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    Black Changho

    Price: $159

    The opening is a smoke grenade of dark Sumatran and earthy-incense high-altitude Maroke oud.

    To capture a ‘smokey’ tone, perfumers typically go for birch tar, burnt frankincense, or the like. Of course, ‘smokey’ here doesn’t = incense chords or heavy oudy notes.

    That’s why in those compositions, tar and acrid burnt notes dominate, and it's why you’d inevitably fail to find a true smokey attar, where smokey = resinous incense vapor. Why you’d always end up with an echo of ash instead of deliciously heated agarwood chips.

    Black Changho doesn’t smell of ash or burnt-black gum. Instead, walls of resinous incense waft around you courtesy of the noir selection of ouds, steeped in vintage Timor sandalwood, finished with a splash of patchouli to compliment the earthy drydown. And that’s it.

    Order 12 gr and you'll receive a FREE full bottle of your choice from the following:

    5 ml Hojari Supreme
    5 ml Boswellia Biblica
    5 ml Mavera Sacra
    3 gr Jasmine

    Simply let us know which one you'd like in the comments section during checkout and we'll do the rest. 

    I am really impressed with the new attars. They are all well done. – Travis, USA

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