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    Everybody who has smelled frangipani oil neat knows why it’s considered romantic. It’s beautiful, sensual, and playful. Rich in character, almost tangibly seductive with its slightly viscous texture.

    No wonder frangipani’s heady, alluring aroma is a known aphrodisiac. The viscosity also adds longevity, making frangipani one of the longer lasting essential oils for wearing neat.

    Like sandalwood, frangipani is used to wind down the mind and help you sleep better. Its oil is beneficial for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and it's a luxury moisturizer.

    Health and beauty benefits aside, I love frangipani mainly for its luscious aroma. Enticing like warm pudding, yet beautiful like only the prettiest flowers can be, it works wonders in perfumery, and smells wonders worn as a fragrance.

    Most frangipani oils (or absolutes, rather) I’ve tried smell overly waxy—nice, but far from the vibrant citrus, almost caramel-like sweetness of this one. That’s why it’s a crucial component in my perfumes, and why I go to extra lengths sourcing it… and why we have to wait long stretches of time without it being available at all.

    It's a very particular extraction from Thailand which we source in person. The batch is always limited, and the fragrance so unique that it's difficult to substitute with other varieties, even though I do work with other batches as well. With the savory warmth of orange cake and richness of tobacco, it's got more body and is overall tastier than other frangipanis. Dissolve a few drops in water to spray around your home, add to a diffuser, or… just wear it straight.

    This exquisite Frangipani absolute is as good a standalone as any perfume and though it might not quite match Oud in its complexity, is certainly on par with its beauty. This is the same frangipani that went into the likes of Monsieur Oud and Iris Ghalia. Yours, in its intoxicating raw form.

    Never smelled any flower like it. Seductive, fruity, bright, kinda all over the place in a good way, like a light fragrant fairy bouncing around. Was a very beautiful addition to a custom-made parfume and added a nice touch to a masculine fragrance I made for myself. – Eric, USA

    With florals, I'm expecting something that reminds me of some cheap candle. That's always been my experience. This Frangipani is nothing like that. It is fresh, juicy, mysterious and very comforting. I wore some before I went to sleep and had interesting dreams of nature and exploration. I'll try again tonight to see if I can lock this fragrance in to the dream world. Wouldn't that be nice? – Matt, USA

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