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    Joy de Boche - running low

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    Some ouds are just so much fun to wear. Lively, jivey, easygoing, juicy fruity can’t help but like it kinda ouds. Lifts your mood, throws your mind into a different gear, makes you think of all things bright and beautiful, all scents suave and cool.

    Joy de Boche is an eccentric host who showers you in vanilla-drenched rose petals as you walk through the door, then dunks a bowl of fruit punch cold on your head. The scent oozes clean-cut caliber, scrupulously distilled scent progression where top, heart and base are wound up tight like a bolt on a plane, with no erratic emanations of funk, fermentation, or off-notes that disrupt the ride.

    Some ouds are for keeps, some for special moments, some for the bow-tie lining your tux. Joy de Boche likes things carefree. Slouch away on your couch and tune into its playful zen, hike out over the weekend, stroll woebegone to the lake near the prairie in your flip-flops leaving worries for yesterday and instead go sniff-a-whiff of this mmmmmm!

    Of course, don’t let the fun fool you. Under the hood, you’ve got 100% wild Cambodian crassnas drunk on untreated, out-in-the-country waterfall water. If the fruitiness were a sliding glass door, you’d bang your nose straight into it. The notes are crisp and clean—just what a fully cranked-up, no effort spared, artisanal oud distillation is all about. And wild-harvested Cambodian wood of such potential deserves nothing less. The perfect balance between oleoresin and auxiliary notes, woody and jammy, resinous but in a carefree party mood. It’s the kind of oud I wish to smell wafting from the stranger walking in front of me, swishing past me, or whoever sits next to me.

    Some ouds you keep. Some you never even open—or only smell straight from the dip-stick. But some ouds you want to take a bath in, splash on recklessly after your morning shower and never think about what lies beyond the morrow. Oud to enjoy today, every day. Few fit the bill better than bottled Joy.

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