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    EO Discovery Set

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    "Let me say how happy I am to have these perfumes. Firstly because they are a wonderful return to the art of the real.

    It was such a joy to try them and to experience something other than the generic fumes that masquerade as perfume these days.

    Then the pleasure of travelling through the different and sublime layers of each one and to experience them also with a backdrop of burning chips of Vietnamese wood.

    I am in love with the wonderful animalic fixatives, particularly the civet in EO No 1. When I was a boy growing up in Malaya, I had a civet cat as a pet. These animals really do smell deliciously sweet and the same scent echoes in the dry down.

    Then to follow through with the musc in EO No 2!

    You know, for the first time in a long time I have people asking: “What is that beautiful cologne?” And then to be able to reply, “It is NOT cologne!”

    Many thanks, Tuhan Allah, for instilling such craziness in Ensar." – Nicholas, Australia


    To help make our EO Parfum line accessible to as many perfume lovers as possible, we’ve put together this set, which includes four Pure Parfum testers, one each of the following:

    EO No 1: Manipur Edition
    EO No 2
    Crime & Punishment


    Many folks order extra bottles or testers, which they graciously hand around as gifts.

    This set saves you from choosing which one your friend or significant other may like most, and is a fantastic intro to the world of artisanal perfumery for anyone who needs a little push in a more fragrant direction. 

    If not a gift, here’s your chance to explore these olfactory bouquets, composed of the world’s finest, most sought-after ingredients, exquisitely arranged, with EO’s house signature – MUSK & OUD – imbuing each perfume with a heavy dose of olfactory oomph.

    To give you a taste of our attars on top, each order also includes three .15 gr samples of Sultan Rose Attar, Thai Tabac, and Lao Laosan – FREE.

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