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    EO Private Blend

    Price: $1,250

    What follows is a personal story. But the fact that you landed here reading this means that you and I share certain sentiments. That’s why this is probably just the perfume you’re looking for. Let me explain.  

    It’s not even something most perfumers can afford to do for themselves. Perfume like this can’t be turned into a commercial product because it’s outrageously expensive to make, and you deplete a whole bunch of spectacularly rare ingredients in the process. That’s why I only made one bottle.

    But when the only bottle ended up with a Buddhist monk whose students practically forced me to part with it (watch the video below for more on this), I decided to make a new batch.

    I’ve sprayed guests with it and once attended a dhikr gathering wearing it (everyone could smell it, they told me afterward), but it was genuinely intended to be for personal use only. So, why are you reading this?

    It wasn’t just that I needed a new bottle for myself. There were a few other reasons I decided to make more the second time around… and actually share a portion of it. Most importantly, because hard as you may look for it, there is no perfume like this. But there used to be…

    The ancients used to carry musk pods right in their pocket — that was their perfume. People knew Ibn Mas’ud had visited a town because they could smell him long after he had left. The companions could tell the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had been somewhere because his scent lingered to tell them so.

    This has been on many people’s minds lately: what happened to perfume? Not studies in chemistry. Not the birth of a new kind of marketing where celebrity endorsement and nudity wiped away the essence of fine fragrance. What happened to perfume?

    A musk pod bursts into chards of pepper and clove, with sex appeal tempered by real beauty. A scent that makes you wonder in awe at the smell of flower petals drunk on a generous dose of an age-old fixative. A scent you actually cherish for itself, rather than what you think it’ll do for you.

    It’ll come as a shock to some. And that’s kinda the point. To wake up the sleeping dragon from a slumber induced by repeated injections of synthetic muscs and fixateurs over how many decades now. To let you taste a gourmet meal instead of another serving of McFragrance.

    Some already thought EO No 2 was priced on the high end…… because they were comparing it to the price of your typical Happy Meal. But I knew for sure this private blend would never fly because it’d be ‘expensive’. Not overpriced, not inflated, but simply reflecting the quality and preciousness of the ingredients in a market that goes out of its way to disconnect you from nature with terrific — and terrifying, if you look closely — marketing.

    Aside from precious jasmines, rose, and around forty other essential oils and absolutes, what makes the EO Private Blend so unique? For one, I practically used up ingredients I barely ever touched over the past ten years, and wiped out a large portion of vintage Irian Jaya oud, a series of rare roses (including Japanese rose), and fresh Siberian musk in vintage Mysore sandalwood.

    On top of the Siberian Mysore, you don't just get plain alcohol as the carrier either (the industry standard, even for the niche-est perfumes). Instead, all of these precious ingredients were infused — entirely — into a pure deer musk tincture. This is the backbone and power drive of the perfume. The blast of spice amplified by a gush of animalics that speaks to your primal self… but is kept in check by the fusion of jasmines, rose, olde school Irian oud, and black tea steeped with blackberries.

    Did we go overboard, or simply back to days when perfumery wasn’t defined, regulated or judged by ‘marketability’, growth scaling, and your department’s quarterly fincancial report? When what mattered was the smell.

    EO Private Blend is exactly what you want to wear to stick it to the system and flaunt a fragrance so far out it even makes all the mainstream ‘noirs’ blush from shame. Here’s to perfume with pepper spitting musk that's potent, loaded and loud. Wear it around your neck, with your chin up proud.

    The apex of musk parfum has been set for the rest of human history. – J. Benjamin, USA

    EO Private blend is passion in a bottle. It blasts with the beauty of human life, it’s wars, it’s love, it’s compassion all at once like the brass section in a symphony reminding man “This is you, all of your light and darkness reduces to beauty”. As it cools and settles it’s as if you woke up from a dream and you realize you’re at a fragrant rosewood table with an angelic being cutting fruits and revealing gentle insights of our human nature. It would be unfair if this formula isn’t saved in a vault or taught.  – Jasim, Dubai

    I am holding my bottle in my hand at this very moment, and getting many compliments from friends, co workers and even strangers in a very short time. – Fredy, USA

    Starts with an explosion of natural sweet smells, I'm picturing the sweetest blackberries and tea. Decadent. The sweetness is tamed early as the scent progresses, but remains throughout. And then. The second explosion: musk. It hits you hard, it demands presence. This perfume gives me feelings I have honestly never experienced before. It is sensual and animalistic, but unlike anything experienced in synthetic perfumes. – Farhad, Canada

    Private blend is amazing, the opening made me say "what’s this, where did I smell this fruit before, ah citrus passion fruit" I was still thinking this when a spicy glorious potent musk and some extremely clean tobacco, came on, then other notes that I have never smelled before. Now i understand  why this Buddhist monk forced Ensar the man to sell his personal glorious private blend, but thanks is due to this monk that dared to hold on, and not let go of the first gem. This is a must have for musk and Oud lovers.  – Fredy, USA

    As for the Private blend, I really like the opening which has a fresh herbal note. Followed by the candy like sweetness and the musk in the back ground which is present trough.  I get a bit of pepper and spice as well. I put in on at 9am on my clothes. . Unfortunately I entered an Indian restaurant at 2pm  and the scent almost completely disappeared.  I'm not sure if it's the effect of the strong spices.  I will have to test it out  again. – Yasin, Singapore

     As for the EO private blend which came in today, I have to say it is erotic.  The initial spray is hard to put to paper.  The best I could think to me its similar to something akin to a sweet Geranium(which btw would be cool if you guys offered a geranium oil) kind of kick that hits the skin and then immediately bursts into a flurry of scents that glide goes by like the strum of a guitar.  Then a sweet musk pop that remains and remains and remains.

    Doesn’t give that stomach bothering nauseating feeling like store bought perfume or cologne. – Kurtis, USA

    So far I have only tried a small spray of the private collection. I will need to try a couple more times before I can fully appreciate it. So far I find it very unique. Not what I expected. The musk is much milder than what i thought it would be and it settles to a sweet skin smell but not something unpleasant. A little bubble gum and spice. – Mohammed, Singapore 

    I don't have words to describe this EO Private blend, all I know that I love this EO Private blend so much I had to buy 2 more, the sweetness is so lovely. – Samuel, USA

    I've never smelled musk this potent yet elegant and sensual. I want to smell like this all the time. It has a sweetness to it that entices and entangles the senses. Truly a work of art. Well Done. – Corrion, USA

    Oh my word, now I know why this is the special jewel in your parfum crown. It transports you to your most special of times and firmly holds you right there, no confusion, no drama or hardship, simply in short sitting on a beach at night with your loved one's looking at the stars of your achievements the joy that comes with it, then the breeze comes  over. You guessed it private blend parfum. My fragrance friends the stars await. – John, UK

    I was very pleased wearing this perfume. This is a very special and exclusive perfume so that I'd like to wear it on a special occasion. The perfume takes time to change, and what a journey it is! In the beginning, it gave me a masculine profile with leather, tobacco, dried fruits, and fresh fruits such as plum. Then a beautiful rose started appearing, I could smell so many flowers... I think it is becoming more feminine after time. At some point, I found a similarity with legendary Chanel No.5, which I presented to my mom (neroli, ylang-ylang, peach, bergamot), but it was probably one of the reflections of the real nature of Private Blend. Later on, it has developed some woody accords (creamy Sandalwood, cedar) with flower touch (perhaps, Jasmine). In conclusion, it is a Great perfume! I am very glad that Mr Ensar made a decision of sharing this treasure with people. This is a real perfume craftmanship.  Igor, Japan


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