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    Borneo 3000

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    I've spent long hours and months with this oud, and I'm convinced it's the finest available on the face of the planet.

    When you carefully observe the evolution of the fragrance on your skin, you'll notice that the last note is in complete harmony with the first note. There is no unpleasant 'drop' in the quality of the fragrance, as is the case with other ouds. 3000 retains its heavenly character throughout, taking you from one spiritual vista to the next.

    As you learn more about wild-harvested agarwood and 100% pure agarwood oil, you begin to see the value an oil like Borneo 3000 will add to your collection. Act now on this offer, and experience the scent that has solaced kings and sultans when they needed consolation.

    Its exotic fruity-floral notes evoke the sweetness of honey, and the scent of wild pears and raspberries. For this reason, women find 3000 irresistible. By a long shot, this is the one Oud oil that qualifies as an aphrodisiac.

    How come my heart skips a beat and my blood races through my veins whenever I get news of this oud selling out! – James John Gordon, Denmark

    Oof the Borneo 3000 is fantastic. Makes most of my other oud oils almost intolerable. Thanks! – M. Puccio, OR

    When I used the Borneo I simply closed my eyes and began meditating.... Soon the subtle fumes found their way to my nostrils and the scent's intensity increased. I thought to myself, just how much did I put on! (I'd put a few microscopic dabs on my arm!) The Oud was everywhere! In every breath I could smell the Oud. I was going deeper and deeper into meditation. A world of difference, compared to meditating without Oud. Then after around 15 minutes I came back out and thought WOW! – James John Gordon, Denmark

    I was shopping recently, and ran into a young lady I hadn't seen in a while. We hugged briefly, spoke for a few minutes, and then parted ways. She later sent me an email asking, 'What was that fragrance you were wearing? One minute I was in the store, and suddenly I felt transported to some exotic tropical forest, new yet somehow familiar...' Wow! This is one very special oil... Thanks again! – B. Ali, CA

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