward, take in the warm South-American humidity, cross the Caribbean, and remember the smell of a tropical island.

    Move onwards. A warm, grassy aroma as you drive roof-down through Central America, where the haystacks lay rolled up on waves of golden hills as far as the eye can see.

    Lavender leaves, sage, broom, and high-hill tea fields diverge beneath a rainy cloud of Papuan gyrinops lush and foresty, with a heartnote that’s deep-jungly green.

    Green Papua and Oud Mostafa VI are just two oud oils in this parfum that you won't recognize. The dry, earthy tenor of Green Papua couldn’t be more in contrast to the zesty resinous glaze of Oud Mostafa VI. Together with an assortment of far-out floral forest herbs, these two oud oils add a depth to this parfum you’ll never experience even in the most herbaceous standalone essential oils.

    In Jungle Kinam... Vietnamese woodlands meet the Scottish highlands meet the marshy jungles of an uninhabited Indonesian island meet a summer’s day in the French countryside.

    Like the jungle, the fragrance is dense and stays together throughout your wear. There’s a lot to discover, but its dry-jungly heart barely moves from its pitch. Notes of vanilla and vetiver flush about the green-earthy, Papuan oudy mineral basenotes. There's no citrus, nor rosy comfort. Jungle Kinam accompanies a deeply mellow vibe, with memories of mountain hikes and road trips, forest camps and fishing trips.

    In the beginning I got a smoky, chocolate laced vetiver scent. In the mid I got a pipe tobacco and berry scent. For the dry down, I got a swirl of everything previously mentioned in addition to and oud or sandalwood oil. This one is a masterpiece! – Mr. Jackson, USA

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