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    Chugoku Jinko

    Price: $369

    Chugoku Jinko offers you a full-on wild, artisanal oud experience. Quality agarwood, expertly distilled. An untuned nose will instantly assume it's smelling Chugoku Senkoh — in this case, rightfully so, because we used a portion of the same raw materials. 

    Personal-taste-wise, you might prefer this banquet of wildflowers and spice imbued with that narcotic sinensian orange peel! Objectively, though, there’s a reason the Senkoh costs a lot more. 

    Yet, here it is. You can get ‘the smell’ of Chugoku Senkoh for a fraction of the price. Chugoku Senkoh Lite. (And no, we didn’t dilute another oil with Chugoku Senkoh, which I already see a certain cohort coming out claiming we did.) But there’s nothing ‘light’ about this heavy-weight…

    Once you’ve smelled beyond the initial likeness, you’ll discover that compared to Chugoku Senkoh, Jinko is more dense, more layered, and smells overall richer with its buttery tuberose heart drenched in a soft peppery chord entangled in agallocha’s incense vapor. 

    It’s not a straight unitone scent like its big brother Senkoh — which is a feature of the raw materials the Senkoh was distilled from that isn’t present here to that degree, and of how it was distilled. So, while you might smell an initial similarity (because they share the same DNA), Chugoku Jinko starts to develop and transmute into different phases as the half hours tick by. And for many, arguably most, that’s a plus.

    Oud involves connoisseurship. You can’t pick up the nutmeg from the champaka the first time you smell oud, just like you can’t tell the difference between Siberian deer musk and cheap muscone. To a trained nose, those ten Hindis all smell generic and so you’d crave a superior scent — a dimension yet unknown, inaccessible, to the novice — but a distinction that to any connoisseur is a total deal-breaker.

    You don’t need to buy a bottle of Chugoku Jinko to use in a blind test or to prove anybody right or wrong. 

    I’m releasing this delicacy, which I hadn’t intended to launch just yet, to make a point (it’s already aged nicely for nearly three years) — and I’m sure one whiff, for one hour, will more than suffice to bring that point across with nectarean style. 

    If you don’t care much for the politics of plagiarists and simply want a bottle of oud that makes winters warmer and summers zestier, then Chugoku Jinko packs all that, plus an oud education worth a bottle alone. 

    So, whip out your Hindis and your Yunnanis and get a whiff of Chugoku Jinko to see there’s nothing erroneously Chinese about this beast of an oud. If the bootleggers fail to smell it, well… they think Hindi smells like T-rat smells like Borneo… so what would you expect? 

    In reality, the scent is rich in a hybrid Hindi/Chinese aroma that’s intensely meditative, deliciously savory, and so oud-incense heavy you’ll revel in a whole stack of gently heated oud chips. 

    Like Chugoku Senkoh, and unlike any ‘traditional’ Indian or Chinese oud, Chugoku Jinko is a top choice for wearing recreationally. Underfunked and delectably beautiful, there’s no question about its cordial Western-workspace-friendly profile.

    Chugoku Jinko reminds me of Mustapha n°7 in a way. Mustapha being more secret and round. Chugoku has more light in the opening - an incredible opening, wow - and is also more animalic and sharp after that, very musky. A bit strong and disturbing for me. To be re-discovered another time. – Antonin, France

    Chugoku Jinko packs a calm bitterness. A light smoke and a memory of the abandoned path. The musky heart, hay and tobacco. Oud at its best. – Juraj, Switzerland

    The real surprise to me is Chugoku Jinko, it’s so floral and fragrant on my skin especially the heart phase, I just love it. I was a little afraid of that one with the Indian connection but it way exceeded my expectation. – Jane, USA

    Chugoku Jinko is a raw diamond (and hit me with a G.A.N.J.A. note I haven't noticed in any other oil yet:). In many villages in Northern India we drove through woods and mountains and the only way to know you are near to human settlements was to stick out your nose and sniff for hemp in the air-maybe this part contains not publishable words. – Erhard, Austria

    Jinko is a very nice oil. In comparison with its big brother, I would say the Hindi profile is slightly more in the foreground, where Senkoh has the two parts balanced in such a way that neither one outweighs the other which is part of its brilliance; China and India both have rich spiritual traditions predicated on balance. But as far as the individual pieces that make up Chugoku Jinko, there’s nothing that feels “cheaper” about it, to me. They’re both excellent oils in their own right. – Mikhalil, USA

    So the first day the opening has a slight and its only slight barn note, this lasted maybe 30-40 mins and I was thinking I'm not sure on this oil but then after 40 mins the slight barn goes and out comes this beautiful strong fruity jammy scent that is just stunning. Around the 3-4 hour mark it changed again to a woody smokey incense scent, reminds me of some lovely high end wood getting heated. Then the fruity scent would show up every now and again for about the next 14-16 hours. Fast forward to the third day and now I'm starting to enjoy the slight barn scent in the opening and this oil might just be the one that turns me into a Hindi oil lover lol. I am really enjoying this oil and glad I picked up a bottle. – Geo, Oudville

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