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    Homeros Attar

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    The olfactory tone of Homeros Attar is more blue-purple than orange. An oceanic, salty scent of crushed shells along the beach imbued with wafts of orange blossom and blackcurrant, with a lush pheromonal muskiness tempered only by the calm of olde santal.

    On paper, you’ve got notes of clove, cedar, and ginger that would typically go on to introduce a chord of mandarin peel or orange flower. But…… kudos to you if you identify any of those notes!

    Homeros Attar isn’t one note, or two or three. It’s not a perfume where you peel off the top notes to reveal the heart, where you start with piercing clove and dry cedar that wind down into saffron, which peels away to reveal the base. EO attars and perfumes deliberately don’t perform this way.

    Scent pyramids have trouble breaking down EO’s olfactory DNA.


    Orange Blossom
    Indian Rose

    Siberian Musk
    Oud Royale 2004
    Maroke Oud Smoke
    Karbi Anglon Agarwood Oil
    Green Kyen Organic Extract
    Vintage Tongan Sandalwood
    Green Patchouli Absolute
    White Ambergris Tincture
    Tolu Balsam

    Synthetics or isolates don’t interact like full-spectrum natural botanicals—because naturals haven’t been stripped down to sterile molecules (i.e. they’re molecularly dense). That’s why you don’t just smell pink pepper or finely aged Karbi Anglong oud oil. You smell what happens when those two step on the dance floor together, in full garb, for a super intricate tango, not a few steps.

    In the same way, exquisite jasmine and rose ruhs don’t feature distinctly by themselves but marry beautifully with top note spices and the lush & potent saffron oleoresin that carries chords of currant, agarwood, and orange flower. 

    Don’t expect your typical, ‘light’ (or lemony) citrus fragrance. A bombastic trio of olde oud, vintage sandalwood, ambergris and pure musk doesn’t allow it. 

    Most perfumers insist you shouldn’t use more than 1% musk, or only a touch of oud. And that’s fine…

    But Homeros Attar doesn’t compete with any perfumes. It does its own musked-up, drunk-on-oud, ambergris-overdose dance, glistening with that beautiful glaze of spicy rose orange jasmine, to the beat of Papuan oud.

    Homeros Attar- Ariadne's thread
    All analytics become meaningless, this is a maze and a tightly woven riddle. And, a-maze-ing, ornament, bridge and path in a single crackling appearance, the assembly, the hall and the individuum all in one, a horizon shrinked to pocket size. Fechner/Benham constructed a disc with a black and white drawing on it, and when it rotates, the human eye suddenly perceives colours. In the Seventies, my deadhead alter ego would have murmured: "Maan...that is ssykedelliccc..." Yes, a bit of hippie's nostalgia, could have been made for Jack Kerouac while searching inspirations to write "Dharma Bums" or "On the Road"- and Robert Hunter taking a break while writing "Terrapin Station"- or in his words: "Lady simplicity, bright like a ribbon bow, everything everywhere just for the show: leave it implicitely, love is tranquility, and if you don't know that then nothing is known."  Easy to wear, very delightful and pleasant. – Erhard, Austria

    Even before opening, of course I'm thinking about the sea, and waves. This attar reminds me of a rocky beach where wave after wave hits the shore, and with each wave you see incredible rocks and incredible shells. You reach your hand in to collect one of them, but find that they are tougher to pick up than you thought! And they roll back into the water always just a little out of reach. Then you realize, that instead of focusing all of your energy on trying to reach for a shell or colorful stone, you could instead focus on the amazing beauty of the surf as a whole- and that each wave is unique and should be savored. That's the emotion I get from Homeros, and I understand (at least partially) what Ensar writes about in his description. Now what about the scent? It really does come in waves! You get citrus freshness mixed with damp stone, then you get bright clove mixed with smoke. You get dried wood with fresh sea spray. For me this attar has a cooling sensation. I'm very happy that this was released as an attar as the perfume version is out of my price range. It is unique, evocative, and flowing.  Matt, USA

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