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    Chiem Po Chai

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    This is the only Cambodi we ever distilled in Taiwan. Three Gurus had to join heads to design this distillation, so you already have an inkling what kind of oil this is going to be…

    Chiem Po Chai is part of a scent family any Oriscent aficionado knows intimately well. What you’ve got here is Royal Guallam, with a Cambodian ID card.


    I am totally captivated by Purple Kinam and Royal Guallam. A while back, I tossed out a leap of faith post requesting Ensar to cosy up my collection of these Taiwanese distillations with a Cambodi sister (still on my Cambodi trip). Well, Eid came early and when I was pointed to Coburn I had to put my money where my mouth was. The oil did not disappoint one bit… it was in fact an immediate kinam association, and the first time I experienced a greenness in a Cambodi oil… the bittersweetness is there as well. It now proudly stands alongside its sisters well deserving of that position of honour.

    The colour is a glorious butterscotch yellow, the scent so deep and composed in its sweetness I struggle to put a concise description to it. The bitterness I mentioned before is almost completely subdued by its deep rounded sweet profile. It has a powdered softness to it and I find it to be detached from any fruity associations that Cambodi oils usually align with. – Taher, UAE

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