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    Hajar Aswad

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    The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) loved the scent of rose. He loved the smell of aloes and taught his companions that oud is Prophetic medicine. It’s the reason oud and rose have danced together for decades and decades in a fragrant tradition stretching from Turkey to India, back to the Gulf, onwards to Zanzibar.

    But I wasn’t chasing the 1001 Nights. Nor was I out to capture the scent of Middle Age Arabian bazaars. No tamarind or turmeric, spiced-up Indian bukhoor or frankincense. On the eve of Hajj season, all I had in mind was to pay homage to the sacred pilgrimage, to the sacred stone, kissed by our beloved Prophet. A perfume that would transcend place, as pilgrims from every corner of the globe, from every walk of life stand side by side, classless before their Lord. 

    A fragrance at once Jamali  and Jalali — beautiful yet powerful Hajar Aswad leads in with a soft cedar rose suave entranced by three artisanal ouds from three different regions. Slowly vanilla draped rose petals submerge into a Bornean cinnamon sandal note which steadily gets incensed into a gentle waft of oudy smoke that gives Hajar Aswad its beautiful sillage and longevity. 

    The rich flowery incense heart infused with the faintest hint of Mediterranean spices (but don’t think pepper or cardamon!) continues to fuse and drift toward a note I call agarose, that takes you through the drydown that unitone perfection in perfumery where you find complete aromatic synergy, a unique olfactory chord that never existed before.

    This is the pilgrim’s perfume. It’s not meant to inspire the ego, worn only to impress others. Its enchanting smell will do just that, regardless. The scent penetrates your senses, and goes great with a cup of introspection; instills a humble reverence, with a whiff of what lies yonder. No wonder fine perfume was so dear to the Prophet (Allah bless him a thousand fold, and grant us the beholding of his perfumed visage).

    I have been a long time fan of Rose Ouds and this Christmas I received a bottle of your Hajar Aswad. This is the most sensual, exquisite, intoxicating, died-and-went to heaven fragrance that I've ever owned. Can you please tell me – is this a regular product that you carry? Will I be able to easily buy more when this bottle is finished? I don't think I can wear another perfume after this, it is that magical. Thank you. – Nina, NC

    Ma sha Allah! is all I can say for this fragrance. If you just sit still and think about Nabi s.a.w. the tears do come. This fragrance softens the human senses. This should be launched ASAP before the Hajj so people can benefit. – Muhammad, IL

    Alhamdulillah I have kissed the blessed Hajar al Aswad and this parfum invokes those beautiful memories of pilgrimage. – Faheem, UK

    Hajar Aswad is of the quality I had imagined. As soon as I opened the bottle I noticed a subtle mix of a gentle constantly blowing wind among a forest full of cypress, eucalyptus, mint and tea tree. It is three dimensional in character with a clean and crisp scent that warms into a tropical dusk as the day goes on with excellent sillage. – Bond, UK

    SubhanAllah...this oil is so remarkable that I have been thinking about its beautiful presence for two weeks now. Words cannot define its existence. When i first smelt it, I was shocked! Then the tranquility encapsulated my mind and soul. Seems like someone has crafted it with the love of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. I came to a gathering in the Mosque and I offered an ordinary mukhalat to a friend. He immediately told me that I am dispersing some different fragrance that is not the one you're offering. With a smile he said he wanted the one I was wearing, which happened to be Hajar Aswad!   

    Please, if it's possible, keep on generating this oil and keep it on your website for many years so that people can be benefit from the beautiful aroma...

    I am in a habit of keeping a sample of it with me all the time. Poetically, I have lost myself ever since I have smelt Hajar Aswad. It's refreshing, soothing, and keeps you elated! – Junaid, TX

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