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    Bois de Borneo

    Price: $550

    If you haven’t yet joined the barnyard fan club, or want to go on a fast from the fruit of Cambodis, then Bois de Borneo’s bare bones agarwood is for you.

    You’ll relish the honeysuckle, the naked-earth-meets-honey head and heart. But what will keep your nose glued to your wrist is the baritone of sizzling Borneo chips that holds the lead throughout this woodchant fantasy.

    It all mellows into that enchanting Malinau dry-down you’d wish would never end. And it never does. Almost. Bois de Borneo boasts robust tenacity on the skin. On clothing, it will last for weeks.

    If you’re new to oud, this is a great first choice. If you’re a seasoned collector, you’ve just found that perfect, ultra versatile daily swiper you’ve been wanting all this time.

    Its brawny tenacity ranks Bois de Borneo among the finest oud fixatives available to the perfumer. In an oud blend, it will staple other notes imparting depth and longevity.

    For the natural perfumer looking to add the ‘soul of wood’ to a blend, Bois de Borneo offers a rare ingredient. Its woody iridescence will reverberate through heart notes and, depending on what you choose to pair with it, might even fumigate head notes with its Malinau mists.

    Note: This is a follow-up distillation to the 2010 release (long since sold out), using superior agarwood. So, the profile is the same… but you get added depth, the notes are more intricate, and that fresh-forest core that got the first release so much praise is now even cleaner and crisper.  


    Bois de Borneo, wow! I get freshly baked bread and tons of vanilla. It smells delicious! – T J, USA

    Reviews for the previous batch:

    It is like smelling into a tree that is being cut right at the moment. So woody and fresh. Very complex. Thanks again. – Matthew, Canada

    Bois de Borneo opens with the most pronounced and sensual vanilla note I have smelled in a Borneo oil so far. For a while, all I can smell and think is vanilla. But rather than being a nice accent or top note, the vanilla odor surrounds and pervades the body of the fragrance, enriching it from inside out, top to bottom. The fragrance of vanilla is so clear and persistent that it is even comparable to smelling a bottle of vanilla oleoresin or absolute.

    Paired with this now-balmy vanilla aroma is the amazing sweetness that lends Borneo Oud its popularity. Bois de Borneo passes the sweetness test with flying colors, becoming one of the sweetest Borneo oils I have smelled. I find its aroma to be surprisingly addicting, with great allure. – Neeshee, Hawaii

    I explored sandalwood, vetiver, noble cedar... I wanted a dry, bright and dark wood smell. None of them offered what I was after. When I smelled Bois de Borneo, I said to myself: This is it. This is what I wanted. I find in it the smell of hardwoods: mahogany, ebony, sandalwood. The smells of palaces, precious furniture kept in vaulted chambers. Bois de Borneo is for me something delicious. It combines the simplicity of nature with the luxury and sophistication of the finest woods. Oh, and something important: it is a social oud, easily wearable around people. I say this because my wife is not fond of oud, but she likes this one. – Juan, España

    This is the first oud that I would classify as gourmand. It is reminiscent of fields of wheat, smells of first days of autumn, time of harvest, piece of nature. Ginger and vanilla are first to greet my nostrils. Home-made cold pressed olive oil, the one you never get to buy in stores, almonds are here, roasted hazelnuts. Fresh grass, helichrysum, sweetnes of jaggery, unrefined palm sugar. The woodiness is green, cedar in the top notes. Touch of mitti attar. Very friendly oil, the one that puts you at ease, and yet it is unmistakenly Borneo wood. – Andrej, Croatia

    We just received your new organic Bois de Borneo. Grassy, with some hay and maybe some camphor. Beautiful. I’d love a bunch of them. – Tony, Australia

    Ciao Ensar,
    I’ve just received Bois de Borneo...
    Since I smelled the sample it has changed a lot... the first was most warm, round and woody, now it has become more pungent... peaks of pine... and the warm notes have eased... Exceptional, before and after. I wonder what it will be like in 2-3 years... – Leo, Italy

    One swipe and I am amidst  a lush rainforest, with leaves still dripping after the passing rain. The smell of damp earth rises as it mingles in the first rays of sunshine. As I lay still, the sudden breeze echoes a melange of florals warmed by the sweetness of vanilla. I am left speechless... – Brenda, Australia

    This Oud has had such a sweet impact on me that I literally traveled outside my state and went South, where they grow sugar cane. I found an outdoor clay apparatus, and gently heated the sugar cane. The resulting aroma was the equivalent of my swipe of Bois de Borneo.

    The correlation between edible foods and Oud cannot be overstated, as I have clearly seen. Not only that, but I’ve gained a sugar cane addiction, thanks to Bois de Borneo. And I couldn’t be more happy! – Abu Anisa, USA

    I particularly like the way the woody tones come to life in the dry down phase, without dropping any of the sweetness from earlier. Instead, the fragrance fuses together as it unfolds. The honeyed-sweetness sits on top of a fresh earthiness that is not too pronounced. It is the subtle fragrance of the outdoors just after a rain. Imagine blending a few drops of Mitti Attar in a Borneo oil and you can approximate the aroma. Moist, somewhat grassy, and earthy-sweet. The earthy element of Bois de Borneo is definitely a unique and welcome twist. – Neeshee, Hawaii

    I really liked Bois de Borneo, with its hints of damp earth, musk, mint and slight hints of vanilla. If you close your eyes it really seems that you are in a tropical forest. – Vincenzo, Italy

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