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    Blue Kalbar

    Blue Kalbar



    How many colors go into a painting? How many different notes to compose a symphony? To make a perfume, the perfumer uses specific ingredients to achieve the exact effect that is desired – not one more, not one less.

    Twenty of the most precious aromatics in the world compose Blue Kalbar. Genuine civet paste, aged sandalwood, and three unique artisanal Oud oils are on the list. But at the heart of the fragrance lies the buttery warmth of blue lotus, sought out by Ensar Oud in person across the Thai countryside.

    The annual production of blue lotus absolute in the region is only three kilograms, as it takes about three tons of flowers to produce a single kilogram of oil! So, perfumers have to act quickly to seek out the best batch.

    "Blue Kalbar contains an amazing Blue Lotus oil that is completely breathtakingly beautiful. The whole oil is sweet, floral, ethereal, serene and gentle. It lulls you away in its pretty spell, you seem to notice new notes in it all the time."

    A deep sense of comfort meets you right from the get-go. A delicate arrangement of frangipani, Indonesian white rose and lavender attempts to fly off untamed but is reigned in by the rich lotus embrace. The sauve of the fragrance shines through the lotus as you begin to pick-up the pineapple-cedar-woodsy rays of blue cypress, dancing onstage with the golden-honeyed sweetness of kewda, the two together bring the sensuality of the blue lotus to life even more.

    The fruity-sweet delight of artisanal oud sways back and forth throughout your experience, arousing a sense of playfulness and excitement. At the same time the trio of custom-distilled Cambodian Oud, red cedar and a touch of nutmeg adds a maturity that calms you to the point of wondering into your daydreams.

    Blue Kalbar is beautiful. And when you let it, the fragrance will reveal its enchanting pheromonal allure that makes an intimate moment even more memorable. Its inviting aroma makes you want to hug whoever’s wearing it, and never let go.

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    Here's what other people are saying about Blue Kalbar

    It's so cool – like a breath of fresh air and sea spray! Everything about it is breezy –  as though all the notes have just taken a dip in a bubbling mountain spring. It is sparkling and playful, but also elegant and delicate. Sometimes neroli can seem too edgy and harsh, but in this blend it is as gentle as a shy girl's kiss. You sure do know how to put oils together and make them smell fantastic! – Isabella Lee, NY

    Just put on the last of the Blue Kalbar. It's completely addictive and mesmerizing. My soul will ache until I get my full bottle from you. – Lars, Norway

    Blue Kalbar is a very, very good oil perfume! Much harmonious, indeed this mix is wonderful... floral... I don't know how to put it. It is one 'must have' all year round! Sometimes I wonder... how Ensar makes those oils so pleasurable? – Alan, Brazil

    Blue Kalbar contains an amazing Blue Lotus oil that is completly breathtakingly beautiful, the whole oil is sweet, floral, ethereal, serene and gentle. It lulls you away in its pretty spell, you seem to notice new notes in it all the time. – Lars, Norway

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