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    Irian Black

    Price: $175 $139

    I sold a kilogram of this wood in Qatar to an agarwood dealer for $26,000 hardly two weeks ago.

    That you're able to get 10 grams for just two dollars more is plenty to celebrate about.

    I first heard about people inserting oud strips of this wood into their cigarettes in China a few years ago, but I’ve seen quite of lot of it recently. Agarwood traders carry little strips of rare oud wood, about pinky length, which they insert into the center of their cigarettes like a needle. Then they light up and show everyone how ‘fragrant’ their cigarettes are.

    While I hate the practice, and I avoid any form of cigarette smoke like the plague, some of the wood can be quite fragrant as a standalone incense burning experience. Ditch the cigarette and pull out the charcoal, is what I say!

    To them, it’s a status symbol, an epicurean indulgence. They light up and within a minute everyone else gets hit by the narcotic scent of sinking-grade gyrinops fromPapua; that unmistakable deep menthol green incense aroma.

    For the scent of oud wood to shine through the nicotine, they can’t just use any grade. What will the scent of bunk firewood say about someone? You need solid strips of pure resin for this to work.

    I’m sure many oud connoisseurs see this as quite impudent. I know I do. How could fantastically rare wood be smoked away like that?

    There’s a much better way to get the best out of such quality agarwood than to lace it with cheap tobacco and tar. And you’ll give your lungs a break, too. Keep the strip and ditch the cigarette, like I said.

    Set your burner temperature medium to low and you’ll get a far longer, cleaner, more intoxicating experience than you could ever get from stuffing a cheap Marlboro with resin.

    What I’m giving you here is the cigar strips before they got cut. Wild harvested from Irian Jaya. Sinking-grade. Monkoh enthusiasts in particular will love these – straight lines of resin, front and back. The aroma: Deep, complex, piercing green… redolent of the Cambodis of yesteryear.

    The Irian Black smells like a sweet jungle. I am going to really enjoy heating this over the winter months. – T J, USA

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