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    Hojari Hydrosol

    Price: $30

    Certain perfumers want to use enriched water in their perfumes, so we frequently get asked about hydrosol.

    With the frankincense aroma blasting loud and clear, Hojari Hydrosol will make a fantastic aqua component in any perfume.

    Almost too fantastic.

    Hojari Hydrosol is the exact water used to distill our medicinal frankincense oils – pristine, cream color Omani luban had been boiling in this water, and the oil secreted was collected from it. 

    During distillation, non-oil compounds in the gum naturally get absorbed into the water, yet drinking this is like you took the ready oil and added a drop to water.

    Hojari Hydrosol is almost milky in texture – a slight thickness in taste that develops when the resin has become completely one with the water. When you add a fresh drop of frankincense oil into a cup of water, you’d see the oil first floating, then spreading as it slowly dissolves. When you dissolve the gum, it adds a dairy glaze. Here, you don't see either oil or residue from the resin – but you sure taste it. 

    We distilled the highest grade frankincense resin possible, and that’s the taste that permeates the water. A citrus sweet, fresh pine sap aroma that smells just like if you were smelling an uncapped bottle of frankincense oil. And unlike coffee, it tastes as it smells! 

    Research is lacking about the specific benefits related to different forms of frankincense. Some compounds are found only in chewing the gum, or when heating the resin, while some are released through distillation and captured in the oil. That's why it's recommended to take advantage of frankincense's benefits by using and consuming it in its different forms. And that's what makes Hojari Hydrosol so special: with the way hydrosol gets produced it’s as if you added a drop of oil and dissolved a few tears of resin into water. 

    Aspiring perfumers don’t often get the chance to use medicinal-grade hydrosol in their perfumes, so this is your lucky break. (We even inlcude the pyrex for you, ready to start blending!)

    But if you want to jump all in and round off your frankincense experience completely, compliment your frankincense kit with the health benefits of resin, oil, and Hojari Hydrosol. 

    Hojari Hydrosol comes poured in a 50ml Schott Duran German pyrex. Although it's perfectly fine to drink the water in its current concentration, I recommend you dilute your total supply in cold spring water at a ratio of 1 : 3 to make it last longer and for you to still enjoy the taste and benefits of the frankincense. Keep both the Schott Duran and the spring water in the fridge and serve the water cool. Gesundheit!

    I really appreciate the frankincense hydrosol, I use a light spray on my face every morning.– Kay, USA

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