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    Irian Erang

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    Mint infused oud smoke with pepper engulfed in a crisp powdery note of pollen bursting from behind sweet petrichor—all of it glazed with a fir cone basil-fresh green agarwood vapor chord that wonderfully mirrors the piercing green earthy oud smoke of a fine Port Moresby.

    With its minty-green profile, not bitter but still beautifully medicinal, Irian Erang is a touch balmy—cooling, both on your skin and as the scent gushes through your sinuses until it hits your oud receptors to activate a potent surge of satisfaction. 

    To engineer such an earthy green aroma that retains its numbing green incense heart is a mission—one that usually ends up in a four-figure bottle of oud. That’s why this is the only oud of its kind; the kind of Organic green most thought could never be made—for a price I’m sure no oudhead ever imagined.

    But don’t let the Organic label fool you. Irian Erang is a co-distillation of wild harvests from jungles that run along the Obaa river, stretching from Maroke inland through Kepi terrain towards Irian Jaya. It’s a famously swampy area, which makes oud hunting along the riverbed a grueling operation—but it’s this humid, marshland ecosystem that produces the headiest Papuan ouds. 

    This combo of navigating xdifficult terrain and costly logistics is why there aren’t many Papuan distillations (how many do you know of? How many have you tried?), and even the poor (but still pricey) ones distilled from discarded leftovers typically give off dark, diesel-like notes layered in moss: nothing to write home about, or even unpleasant. So, when you take a whiff and the penetrating green smoke starts to bite… that’s when you know you’ve entered a different league of oud.

    Inject a shot of dry santalum spiciness into slabs of resin-rich riverside agarwood and you get an extraordinary oud fragrance—that, and a handsome price-tag. And rightly so: West Papuan oud is notorious for its low yield. Combined with the challenge of hunting down quality agarwood from these jungles, the terrible yield means anyone who owns a batch would much rather sell it off as burnable oud chips. No headache, no two-month distillation runs, and more profit. 

    But what if you could take Irian Jaya’s piercing green, imbue it with the scent of freshly steeped sencha, and pump it through a funnel of oud smoke? What if you could mirror Port Moresby’s ethereal powdery pollen green admixed with Green Papua or Maroke LTD's narcotic incense aroma with an off-beat dark berry kyen base beneath it all… for a fraction of the price?

    That’s what nu-perfumery is about, and why we’re able to stretch the boundaries of what you thought possible with oud like this—oud that oozes wild  + artisanal with every swipe, except it only costs you as much as a bottle of Trat’s most generic oils. 

    To capture an oud scent as crisp, as rich, complex, multi-layered—as enjoyable—as Irian Erang, can only be pulled off with a certain class of agarwood and years of grading and distillation experience that enable you to even think of starting such a project. 

    So, a massive thanks to the many people behind the scenes who made Irian Erang a reality. From our hunting teams in Papua to everyone who helped carry the wood on their backs to the pots that carried the oil to the beaker to your bottle. It was a big job with big results, and it’s a privilege to share this groundbreaking oud with you.

    Now, flip out the dipstick and let those oud receptors go haywire! Basic Kinam and Oud Extraordinaire. Papua...part pretty, part jungle, with some mint and anise, and at the tail end of the sniff, vanilla, citrus, and pepper. The “oudy force” is strong. You’ve heard of gently heated chips, well, the next stage is when you smell more of the resin, that’s this oil, and it stays that way from dry down to the base, a pleasant subitism ride all the way. – Curt, USA

    Irian Erang is a younger brother of Green Papua. A very pristine and bitter-sweet earthy oud. I get some Thai oud vibes in it. When you sniff, your olfactory sense says to you (if you experienced Zaza Zen) oh wow there is some shade of Zaza Zen. But at the same time the signature Papuan bitterness and earthy-ness strike your sense. In the dry-down, the signature Papuan bitter tone reveals itself and Thai sweet-n-sour notes play hide-n-seek with it. – Osama, Pakistan

    Irian Erang is another masterpiece of the highest quality..from the first whiff you get the green powerful spirit of the jungle full of spices, menthol and lots of dark pollen feeling around!! I'm fascinated with this oil because it actually gives me lots of images and what's next from Ensar?? – Charlambos, Cyprus

    Este oud tiene el verde afilado y cosquilleante de los Papuas pero a un precio mucho menor. Y un vaho de árboles y frutas. Irian Erang me habla del cielo y de la tierra.  – Juan, Spain

    This one is a little masterpiece, extremely well balanced, great timeline, fantastic price... It became my go to when I have a difficult day ahead of me at work where I need inner peace and my brain working at 110%. Great job. Luc, USA

    I could never have imagined that a Maroke + Thai would be a perfect match. You know, Merauke Filaria (one of my favourite profiles) can be a bit too much for some people. The dark earthiness can be overpowering. But here the earthiness has a sweetness to it, I think courtesy of Thai wood. After that comes the the green medicinal menthol. Without any exaggeration, each time I smelt my hand, I could feel numbness in my nose even after 7 hours of application (by the way great longevity). Overall impression, an amazing oil at an amazing price. Bravo !!! – Muaz, Saudi Arabia

    Irian Erang is a sleeping giant in my opinion. Citing the notes of Green Papua and older classics like Papuamantan, this oil sports a row of surprises. It displays a virtual palette of reverberation and echoes- once you feel a chord of Oud Extraordinaire, it gets layered by a spark of apricot like Muana Zen, next deja vu experience shortly afterwards. A mysterious remote Thai blossom sweetness, veiled in a cover of a grey green shawl made of musselin. Cloves and menthol coolness, partly cardamom and mustard seeds, resinous and dry, cypress wax and rhododendron honey. I wonder how time coming will work with it- a sleeping giant! – Erhard, Austria

    As Adam told me, “This may become your favorite Oud.” It certainly has. I transport to a beautiful fresh, green forest...with cedar and a floor of mint. This is a knock out winner! – Beverly, USA


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