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    Japanese Rose - running low

    Price: $19

    Japanese rose oil is among the rarest essential oils in the world. It doesn’t take much to find the finest Bulgarian, Turkish, or Ta’ifi rose oil, but very few essential oil suppliers ever have Japanese rose oil in stock, including the most reputable companies in the world.

    The harvests are extremely limited, and extraction costs are higher, while all the besotted rose-lovers and leading perfumers stand in line calling first dibs. 

    Rarity aside, Japanese rose is easily one of the most beautiful, soul-stirring scents on Earth. Enjoy its tenacious, piercing aroma that puts your nose up close to early spring petals in bloom. An absolute perfumer’s delight, and a fragrance famous for stirring up romance at home.

    *This harvest is an indispensable ingredient in creating EO Parfums. Due to the difficulty in replacing it, only a limited amount is available for sale. Secure your bottle now.

    Waiting for a flight and had put on a dab of the Japanese Rose that you recommended. First time I’ve had a chance to wear it. Out of the bottle it smells like a pretty rose with an interesting melange. It is the strangest thing however. I used just a touch on a wrist and it has just kept going (3 hours now) and I keep picking up a barn-y lotus-y rose which smells like Pink Papua to memory. Is this what you get when you smell it? Pink Papua had that same strange ambience of humidity in its scent. Not sure how else to describe it.  I haven’t had a chance to smell Pink Timor yet so can’t compare. Am baffled but in a good way :). – Muriel, USA

    Japanese Rose is not only rare it is unique. It’s not “rose" as you know it. It may have wafts that are “oriental” as a Taif rose does, but they are not spicy or peppery, they are for lack of a better description very Far Eastern. There is an orange note in there very much like the scent you get from orange peel sweetened by pulp. Then a smoothness and body of bamboo and cactus. There is a bitterness that’s fleeting that’s very much shiso leaf. It’s quite a delight to wear and  develops with time. I also enjoy how it reminds me that it’s an ingredient in Sultan Musk. – Jasim, Dubai

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