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    Boswellia Biblica

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    Sharp and tangy à la yuzu peel, this frankincense oil collected in the region of Hojar is intended for therapeutic use.

    When talking about quality frankincense, it’s the purity of the tears you distilled and the concentration of the healing compounds that make the difference. That’s why ‘lower’ grade frankincense doesn’t have the same tasty twang as ‘high’ grade tears. It’s why lower grade resin smells overly earthy compared to the pristine citrus aroma of high-grade gum – because you’re heating pieces of wood and dirt admixed with gum that also contain less of the compounds that release the delicious citrus notes. 

    That’s why you’ll see terms like ‘purity’ and ‘clarity’ used to describe the raw resin. Is it milk-colored and pristine, or are you distilling tears with a brown hue admixed with tiny shards of rubble. 

    So, when I say this is top quality frankincense oil fit for medicinal purposes, I mean it was distilled from the highest grade Omani frankincense tears possible and that the oil captures the healing compounds to maximum effect. 

    This oil was selected for its therapeutic value rather than any perfumery considerations and is intended to be used as a healing oil. Although if you’re after the scent alone, you most certainly won’t be disappointed.

    The purity of the resin combined with the discreet extraction process makes this oil safe to ingest, with an aroma that’s orange-zesty, lemon twangy, with a yuzu sweetness that… you’ll see… will make you not wanna miss a drop in a cup in the morning and at night – drip a drop in a glass of water and you’ll taste that citrus spice penetrate your body.

    Health benefits include:

    • Helps heals cuts and prevent scars and blemishes.
    • The astringent properties help your skin, gums, and why many swear by it as a hair treatment, especially related to hair loss or thinning.
    • Women across antiquity praised it for regulating menstruation. In modern terms: frankincense helps control estrogen production.
    • Reduces respiratory irritation. Helps treat coughing, nasal congestion, and sinus issues. 
    • It’s a fabulous sleep aid.
    • Bronchial problems, rheumatic, and even urinary conditions.
    • Stress relief, and all-round meditative aid for calming your mind and your nerves.
    • Speeds up the production of certain gut enzymes that ais digestion, bowel movement, urinary issues, and stomach/digestion related issues. 
    • Soothes inflammation, and so helps with muscle pain and swelling.
    • Traditionally used to treat asthma.
    • Frankincense helps with oral hygiene (including bad breath) because it’s antiseptic (that’s why people also apply it to sores like you do lemon balm). 

    Frankincense is traditionally linked to many more health benefits, but the claims have not been properly proven, or the studies are not conclusive. Of course, that doesn’t mean those benefits don’t exist. What's clear is that frankincense is loaded with compounds that promote well being and hygiene, and you can do far worse than making it a regular part of your health program.

    Not just that, whether you use it as moisturizer or a tonic, medicine has never tasted and smelled so good!

    How to use:

    • Add a drop in water (a single drop is usually enough) to drink.
    • Message the oil into your skin for a facial
    • Apply topically to treat dryness, stretch marks, sun spots, or wrinkles. 
    • Rub into your muscles for pain relief.
    • Add a few drops to a diffuser.
    • Use it in toothpaste, to rinse your gums, or gargle it straight up.
    • Add the oil to a warm bath.

    Frankincense offers many health benefits, but keep in mind that some of the benefits are exclusive (or works better) in the resin, while some are found in the oil. To ensure you get the full spectrum of benefits, use Boswellia Biblica together with Omani Frankincense Resin.

    Intended for internal and external use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using it.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Deep pine, tea tree, slight eucalyptus, black lime. This oil has a beautiful, uplifting scent... But I'm not using it for the scent.

    I'm skeptical of health benefit claims for essential oils. I like them for the scent, and I'm happy leaving it at that. I was skeptical of the health benefits of frankincense but I'll get to the point here. I mixed this oil in my face lotion and redness cleared up on my face. I had some pain in my mouth, and I mixed this oil into my toothpaste. The pain has greatly decreased. It really is incredible, and I can't believe that this is working. A wonderful oil. I'm ordering more later on today!

    It is medicine that happens to smell great. It has energized me and given me confidence. Obviously I'm very happy with my purchase! A big shukran to the team at EO! – Matt, Dubai

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