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    Jing Shen Lu

    Jing Shen Lu



    When a Kōdō maestro I know sits you down for a session, he’d take a piece of agarwood and carefully seek out, not the blackest bits, but the kyen.

    The scent is subtle and complex. You’re after uniformity, a tightly composed profile mimicking neither sweetness nor funk, that conveys a singularly unique note: whether that note be ‘white’ or ‘purple’ kinam, or… pristine green kyen.

    With pure kyen oils you don’t get a ripe fruit cocktail or a heady old-school oudy earthiness. Jing Shen Lu is all about the clean unitone sencha-mint-kinam aroma that’s crystalline green on the scent spectrum, with a resinous score that’s every bit the scent you’d smell when handed the heater by that maestro. 

    Kyen (highly mature resin that starts to permeate the deeper layers of the heartwood) was only discovered in cultivated trees a few years ago. Statistically, hardly any trees ever mature long enough to form such resin dense strains – and the stats just go down and down as people are increasingly eager to harvest the trees as young as possible. 

    Since the first strains were found, we undertook to collect all organic kyen we could gather, and that took us over four years! Since then, we’ve had zero luck. But what you got in return was Satori Kensho and Satori Basho, hands down two of the most pristine gyokuro aromas of all time.

    Incredible as they were, Jing Shen Lu is superior to the Satoris in both depth and clarity. The fragisteria heart notes are in full bloom, with a fusion of the Satori kukicha-matcha leaves crushed and pressed into aloes incense that verges on the oceanic bluegreen tones that are the hallmark of our Sultan Series oils. After all, incense is exactly what kyen would be otherwise used for! 

    You’d literally think this was a green tea extract, only sweeter… until you pick up the pure kyen note… the exact note the maestro seeks out to enlighten his pupil.

    One thing Jing Shen Lu does share with the Satori Series is its olfactory Zen that makes it an instantly likable fragrance easy to wear anywhere. Even when applied to a shirt collar, you won’t be left with a fruity twang that after a day or two smells semi-oxidized, as with cheaper, lower quality extracts. Instead, the cloth smells as if it had soaked up a high-grade fumigation just an hour ago.

    I don’t just wear one swipe of Jing Shen Lu. The way I wear it is both arms laced on top, an inch or two above the wrists (a good spot if you wash your hands a lot). I dab a little on, then wait a while before taking another swipe on my other arm. You have to try it. To wonder at the interplay of the different phases of the scent progression from one wrist to the next and back is a joy unlike any. 

    Needless to say, this is an all out 100% organic kyen extract. No lower grade, or any other grade, stirred into the mix. No growth chemicals to ‘trigger’ false resin. No inoculants, natural or otherwise. No additives, carrier oils, nothing. Just kyen – copper distilled for the history books.

    I wanted to release this under Sultan Series. Because this is part of the Sultan Series, distilled at the time as Sultan Murad and Sultan Fatih, according to the same stringent methodology, and if sold by smell alone would not be a penny less than $790. I’m also not kidding when I say that more work went into making this than several of our Sultan Series oils. As an oud oil, as an aromatic work of art, I have no issue openly stating that Jing Shen Lu is on par with, even exceeds, many top notch wild oils out there. The only reason you don’t see it listed under Sultan Series is because we’ve already mentioned that those are wild distillations – which this might as well have been.

    This is not just the best kyen oil ever. If there’s one oud that epitomizes all of Organic Oud, it’s not Oud Yusuf, it’s not Thai Encens… not even Oud Mostafa No 5. It’s all-votes-in Jing Shen Lu. And if, from all the backbreaking years foraying into Organic Oud, we only had this one oil to show for it, I’d retire a happy man.

    So, get a bottle. Get two. As long as you get to share in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to own the very best organic oud our resin-hungry hands could bring you.

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    Here's what other people are saying about Jing Shen Lu

    Jing Shen Lu……whoa whoa whoa……I might have to leave a trail of peanuts behind me to find my way back. I’m wandering away from the distant drums of Hindi oudh behind me, putting on the kettle to make a batch of Jin Jun Mei to ground me. Is this what Kyen is all about? There’s a hut in the forest up ahead with a smoking chimney pouring out fumes of forest medicine, lemonbalm and some medium dark fruit. More later…… – Stefan, Canada

    When Adam first sent me a sample of Jing Shen Lu I told him that I appreciated its depth but I would need to spend some more time with it before making my mind up.

    A couple of months has passed since then and now I find myself coming back from work everyday, going straight to my oud box, cracking open the sample vial and burying my nose in the vial. On some days I even treat myself to the tiniest dab under my nose, I don’t care if no one else can smell it as long as I can.

    I really didn’t understand this oil to begin with but now I think it’s one of my favourites of all time. I can’t convey in words how crystally green and clean it smells. There’s also something heady about it that makes it go straight to my head and wakes me up. – Naveed, UK

    Jing Shen Lu is one of my favorites, it goes on smelling something like marzipan. Then after the drydown smells almost identical to Minorien agarwood incense sticks from Japan. Unbelievable. The company is known for using only natural ingredients and since they do not cost a fortune or even that much, maybe $28 for a small box, it tells me they must be using good cultivated wood. It is almost identical after drydown. Awesome! – George, USA

    Delightful plum wine and rose. This one threw me. At first I thought ‘maybe they mis-labeled the bottle.’  There is an initial subtle, clear minty greenness and a mild wood. There is a sweetness that emerges within a minute and matures. After a while the sweetness is predominant. To me it smells like sweet plum wine with a touch of rose. I have some Rose Geranium essential oil (smells like Rose) and compared. The oud scent melds with the geranium, matching on the rose-like note. – Dave, USA

    I applied a swipe of Jing Shen Lu and instantly, I smell Assam 3000 mixed with Green Papua. This is like a three-in-one combination of greenery, mintiness and floral notes. I thought I was smelling wild oud. It develops over time and the kyen is absolutely amazing. Sophisticated oud like a diamond with a thousand facets. And yes, it is even better than some wild ouds I’ve tried. – Farid, Singapore

    I wore Jing Shen Lu the other day, and I have to say, that is a really beautiful oud. It has a striking lemon mint scent that wakes up your mind and sanitizes the air around you, but it has this hidden champaca note at the end that is just exquisite, such a great balance with the sour note that hits you first and then you detect the champaca note afterwards. I had a woman at work smell it, and she scruffled her nose and said ‘It smells like patchouli’. But I am okay with that assessment, it means that the heart note in the tail end of the smell is very sweet. Another woman at work said ‘All I smell is mint’. Effects on psyche – cleansing, awakening, sanitizing, purifying, with a gentle reminder of God’s love at the tail end of the smell. The Assam 3000 is a ‘pretty’ smell, lots of flowers and very floral etc etc, but Jing Shen Lu is ‘beautiful’, it is a beauty that slightly humbles. When Ensar mentioned that he did this the Sultan way, with leftover Sultan residue on the pots, I kind of get what he’s saying because the tail end notes are so achingly tender and just on the verge of being there/not being there, they would require a really detailed distillation to make them smell like that. – Mark, USA

    I tried Jing Shen Lu a while ago when I met Ensar in London. The green notes were sublime. – Kenneth, UK

    I applied the Jing Shen Lu in the morning before I left for work. It’s been about 2 1/2 hours now and the dab of oil I put on before has changed. I am smelling kyen and wow, I really love it. The opening notes are somewhat mixed with the Green Papua oil of Ensar. It also has a mixture of a light agarwood which isn’t too sharp. I am smelling a little fruity notes in there (not like Oud Yusuf) but in a green and organic way. I got to say the Kyen is standing out the most in this beautiful oil. Thank you Ensar once again for such a magnificent Oud! – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    How on earth does Ensar get his cultivated oils to smell deeper, richer, and wilder than most others’ wild oils?! – Naveed, UK

    не поверишь, но я влюбился в этот аромат… Oud Yusuf мне не подошел, слишком беззащитным становлюсь я в нем. А Jing Shen Lu очень красивый и мне по возрасту идеален, аромат… ммм… постоянно принюхиваюсь к запястью. И кстати, аромат не только для женщин! Очень гармонично вписался на моей коже. И кстати, имеет тот же эффект что и Sultan Afnan. Очень понравился. – Maxim, Russia

    Suffering from a C6-C7 pinched nerve, with shooting pain down my arm. Sure, I am popping some prescribed steroids and anti-inflammatory meds, but a last swipe from my sample of Jing Shen Lu to ago along with it. That minty-floral-green clean freshness........ helps to soothe and calm. – Philip, USA

    So it is Jing Shen Lu today. This stuff is crazy. I can finally say I understand this oil after almost a year of acquiring it. 5th or 6th application today. I am totally zoned in. It's like a walla patta was punched over a Hainan Oil. Wooh. I get 4 different aromas from it: the sweet Yousuf honey + Wallapatta patchouli menthol + Burmi leathery Incense + Hainan bittersweet drydown. Its not as simple/linear as described by Ensar bhai. I remember quite distinctly, a year back, it only smelled like sweet fruity custardy run of the mill plantation oud - one which is like a mass pleasing perfume you wear to justify to your wife not ALL Oud is BAD!

    One thing that keeps me want to revisit this oil is mention of Kyen/Cultivated resinous heartwood (quite rare) and the other that Ensar Bhai feels its better than both Satoris he's done. From my experience I have realised he leaves very subtly, subliminal messages in his long descriptions. And with so many vendors we are ready to jump onto oils and then we forget about the older ones without spending time with each but that's completely unavoidable given the limited batches of precious oils. Anyway, this stuff is one in line with all the zingy Ouds that put me a spiritual journey. There are so many layers to this. Every whiff brings something from the 4 profiles I have mentioned. I do half sniffs and full sniffs alternatively and some randomly to catch those finer nuances. And this oil has matured to such a high level of complexity it leaves me perplexed emotionally and rationally both. I get a very special note here which has been described by the master himself in many of his favorite oils. I will leave it to the seniors here to mention. I'll start saving for this one now. What a superb value for money. If this is what bittersweet Kyen can do, it can definitely excite the Monkoh thrillseekers. Try putting some on your moustache or beard without smudging for best effect. It doesn't cause fatigue at all.

    Prerequisites to enjoy this oil: Dry/Airy/Cold to pleasant weather (10° to 20° C), Solitude with Highly focussed mind, Multiple separated applications. – Nikhil, India

    Jing Shen Lu is quickly turning into a favorite of mine. The sweetness that turns into a medicinal scent on the dry down is just captivating. – Tayib, USA

    I just can't get enough of the smell of raw green oil kyara. I really like the smell of the dry down when mixed with Xiang Liao Ling on my hand. – Wai, Myanmar.

    Today is the first time I’ve tried this oil in a much cooler climate. The notes have more space between them, and it’s complexity is crystalline. I feel like I've rediscovered this one for the third time. I’ll make sure to keep checking back on it as the temperature drops this winter. Stunning. – Stefan, Canada

    JSL is surely a stunning oil! A lot of resemblance found in some Vietnamese Oils, so close but yet so far away. A bang for the buck for this type of Oudh. Plus it lasts forever on your skin! – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    Jing Shen Liu is a wonderfully elegant oil. The scent equivalent of donning a fine tux or custom ballgown. I feel dressed up with it on even if I'm wearing ripped up jeans. – Customer

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