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    Ceram Sinking

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    The scent of these chips sent me off into a frenzy. I’m not kidding, since smelling a sliver I immersed myself in all things – iris. My work schedule, my mind, all became derailed as I ended up spending months formulating an iris perfume inspired by a whiff of Ceram. 

    I haven’t smelled it before or since, this magical purple note of iris. What kind of juice these trees must have been drunk on, I don’t know. All I know is that everybody who has owned Ceram wood has kept a good stash of it – one whiff of the iris note and you’ll understand why.

    Dark brown maybe. Ink-stained looking stripes okay. But black black black always better.

    It’s easy for me to show you a dark-hued, ‘densely resinated’ oud chip and tell you why it’s the best wood since Trat went dry. But is it? Is black better than brown better than plain Jane?

    Generally, dark-colored resin indicates good wood. But often, it’s totally not the case. The best proof is that the best wood (according to most) looks indistinguishable from normal distillation stock. I’m talking, of course, about kyara.

    But fine, kyara is an exceptional case. So let’s put that example on the back burner for now, and take a look a this:

    The truth is, these chips are as extraordinary as they look ordinary. Harvested twenty-two years ago on an island I bet you’ve never even heard of, this is one of the rarest harvests circulating in veteran oud circles. Even back then, Ceram island oud was a rarity, which is why this batch is still around, two decades later.

    This purple chord is the bedrock of an iris infatuation that stoked a fire of inspiration I couldn't extinguish. This is the scent that lead to the creation of Iris Ghalia. So, next time you enjoy a spritz, you’ll know where it all began.

    A bit romantic, maybe. But the iris is real. The quiet calm inhaled at low temp soothes you. The fact that you have the chance to own Ceram agarwood is real – that it’s olde generation aquilarias that peaked when most of us were still in high school – that is something else!



    Ceram Sinking is only $4 more than the regular batch but in scent it is 3X5, more concentration, perfume, and oomph. Buy as much as you can for I have not seen wood of this profound uniqueness. Sooooo much orris butter. Even some actual iris absolute. It is the very scent of the elusive Oud Royale Maluku (ORM). I grabbed 20 grams to add to my previous 50-gram holding, and already thinking I should snatch a bit more. Have used 8 grams of it to make an incense stick. Results are pretty sweet actually. But I know it can be done better. How? I still don’t know but I am experimenting. Expensive hobby I had to go and pick. Darn it. – Rasoul, Canada

    Looking at the Ceram 1997 nothing special going on there… holding it feels really heavy I was expecting a bigger bag, first good sign. After heating smallest chip I come to realize what unbelievable floral notes it possesses. Amazing rare scent. Never smelled anything more floral than Ceram 1997. Hope you got more stashed away… – Younes, Kuwait

    Reviews of Ceram 1997:

    How in the world is this possible? How can a wood smell more floral than a flower? Why was this kept a secret from all of us? And lastly you better have an oil made from this wood already and it better be aging in the deep dark corners of your safe within a safe within a safe behind a secret bookshelf behind a painting. I feel it will shove PK’s face in it and immediately jump to your top releases ever. This is deliscious delicious wood and beyond pretty. It is profound. Score!

    100% agree that the ambient aroma of the wood is not only present but on steroids and it is distinctly purple in scent. Iris in fact is the closest thing that springs to mind. Zero exaggeration and no power of suggestion needed. It is just that obvious when it is staring you in the face. – Rasoul, Canada

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