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    Guallam No 1

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    Bursts of bitter Vietnamese resin held at bay by a narcotic red cherry tobacco sour-sweetness that defines the medicinal profile of super king Guallam ouds. 

    Waves of satisfying sinensis that crash into your forehead as the scent leaves a sedative kyara trail in its wake. A shot of rice powder drenched in red as you smell top notes akin to those in Betonamu Senkoh, except the Senkoh airiness is subbed with the primal kinamic rouge at the core of Nha Trang. 

    Raw, naked resin that’s tongue-numbing (go ahead, drip a drop in hot water and taste what I mean) that mirrors the smokiness of priceless vintage Hong Kong oud. Smokey as in smokeless incense wafting from kodo powder, or the euphoria injected by low-temp kinam’s unseen vapor.

    I don’t want to sound pretentious and call it the oud of the year just yet, but take a whiff and tell me it’s not the leading contender…… 

    Our work over the past few years entailed back-to-back 14-flights-in-20-days missions with suitcases stuffed full of sinensis rolled in and out of hotels, buses, trucks, vans, and highspeed trains as we personally carried the harvests from Vietnam to Taiwan, after detours through Cambodia where you prep the wood in a way you can’t in Vietnam—because Sifu insists it has to be like that. 

    It’s been a ride, made even better by now sharing the experience—this fragrance—with you. 

    So, without further ado my oud crazed fellows, here you go: Guallam, Oriscent style.

    On initial application I get a bitterness that I'm very fond of, then it becomes a kinamic scent which I absolutely love and that gets me addicted to it. I kept smelling the spot where the oil was applied. After a while I remembered that another oud distiller that resides in my country shared with me that, I can do a small drop of it, and lightly dab on my jawline, and I did exactly that. Instantly the bitterness and kinamic smokeyness hits right to the brain, and gave me a mind buzz. Instantly I went 'WOAHHHHH' from the scent. If I had some more extra funds I would have definitely get another back up bottle. I now understand why on the website, it says 'For many, Oud began with Oriscent. And for many, it ended there.'  – Lee, Malaysia

    Wow Guallam 1 is quite an exquisite oil. Many layers which I have yet to decipher. I sense hints of Royal Guallam and Nha Trang ltd. It starts off with this beautiful bitterness and then moves on to red tobacco. Dry down reminds me of high end Cambodi. Simply gorgeous oil. I have to wear it more to truly understand this oil. – Nazif, USA

    This is so gorgeous, the oil is so so stunning! Bitter, medicinal, and there is some kind of tea note that's so pretty, and I could feel the bitterness in my throat, it's so addicting. – Khalid, Kuwait

    Saturated with a whole arsenal of surprises, it seems like a rather mystic oil to me.
    A gentian root like austere dryness slowly covers your senses, at the same time it unveils a herbal, resinous and fruitful mixture in front of your third eye: sweetness, but from a candied ginseng root-
    vermouth, and yet shaded by thyme and marjolaine; is this a lychee or a mango flavour- and it's gone; sweet again, but not tobacco, rather maple syrup- but it isn't. Bitter like wild peaches are sometimes. All animalic chords are absent- or just dormant? It overwhelms by a constant slowness, pulls you in by an incessant maelstrom of impressions. A rotating bronze vessel with a mantra engraved on it: Guallam No. 1. – Erhard, Austria

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