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    Assamugo Senkoh

    Assamugo Senkoh




    Assamugo Senkoh takes Chugoku’s new- school sinensis, shakes it up, serves it back from the other side of the border with an upper Assamese groove that’s never smelled so… Chinese.

    To be inaugurated into the Senkoh series, an oud must personify the scent of heated oleoresin. And, by extension, get you utterly addicted without consent. Swipe follows swipe, after swipe. The meditating monks were onto something after all. And this is why. The addiction factor blows the lid off the kettle. The scent progression is flawless and intentionally linear – Senkoh is minimalist beauty, distilled. Rooibos spicy, sinensis bitter (i.e. the slightest touch of orange twang… that teases… then demands a second swipe, a third. Hint: Better get two bottles off the bat).

    If ‘old-school’ is your thing, you’re in the wrong place. We’ve got fantastic old-school ouds on offer, but Assamugo Senkoh is not one of them. That doesn’t mean it lacks even a splinter of the primordial pull you find in quality vintage oils. Precisely the opposite…

    The Assamugo mania hits you hard exactly because it oozes with such primal tenacity. Ask me if it’s meditative, it is. Calming, definitely. Ideal for winter, absolutely. Its virgin pull makes this an oud that’s more inviting than caviar. Crave the zesty sensuality of ultra rare Chinese oud, combo-ed with a tailored clean-cut version of the musky Himalayan swagger. This is it. I almost want to say that Assamugo Senkoh pre-dates old-school. It’s that pristine. The naked scent of sinensis, stripped of any funky rawness, with a tattoo of a wild flower agallocha running along its spine.

    To craft Assamugo Senkoh, we used an exclusive batch of agarwood harvested along the Northern Assam/Chinese border, distilled in the most untraditional way. So, ‘Is it Chinese or is it Hindi?’

    Nu-perfumery drunk on New Guinea gyrinops turned a new leaf in Chugoku Senkoh. Suriranka Senkoh took you out on an oceanic odyssey. Assamugo Senkoh takes you to the origin of oud, before soaking and doping hit the scene. You could literally see just about everyone who got a swipe of it during the recent UK OudFest take a whiff… then another… pupils expanding… and another. That’s how you know.

    Note: The replacement cost to distill Assamugo Senkoh again would command a price tag of no less than $995 a bottle. But, as this was distilled in conjunction with the Chugoku project we got an incredible deal on the present batch, and so we’re able to pass down the savings. 

    Discover what makes oud ‘Senkoh’.

    All natural and chemical-free. Extracted by traditional means, without the use of synthetic chemicals. This oil does not have an expiration date. It will only improve as it ages. No "gassing" required.

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    Assamugo Senkoh
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    Here's what other people are saying about Assamugo Senkoh

    Assamugo Senkoh is a completely different Oud. Its color is the first clue, a light clear yellow-orange which presages its much lighter aroma. From the Chinese/Assam border, this Oud is pure Chinese. It is incredibly likeable from first sniff: a lovely blend of honey, pollen, resin, and subtle fruit. But for all of its approachability, it is definitely Oud. All Sky (no Earth), it expands your consciousness to greater vastness and happiness. Simply an intoxicating, deeply inviting, beautiful, beautiful Oud. You won’t want to stop sniffing it! – Hank, USA

    I love Assamugo Senkoh, because it gives me the memory of bliss. All your scents are living beings. – Ondrej, Czech Republic

    Maybe you should have called it the Assakicko!

    This is just a spectacular oil. Nuff' said. If Yoshi and Chugoku Senkoh had a love child, this would be it. The combination of those 2 is greater than the sum of the two individual oils. Simply an astonishing oil. If people thought Chugoku had an addictive quality, this one easily tops it for me. It is Chugoku with a more cloying sweetness. The scent of gold. Did I mention I love this oil? – Phil, USA

    Just mesmerized with its sheer beauty! Seems I've fallen in LOVE at first sniff. – Syed, Bangladesh

    Assamugo Senkoh is a flawless gem. Don't even bother asking questions. AS will speak to you in silent whisper. Just close your eyes, open your Oud centres. AS will caress you with a gentle breeze passing through the thick Oud forests of Assam. It is pure silk woven by threads of vivid colors which will come to life on your skin. – Nikhil, India

    Today’s wear is producing top floral note is reminiscent of the violet-like taste I often get when having a small taste of certain oils. Whereas certain Hindi style oils can have a potent red berry note floating about, this one is all lilac hued vapours today, with the smooth al-Hind vibe underneath. Maybe it’s the influence of the galaxy of Sakura in bloom at the moment that is colouring my perception of the top note. Anyways, it’s a beautiful day to be wearing it. – Stefan, Canada

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