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    Czar Sultan - running low

    Price: $295

    Imagine the delectable, aquatic glitz of Sultan Süleyman for a fraction of the price.

    Sultan Beyaz─▒t charged with the sencha vibe of Satori Kensho.

    Imagine taking your first whiff of the first pure kyen/New Guinea gyrinops co-distill in history.

    Now, imagine you could own a full bottle of it for half of what it’s worth……

    With all the fudged and false info that has crept onto the artisanal oud scene, and amateur distillers selling polyester priced as cashmere, we are obliged to raise our fists and protest.

    And what better way than to let these Satori frangipanied wisterias loose to tease your nose senseless. To smell those aquamarine top notes drift into a eucalyptus-green, sencha-smooth base, with the slightest citrus liqueur toned down further by a virgin Papuan earthiness that’s acutely akin to that of the most expensive Sultan Series oils. A piercing pine green yet ocean blue profile that injects the Sultan Series signature right into its aloes-incense marrow. All that for less than what FAR inferior ouds sell for.

    People’s Sultan should cost a lot more. In fact, it does. But we subsidized a massive chunk of the cost by doing wood deals on the side and funneling every dollar of our earnings into People’s Sultan—i.e. calculating our profit as your discount instead.

    We could have done any number of combos instead of kyen/gyrinops, most of which would give you a greater fusion of contrasts. So, why go to such extremes when we could have used cheaper and easier-to-find batches of agarwood, minus the mad logistics?

    Because: Imagine jade forged into an emerald. Green ‘ala green, with a cyanic oceanic incense tinge that no species of agarwood gives you on its own and no amount of tweaking can churn out. That’s why. Through all my years in the oud world, I can’t think of a better marriage than that of pure crassna kyen and NG gyrinops to give you such a quintessential Sultan scent.

    Czar Sultan is a big step up from People’s Sultan, with a much higher proportion of wild New Guinea agarwood. With it, our cost literally became your profit and you now have the chance to take a maiden whiff of a scent that has never existed until today. To own a groundbreaking, breathtakingly beautiful Sultan scent that’s worth much more than what you’re paying for it. Unless you’re doing loads of these crazy backroom wood deals, there’s no way to capture such a pristine, emerald-green New Guinea incense aroma without coughing up dough big time.

    Artisanal oud has never been cheap, and it’s rarer and more expensive now than ever. And it is running out. Czar Sultan is a glitch in the system. It’s your chance to buy low and smell high.

    This one is quite lovely too. Again like Aroha Kyaku an absolute bargain. Kind of reminds me of licorice root and blackberries with honey and wine, it's more creamy and full smelling with its piney notes as well. As usual I'm never let down. I look forward to my next purchase. – Jair, Australia

    The Czars are like two brothers, the good one and bad one. A moon and sun.

    The Sultan sun is the flowery, sweet, smooth one, with a creamy hint and subtle incense profile.

    Whereas the Ceylon moon seems more robust incense reminiscent of Burma with a touch of Cambodian flowers in a Trat jungle.

    Performance is complex and enjoyable from start till last hint. Better not for office as it may create exceptionally meditative, breathtaking, mindless, enlightened atmosphere.

    Somehow not helping with heap of work tasks. – Juraj, Switzerland

    I love Czar Sultan. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I love it: From the green jungly Papua menthol opening to the dryer woodsy incensey Maroke mid, and the fruity Trat which balances it throughout, but never overwhelms. I like how it can go in and out of each region, essentially switching back and forth, playing off each other. I really dig that playfulness. It’s crazy that it’s a co-distill and not a simple blend. This was my first co-distilled oud, so it was a real eye opener of the possibilities. I look forward to trying more! – Josh, USA

    Czar Sultan - love this one, it's start off a bit minty but then sends of beautiful whiffs of guava and eucalyptus. I remember I wore this for a 12 hour shift one day, 2 drops on wrist, and I could smell it even after my shift was over 12 hours later. I thought this one was pretty easy to wear. – Asif, USA

    Reviews for the previous batch (People's Sultan):

    OK. Easy there, Ensar and team. You didn’t have to go all the way. Few started challenging you and your prices and then you do this? Man o man. If one thinks JSL or Green Papua hit above their weight, this one is the strongest quality/price ratio oil I have seen to date. Period. Game over. Nothing comes close.

    I won’t get too much into the scent but here it goes. Product description and other’s notes already shared on this are bang on. I didn’t expect as much vertical complexity but 30 min in and the oil shapeshifted to show more Papuan green and New Guinea gyrinops. Even hints of Abdüs Selam incense-y notes are seen. After it settles on the skin, the scent is quite similar to medium to medium+ scent of New Guinea Signature incense grade chips on an electric heater. I also expected to get an oil with more similarities than differences to both Yusuf and JSL, but this couldn’t be further from it and I love it for that. The bitterness running thru it is just lovely and something I have only ever seen in much higher priced and higher pedigree oils. It’s almost Aceh/Sumatra-like bitterness.

    This oil will surely make critics swallow their words and be humbled. I don’t suspect this is financially feasible and Ensar and team likely did this as a marketing tool and a PR message. So jump on it and take advantage, everyone! – Rasoul, Canada

    There is absolutely no reason I think of to make Ensar put this oil at this price as he can easily sell it at double or triple the price and it’ll still be a low-price-for-quality oil.

    In short, the opening is explosive oud syrup, like honeyed guava nectar and sultana juice-soaked precious wood and resin with traces of blue cyprus/chamomile on a background of delicate, muted incensy oceanic vapours of Sultan Abdüs Selam’s NG wood acting as a fixator that gives depth and refinement to the Thai juice without domination like what ambergris maceration would do to sandalwood. Only if the initial explosion stays longer would I be a super happy man.

    People’s Sultan is seamless. The Trat and New Guinea marry so well to produce a genuine Trat Sultan. – Curt, USA

    I would have regretted not buying such a unique and brilliant oud. A real shapeshifter. I have never smelt New Guinea oud before and never experienced an oceanic smell from oud. It was completely new and refreshing experience. – Adeel, UK

    People’s Sultan is a real bargain comparing to other oils being offered! It has many similarities to aged wild oud but comes at a fraction of the price. On my skin, it opens with a floral vibe, but different then Yusuf or Assam 3000. Less sweet, more deep, less feminine, more masculine. Reminds me of the flowers that come to bloom in the late summer/early autumn after a rain when the scent of the soil is being released… For me, it has many similarities to Adikuto X but without the smokiness (some small traces though)… After about 30 min a brassy twang shines through but in small doses, similar to what I find in TW95 but more floral and fruity. After that, I also get a small dose of marzipan similar to Kinam Rouge but much more subtle and less bitter. Not bitter like dandelion roots, more bittersweet, like apricot kernels… with a tad of citrus. There is something very delicate lurking in the background that keeps me engaged and has a mysterious vibe to it. Something I can’t really put my finger on. For me (a novice but still experienced) it shares many similarities with Adikuto X, only better and more earthy and floral and fruity, without the smoke. More sophisticated. I find that it is very balanced and right in the middle between feminine and masculine.

    A very interesting and complete aroma, and a real buck saver! – Sigmund, Norway

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