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    EO No 2 - running low

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    Instead of going where all men have gone before, you’re thrown off the beaten track with musk drinking black tea under a canopy of cedar.

    Himalayan rose and coriander waltz onto the floor with subtle wafts of rare sambac on top in a primal, peppery scent of steaming bedroom sweat, spent.

    Full-grain, veg-tanned Italian calf hide hand-worked by leather legend Habib Dingle to add some proper animalis to the husky heart bulging with civet and spice. No 2 entrances your nose like Chris Burkhard’s lens does the eye. From the colored slopes of Namaqualand to remote shrubs lining surfing coasts and riwoches galloping through Tibetan mountain routes.

    As I flip through the discarded compositions I’ve noted down over the years, I’m thinking of my man Vincent who said that “great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.”

    It took me more than a decade to step onto this stage. I’m an Oud Man, so roughing it with leather and tobacco has always been my thing. Maybe that’s why No 1 came more naturally to me. But with EO No 2, a 15-year-long obsession with musk brings me to the feet of the very olfactory savants who have inspired me. That’s been a tremendous honor—and an even greater challenge!

    I’m not going to be intimidated by the fact that today ‘musc’ means to perfume what ketchup does to hotdogs. I understand why to Kruger most perfumes smell like cheap hotel soap, and to Coburn like detergent or cotton candy. It’s not because they’re biased, but rather because the soaps and shampoos literally share the same ingredients with most perfumes, even the ‘expensive’ ones.

    But before it became a commercial (synthetic) staple, the sensual funk of this tiny pod had baffled and bewildered perfumers for centuries. They toyed and tried, and eventually mastered musk's alchemy. And that’s when the party started… and how the Ravageurs were born.

    No 1 was a humble addition to the mighty cuir tradition. No 2, a tribute to the cornerstone of all things fragrant: musc.

    Some have asked if there are any similarities between EO No 1 and EO No 2. Please note they are two entirely distinct compositions. They’re made from totally different ingredients and smell completely different.

    Some like their perfume strong, others prefer 'em mild. To accommodate both tastes, we're offering two concentrations: Eau de Parfum and Pure Parfum. (Select your choice from the drop-down menu.)

    All bottles offer commemorative handwritten editions that take their cue from the early days at EO: No frills and nothing flashy—for those who know it's the juice inside that counts.

    I also wanted to share my thoughts about the EO No 2 Pure Parfum. We have already discussed in the past how much I love this scent. It really speaks to me. I will enjoy wearing the Pure Parfum version throughout the fall and winter months and then the EDP during the spring and summer months. I intend on "tucking" the Sultan Musk attar away. The EO 2 is a fragrance that I can wear every day and never get tired of. That's big for me to say because I grow tired of most fragrances after a few days. Not the case with this one. If I had to give up all of my other perfumes and only keep No 2, I would keep the EDP (spring/summer) and Pure Parfum version (fall/winter) of EO 2. I've smelled and owned a lot of fragrances over the years and this scent is unlike anything that I've smelled in my 45 years. I will hate to see this one go... – Mr. Jackson, USA

    I'm really enjoying EO No 2, it's very fun with the drydown on my jackets lasting a week or more after application. – Murry, Australia

    There is an urban wolverine aspect of it I really enjoy. – Ziteng, USA

    I am a huge fan of EO2. I have 2 X 9.5 ml PP tester and 50 ml EDP. This is my backup order. I just can't get enough out of it and never want to be out of it. The quality of the ingredients and craftsmanship is beyond anything in this composition. It's not a fragrance, it's an unmatched experience. – Raj, USA

    Soubhan Allah!, EO No 2 for me is not a charming perfume that has any match in Western fragrances (some have compared it to Mitsouko from Guerlain!) No, to me EO No 2 is an Attar ..the Musk ... is pure ... it's Spiritual ... some very high quality Oud tone (nuance) ... greenery ... flowers ... it's a garden ... nothing to do with dirty or barn. No, it’s all just heavenly ... this is how I see it ... the most spiritual attar that I have felt, exactly what I expected from him ... a scent that really touched my senses. – Nacer, France

    The EO2 has already transformed substantially at least from my perception. It’s the most wonderful smell and the musk is psychoactive even in this edp concentration. At first I was a little thrown off by the alcohol content as I’ve only ever used pure parfums or attars and the alcohol seemed to muddy the heart of the fragrance but now I can fully experience the glory of musk fulfilled to its fullest. Ensar has done such an amazing job with these two. The most beautiful facets of musk and leather fully realized respectively. They’re absolutely gorgeous and profound works of art. – Casey, USA

    EO No 2 EDP is AWESOME! I knew it would be similar to Sultan Musk Attar, and it is, this is like a having a cologne and a pure parfum version of the same scent. IMO concentrations have become somewhat meaningless with synthetic fragrances, as the concentration of molecules is often much higher than anything natural, so it ends up being something like 2 different formulations with the concentration being kind of ambiguous and the pure parfum being a more lavish formulation vs the EDP or cologne.

    But this is different, the dilution of the EDP gives the fragrance a different presentation, it comes off even more like a vintage perfume, like something Guerlain would pull out of storage on a special occasion and is decades old. This is recognizable as a traditional French musc fragrance by the average person, as long as they are old enough I guess... :) but it's quality is SO MUCH better than anything mainstream.

    I'd wear the EDP with a suit and tie, the attar with more casual evening wear. Sultan Musk Attar is one of the best fragrances I've ever experienced, so having a 2nd significantly different version is more than welcome. :) – Dave, USA

    EO No 2 - this is to be worn any time and anywhere, blends perfectly with everything. – Hanna, Australia

    I repeat again: No 2 is the best pefume that I have smelled in the last 10 years!! How could I have missed it?! Incredible, mashaAllah! – Khaldi, France

    OMG!!! I just got my package. I’ve only tried the EO2. I can’t go any further, I’m stuck. I am totally blissing out right now. This scent profile is everything.  – Tiffany, USA

    The EO2 pure parfum is simply breathtaking. The first whiff was overwhelming and led to a rather loud ‘SubhanAllah’ (whilst still in the box!)... Applying the parfum is a phenomenal experience! The animalic muskiness and the gentle fruity undertone work in soft equilibrium. By far, an exquisitely composed artisanal beauty.” –  Qasim, UK

    Your perfumes do something to time. They make it more permanent. More intentional. Thank you! – Matt, USA

    EO #2 EDP is AWESOME! I knew it would be similar to Sultan Musk Attar, and it is, this is like a having a cologne and a pure parfum version of the same scent. IMO concentrations have become somewhat meaningless with synthetic fragrances, as the concentration of molecules is often much higher than anything natural, so it ends up being something like 2 different formulations with the concentration being kind of ambiguous and the pure parfum being a more lavish formulation vs the EDP or cologne. But this is different, the dilution of the EDP gives the fragrance a different presentation, it comes off even more like a vintage perfume, like something Guerlain would pull out of storage on a special occasion and is decades old. This is recognizable as a traditional French musc fragrance by the average person, as long as they are old enough I guess... :) but it's quality is SO MUCH better than anything mainstream. I'd wear the EDP with a suit and tie, the attar with more casual evening wear. Sultan Musc Attar is one of the best fragrances I've ever experienced, so having a 2nd significantly different version is more than welcome. :)  – Dave, USA

    So intriguing. With this one I had no idea what to expect as the results of musk-based scents are all over the map (at least in my experience). It's much greener than I had expected but not in an overly-bright way. Lots of dirt and earth-floor (which I love)... maybe that's the glorious musk doing it's job? I do understand some of the comparison to Mitsouko that I've read but this is unlike anything else I've ever smelled before. It's both simple but also extremely nuanced which must be a result of using such top-notch natural materials. Not a harsh note to be found anywhere. I really look forward to spending more time with this and trying to understand it more!  – Joe, USA

    My journey for finding the perfect deer musk based came to an end. I´m really happy with EO2. It has the right portion of animalic and wearable floral notes. Cant wait to wear it in Winter time. – Alvet, Germany

    For the first time in months – MONTHS – I tested a new release & was immediately inspired, passionate, transported, transfixed & overjoyed. For the first time in months, I smelled something & immediately sat down and wrote 4-5 pages of notes and text within the first hour alone.

    It was scent as pure joy, the way it’s supposed to be – but hasn’t been in ages. It was scent as an emotive, transportative experience & mental escape, the first time in ages that something has cut through the morass & nightmare of the outer world.

    Sour, spicy Red-green roses, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, lime-bergamot, leather, labdanum amber, civet, animalis, cedar, smoky woods, styrax, licorice-y Tolu balsam, AND genuine, ethically & legally sourced deer musk.

    Musk that smelled like the most expensive fur coat tinged with vintage Mitsouko parfum, the really REALLY old version (circa 1930s/40s) which was redolent of fur, leather, heated skin with tangy sour rose-bergamot above a spiced, resinous base.

    I barely contained myself from spraying half the bottle from head to toe. It’s not a cheap scent by any means, particularly in the extrait/parfum version, but it was glorious! Every drop! A rare exception to my current fragrance cynicism, malaise, apathy, contempt or boredom.

    The calfskin leather with fuzzy, furry, resinous musk, all in a cloud as texturally soft as the finest cashmere sweater or the angora fur on a bunny. Laden with sour green-red roses, smoky cedar, chewy ambered resins, chocolate earth, & a plethora of fragrant, aromatic spices.

    I’m so happy to smell something not just good, but SUPERB, transportative, perfectly balanced, harmonious, so vintage skewing that it gives a finger to IFRA/EU & opulent as hell, rather than laden with abrasive aromachemicals. I’m so goddamn happy. THIS is what scent should be! – Kafkaesque, USA (Click here for full review and scent note description by Kafkaesque!)

    I cannot understand people who say that this fragrance does not contain real musk. I feel that it has musk in its pure and raw form – it is very potent and unapologetically animalic. – Igor Masyukov, Fragrantica

    EO2 that I bought is still fantastic....I get compliments every time I wear it.  – Mark, USA

    I must say this is one of the couple fragrances that I have smelled in my life which is so magnificent. Lighter then Iris Ghalia which I own also, and a master piece. I was hoping to buy one more as back up as I don't want to be out of EO2... – Naushad, USA

     I LOVE this perfume. For me It is almost narcotic. I feel as if I were wrapped in the finest Kashmir scarf. – Pirkko, Finland 

    EO No 2 (EDP) is a garden of earthly and heavenly delights. The tangy, subtle sweetness in the citrusy opening heralds a dignified and refined rose smoke. These notes are in turn accompanied by a sublime musk that takes everything to another level again. As crazy as this may sound this fragrance has many similarities to the legendary Gucci Envy for Men (minus the ginger, add the rose & smoke). Ensar has accomplished his aim to create an atmosphere of ageless, noble refinement but there’s a party going on here as well. Crazy good juice. – Rev. A. F., Australia

    Let me say how happy I am to have these perfumes. Firstly because they are a wonderful return to the art of the real. It was such a joy to try them and to experience something other than the generic fumes that masquerade as perfume these days. Then the pleasure of travelling through the different and sublime layers of each one and to experience them also with a backdrop of burning chips of Vietnamese wood.

    I am in love with the wonderful animalic fixatives, particularly the civet in EO No 1. When I was a boy growing up in Malaya, I had a civet cat as a pet. These animals really do smell deliciously sweet and the same scent echoes in the dry down. Then to follow through with the musc in EO No 2! You know, for the first time in a long time I have people asking: “What is that beautiful cologne?” And then to be able to reply, “It is NOT cologne!” Many thanks, Tuhan Allah, for instilling such craziness in Ensar. – Nicholas, Australia

    Many of us have come across a siren, rocker, either singer or bass player, that had a succubus grip on our male attention. Wild eyes, with pheromonal command in her animal skin. This is the scent inside the leather lining of her pants… If you are too prude for this, this scent isn’t for you or you just haven’t lived. – ‘Jitterbug,’ Fragrantica

    EO No 2 is everything I’d hoped for. It’s early days yet but I absolutely get the Borneo Zen note, but without the floral jasmine. This will no doubt quickly become a favourite with me and I’m really delighted with No 2 as well as No 1. — Eoin, Ireland

    Das ist viel mehr als ein Parfum: es ist konzentrierte Natur. Harmonisch verschmelzen holz-blüten-animalisches und Oud. Auf der Haut getragen, fühlt es sich an wie eine zweite Haut: es integriert den Eigengeruch, fächert ihn auf und füllt ihn mit hundert natürlichen neuen Duftnuancen. Man wird eins mit allem, wenn man diesen Duft trägt. – Heidrun, Germany

    Right now when I am writing this reply I am in a different world, I don't know how I can express this to you. I feel as if your Parfum carried me to the connection I have with my Creator or I just whiffed my whole 34 years of existence in one breath. This to me was a rehash of my life till date. – Afthab, UAE

    I own the first version of EO1 already, which I highly appreciate. This one is even better to my liking... I tried it before purchase, waited a bit because of the cost, but I am so happy to have purchased it. Masterpiece is the sole adjective one can use for both of them. Ruggero, Italy

    EO2 is also fantastic. Fresh and woody-leathery and a bit animalic. I just fell in love with your creations. I hope next month it will still be available because I will inshallah purchase it. – Waleed, France

    It is for me the best fragrance based on musk that I have tried in my life. It is not like most musks with spices that overwhelm, here the spices are an amazing accompaniment, but at all times the Musk predominates, which I appreciate immensely. It is always usable at any time. I am quite new to Ensar Oud, but this occupies one of the first two places of this house in my collection. Thanks for this marvel, I have a bottle of the EDT and two 7.5 ml testers of the pure parfum. – Carlos, Mexico

    First Spray… and my scent memory kicks in helplessly… A certain familiarity here with the jasmine tea, civet, mehndi/henna & incense notes (Aurum D’Anghkor?). Add to that a fougerish top. The scent lightens and out comes the sensual fog of musk. A silken cloud of carnal adventures wrapped in soft, sandal sprayed leather. Naughty & Saintly at the same time. It’s going to be a fun ride decoding the new Ensar composition. A new Era “Renaissance” in perfumery has begun with the arrival of natural, wild perfumes from the modern “scent vigilantes” who are breathing life into ancient alchemy. I am sure perfume lovers across the globe are as thrilled and happy as me. I truly believe a PROPER perfume goes much beyond just fragrance. – Nikhil, India

    Out of all the (real) musk scents I’ve tried, EO2 and Sultan Musk Attar were the only ones where I could feel that carnal, sensual sweet-ish musky scent, particularly pronounced on my skin in the drydown. It’s a revelation in a perfumery world filled with stripped of its true characteristics “musks”… – Neringa, Ireland

    EO2 is for me today the only real representation of the deer Musk that has enchanted entire generations. – Vincenzo, Italy

    Yes, I absolutely love No 2!!! I wanted a bare-bones, strong, benchmark musk fragrance that lets the note stand on its own and this is exactly what Ensar delivered here! I love Ensar’s philosophy when it comes to his new perfumes… find the highest quality source material and step back and let the notes shine on their own. His ever-so-slight use of pepper and spices only serve to enhance the musk note, not influence or overshadow it. Overall I am very lucky to have this in my collection, no other musk fragrance is in the same ballpark. – Adam, USA

    First off, congrats on EO #1 and #2. They are addictive, and they evolve in such interesting ways. I’ve found myself using them both before work, and after work, and especially on the weekends. I’ve also been using them on my jackets, shirts, and even my pillows! I love the leather on the bottles and it’s become a ritual to smell the bottle deeply before using any of the EDP. Aroya Kyaku, the new one, goes well with both of them and I sometimes wear them together. EO #2 is like nothing that I’ve ever worn. It really changes into something very personal, doesn’t it? It’s perfume as entertainment, both of them are. I watch a film, I listen to some music, I wear EO #1… They all get the imagination firing in different ways. We all know that feeling of coming home after work, and choosing the film that will be perfect for your mood, or the day that you’ve had. And the film helps you make sense of your day, it gives you something to reflect on. It’s the same for me with your oud. It’s so much fun. – Matt, USA

    I have to say I was pretty surprised about EO 2. I’d expected something more “dirty”, since I’ve owned a couple of synthetic musk perfumes and they always had an odd, sharp note to them. So it came as a surprise to me to see that EO 2 is much more subtle. The drydown is incredibly beautiful and I think musk and oud play together very well, each coming to the surface from time to time. — Kai, Germany

    EO No 2, where do I start? I applied the smallest drop from the bottle to my wrist fearfully expecting a pungent scent of the musc to overwhelm me. When I raise my wrist, to my surprise I am greeted with the most amazing fragrance! Alhumdolillah. Warm spices, peppercorns and cloves to begin which fades into the background quite quickly to reveal the underlying musc which is intertwined with a rose that gives a musky sweet pipe tobacco vibe… absolutely magnificent and intoxicatingly beautiful. Dare I say it, it’s better than No 1? No no no… let’s say it’s the older more mature brother from Siberia. Bravo, team Ensar once again for knocking it out of the park! – Siraj, UK

    I received my EO No 2 parfum edition today. Been wearing it all day and I adore this gem. I also own Russian Musk and Inverno Russo, which are also truly exceptional fragrances, but this one smells completely different with no overlap. The EO No 2 is a very sophisticated, rich and mesmerizing journey. A staple in my collection that I will cherish, love and enjoy for life. Much love and respect for all your hard work! – Peter, Sweden

    EO 2 is simply amazing!!! Nothing like any parfum I’ve tried or owned. It smells so green and fresh at first. It’s got this undertone of musk but not overpowering. It lasted almost two days on my t-shirt. My wife who isn’t a huge fan of overbearing fragrances actually loved it. I love it… simply put!! It smells a lot like the Sultan Musk Attar but less subdued. I really do hope EO 2 is a massive success for you. It’s simply an amazing fragrance. – Nazif, USA

    How intoxicating! The power behind just one spray of the EDP. Such an elegant fragrance. It’s as if I was transported back in time to the 1920’s and invited to a gentleman’s cigar lounge. The mixture of barbershop aftershave and suede leather. The lingering of pepper, clove, and lime in the air as I move about. The clouds of pipe tobacco that softly float in the air. The inviting warmth of bitter chocolate offered up with rye whiskey hidden under all the soft whispers of the scents before. This is a fragrance I don’t think I could ever get tired of. And the surprise on the inside!!!! How unique! I think it will only add to the uniqueness and the fragrance profile for years to come. Thank you for making such a wonderful EDP. My friends are already asking where I got it. – Andy, USA

    My Ensar Oud #2 is fabulous. One of the best in my collection. The musc and spices are phenomenal. Ordering a second (backup) bottle. – Robert, USA

    As for the EO No 1 and 2… Just fantastic! No 1 (EDP) is supremely divine! Such a classy and refined scent. Majestic! No 2 is something just a little more; more complicated, primal, mysterious. I can wear No 1 at any time of day, for any occasion, and feel justified because the set and setting will only serve to amplify, accordingly, what I bring out of it and what it brings out of me. But No 2 is a bit more tricky. For testing purposes, I have worn No 1 to work, at night, midday, for a walk around town, etc. But I have not as of yet allowed myself to be so liberal with No 2 as it is something that, for me, requires more thought in when and how to wear it. – Steven, USA

    I received EO No 2 today: Alhamdulillah it’s gorgeous at every level! MashaAllah you brothers have nailed this musk scent, which knocked me back the minute I sprayed it; the complexity is amazing. Thank you for the special gift, which is very much appreciated. Many thanks to all at Ensar Oud for making this and sharing it with the world: May Allah reward you for it, Ameen. – Asim, UK

    I’m exercising strong self-discipline to not just buy another bottle. – Jasim, UAE

    It reminds me of the adventure books I used to read when I was a kid. It makes me imagine I’m a character in a Karl May novel. I’d probably wear it when I want to feel more adventurous, outdoorsy type or when I want to project that image. It’s also clear that the quality is off the charts. I’ve never smelled anything that does this to me. It’s probably because it’s based on natural ingredients (i.e. musk) as opposed to synthetic ones. Thumbs up. It’s a keeper. – Mihai, US

    Arrived today. Thank you so much. Amazing. Test sprayed and on first sniff was amazed. Top quality. Definitely alchemy! – Steve, USA

    I thank wholeheartedly Mr Ensar for all his efforts and fatigue to extract this wonderful oil for us. This EO No 2 perfume is a masterpiece. I will keep it for life and lots of thanks for the gift. – Fahad, Oman

    To me, this is very different from Russian Musk, which I also adore. I have to admit, I love this fragrance! It’s not so complex in my mind but it’s incredibly good smelling once it has gone past the first hour. From there on, it’s just love love love! I get the feeling I will never smell anything like this anywhere else again. I enjoy the EO No 2 Pure Parfum more than EO No 1. I do also agree that this is a fragrance I never want to be without. 1 spray is well enough and the longevity is crazy. – Robin, Sweden

    Loved EO NO2 on first sniff because its so different from what I was expecting the musk note to be. The florals in the dry down are good quality as well. Its night and day different from EO NO1 which I already own. – Anwar, Pakistan

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