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    Borneo 3000 II

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    This is the oud oil everybody remembers. It’s the reason many people started to wander into the world of agarwood oil, and the reason many people still do.

    Yes, this is our second extraction of the Borneo 3000 – arguably the most talked-about and wildly celebrated oud oil of our times.

    Sumptuous notes of wild pears and raspberries dipped in a luscious river of honey reveal the sensual allure at the heart of this oil.

    Being a pure, wild harvested Agarwood oil of extraordinary quality, Borneo 3000 opens that door to an unending love affair where you can explore its sumptuous aroma for hours on end, each day discovering a new tantalizing note that wasn’t there before.

    Without a doubt, Borneo 3000 is the oud oil that qualifies as an aphrodisiac. For this reason, it’s the one agarwood fragrance women find utterly irresistible.

    Its rich, smooth aroma appeals to Western fragrance lovers who have little experience with artisanal oud oil, making it the ideal first purchase. So, if you don’t know where to begin, stop. With Borneo 3000, you don’t have to worry about what you’re getting yourself into. This oil’s record speaks for itself.

    To seasoned oud lovers, not to have a bottle on hand at all a times is out of the question, as it has become the universally accepted benchmark against which all other ouds are compared.

    Borneo 3000 is bottled bliss, with the sweetness of vanilla, the fruitiness of figs and wild raspberries, the floral tonality of white water lilies and white lotuses adrift on fragrant waters, and the decadence of the most tantalizing agarwood note you will want to die for.

    The only question that leaves is, should you just get one for yourself or should you get him one, too?

    Distillation date: 2005.

    Borneo 3000 had the effect on me that your most superior oils do – it left me speechless in its beauty and its deep complexity. In the moment, I likened its complexity to that of Kyara Koutan, although the scent profiles are quite different. It has a similar melody of interwoven notes that are so deep and subtle and high and low that you cannot begin to find the words to describe it. – Neeshee Pandit, HI

    What a clean and clear oil – it almost rings! The turpyness is sweet and glowing, like drops of crystallized honey. The balsamic midrange is flooded with amber warmth, recalling the scent of sap-laden evergreens throbbing with resin. It reminds me of floral tea because of its gentle delicacy as the scent unfurls – and also of luminous pearls, a combination of warm and cool, soft and hard, shimmering and timeless. This oud could easily be worn as a perfume – I can't imagine anyone not liking it. Thanks, Ensar, for bringing back 3000. It's truly a Borneo classic. – Isabella Lee, NY

    I bought quite a bit of Borneo 3000, and that was the BEST purchase I've made thus far! I still have a few bottles left, and I am very, very happy about that because it is still my all-time favorite. – B. Ali, CA

    My package arrived a few days ago and I wanted to get back to Ensar Oud to let you know how pleased I was with this one. I could tell immediately from the very first tiny trials I did with it that it was everything I was hoping for in this purchase. I have a sample of the 'original' Borneo 3000 which I've revisited from time to time. I was slightly apprehensive about whether this version of Borneo 3000 would live up to my hopes based on the sample. It has that 'ethereal' quality which I would expect in the best ouds along with the characteristic 'bornean' scent notes in their optimal balance without extraneous, odd difficult-to-wear off-notes. I wouldn't have any hesitations recommending this version of Borneo 3000 for sure! – John Wroughton, Norway

    I couldn't resist ordering another bottle of your Borneo 3000. That oil is extraordinary. – Evan Sanyour, NY

    Looking over the terrace parapet the air is so clear the keen edges of skyscrapers appear to slice into it like cleft glass. Sunlight cascades over avenue after avenue of towers, gilding each pane of glass in a waterfall of gold – thousands of glittering mirrors reflecting the topaz sky. Pearlescent white petals flutter breezily around me, veined cups filled with morning dew, wafting fresh sweetness – more translucent than the back of a young girl's hand. Enthralled by this little oasis, a thrush trills a joyous serenade, looping from branch to branch in celebration of the awakening day.

    Ethereal, light, lustrous, sweet and crystalline – such is the character of the new Borneo 3000. To revel in the company of this graceful, rarified and lofty scent both lightens my heart and gladdens my soul. I am ecstatic. I am content.

    A few minutes ago I smelled it on the back of my hand, and it is unbelievable how close it smells to burning chips! But unlike other oils, it doesn't smell smoky (which is something I dislike in an oil) – it smells like the chips when they are burned on very low heat using an electric burner. It is really remarkable, Ensar. I wouldn't have expected this from a Borneo oil, but one fun thing about oud oil is that it's full of surprises! Thank YOU, Ensar. – Isabella Lee, NY

    Received the Borneo 3000 sample, and I must say how amazingly clear and delightful it is. – Jeff Salim, IL

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