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    Blue Kalbar

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    How many colors go into a painting? How many different notes to compose a symphony? To make a perfume, the perfumer uses specific ingredients to achieve exactly the desired scent – not one more, not one less.

    Twenty of the most precious aromatics in the world compose Blue Kalbar. Genuine civet paste, vintage Mysore sandalwood, and a duo of unequaled artisanal Oud oils are on the list. But at the heart of the fragrance lies the buttery warmth of blue lotus, sought out by Ensar Oud in person across the Thai countryside (the struggle to find it again was the main reason for Blue Kalbar's long hiatus.)

    The annual production of blue lotus absolute in the region is only about three kilograms, as it takes about three tons of flowers to produce a single kilogram of oil! So, perfumers have to act quickly to seek out the best batch.

    "Blue Kalbar contains an amazing Blue Lotus oil that is completely breathtakingly beautiful. The whole oil is sweet, floral, ethereal, serene and gentle. It lulls you away in its pretty spell, you seem to notice new notes in it all the time."

    A deep sense of comfort meets you right from the get-go. A delicate arrangement of frangipani, French rose and lavender attempts to fly off untamed but is reigned in by the rich lotus embrace. The suave of the fragrance shines through the lotus as you begin to pick-up the pineapple-cedar-woodsy rays of blue cypress, dancing onstage with the golden-honeyed sweetness of kewda, the two together bring the sensuality of the blue lotus to life even more.

    The mimosa meets lotus delight sways back and forth throughout your experience, aroused by the incredible fusion of what might seem like totally contrasting ouds with a dash of orange blossom. If you thought that quality blue lotus is a rarity, check out these carriers: Mysore sandalwood from 1992 infused with premium white Jamaican ambergris, wild-harvested aged Nagaland oud to make the buttery lotus even smoother, and the aquamarine florals of one of the most exquisite Sri Lankan ouds we've ever distilled to imbue the lilies with added cool blue. All that, with red cedar and a touch of nutmeg to add a maturity that calms you to the point of wondering into your daydreams.

    Blue Kalbar is beautiful. And when you let it, the fragrance will reveal its enchanting pheromonal allure that makes an intimate moment even more memorable. Its inviting aroma makes you want to hug whoever’s wearing it, and never let go.

    The Blue Kalbar Attar is wild. I don’t have a frame of reference for this. The blue lotus is such an interesting ingredient. It makes me want to try the EO Essentials from EO. It’s green, it’s rooty, it’s medicinal, it’s powdery, it’s floral, it’s ever so slightly sweet. It seems like it might be a hard material to blend and this attar seems like you can smell Ensar reigning it in from different directions. – Josh, USA

    From the initial salty ambergris to the Nordic evergreen landscape bliss, Blue Kalbar is a true joy to wear. [...] The amazingly sweet civet, fleshy blue lotus and almost malty incense-like oud presence will make sure to keep your nose fixed to your hand. The herbal, dry tea and mineral notes that follows are equally transportative. The only downside to this beauty of an attar is that the incredible complexity of the starting stages leaves you a bit underwhelmed when the drydown phase begins because of its calm, subtle nature. But that's just an excuse to dab some more on. – Freddy, Sweden

    la douceur bleue de blue kandar avec une légère note , pour moi de cardamome. Il s'agit sans doute de l'odeur du lotus bleu que je ne connaissais pas . Très sensuelle aussi. – Jean-Marc, France

    As far as Blue Kalbar is concerned, in India we used certain incense in our rituals and temples which smells exactly like that. – Raunaq, India

    The Blue Kalbar is something else, i put a tiny amount on my hand and then went to the car to go to work and usually i always listen to music in the car but not today. As i sat in the car i could stop myself from sniffing on my wrist and was totally hypnotized by the fragrance of the Blue Kalbar, it took me above and beyond to places in my mind that are not easy to access. Something magical about it. 

    I forgot all about the music and all of a sudden i was already in the parking lot as if time itself moved faster but at the same time slower.
    This is one for the ages. – Denis, Sweden

    What a hidden gem! It is Iris Noir’s twin in the sense it it ethereal and spiritually clean, but different in how it’s flirty and playfully sensuous. It’s multidimensionality is rapid. Every time you pick up a note it changes. Perhaps that’s how it’s flirtatious in it’s basked rose, lotus, civet aura. There is a blue note that oscillates between Azurite and Turquoise that puts me in a day dream about the colors the Virgin Mary wore. – Jasim, Dubai

    Blue Kalbar is amazing. It’s nice to have this, Iris Noir and Hajar Aswad... they are like siblings. All are really exceptional quality and compared to others they are also a great value for what’s in them and the quality of the composition. – Dave, USA

    “Sweet serenity; the love and magic of two souls forever intertwined”

    In ancient Egypt, the Blue Lotus symbolizes the Sun, creation, and rebirth and was prized for its narcotic and aphrodisiac effect. Once you set your nose on Blue Kalbar, you can understand why.

    An ethereal dance of gentle yet rich florals announces the beginning of the finest olfactory symphony you will ever experience. Suave like the finest piece of silk that gently caresses sunbathed skin, in the eager anticipation of a kiss. Bright, floral, slightly sweet, smooth and breathy, Blue Kalbar evokes the gentle blue and green oceanic colors of paradise. Comprised of the finest ingredients such as blue lotus absolute, genuine civet paste, 43-year-old sandalwood, and a duo of Ensar’s unequaled artisanal Ouds, the oil bewitches one from the very first whiffs into an utmost delicate whirlwind of frangipani, French rose, and mimosa.

    Blue Kalbar is addictive in every single aspect. Its the most perfect representation of the color ‘blue’ I have ever come across in a perfume composition. A perfect rendition of ‘paradise’. Or better yet, beyond paradise! Human and the divine into One. Close your eyes… inhale. Pure bliss and olfactory nirvana at its finest!

    Chapeau Ensar – one of a kind! – Vlad, Romania

    It's so cool – like a breath of fresh air and sea spray! Everything about it is breezy –  as though all the notes have just taken a dip in a bubbling mountain spring. It is sparkling and playful, but also elegant and delicate. Sometimes neroli can seem too edgy and harsh, but in this blend it is as gentle as a shy girl's kiss. You sure do know how to put oils together and make them smell fantastic! – Isabella Lee, NY

    Just put on the last of the Blue Kalbar. It's completely addictive and mesmerizing. My soul will ache until I get my full bottle from you. – Lars, Norway

    Blue Kalbar is a very, very good oil perfume! Much harmonious, indeed this mix is wonderful... floral... I don't know how to put it. It is one 'must have' all year round! Sometimes I wonder... how Ensar makes those oils so pleasurable? – Alan, Brazil

    Blue Kalbar contains an amazing Blue Lotus oil that is completly breathtakingly beautiful, the whole oil is sweet, floral, ethereal, serene and gentle. It lulls you away in its pretty spell, you seem to notice new notes in it all the time. – Lars, Norway

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