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    Assam Organic

    Assam Organic


    Here is 100% pure, first grade Assam oud oil. The oud of the Bible and prophetic traditions. The oud that was used to scent the cloth of the Holy Kaaba in Mecca. The oud of Aquilaria Agallocha, the most legendary species of agarwood. 
    Compared to previous releases, this version takes 'Organic' the ultimate step up. The wood was sourced from the same immaculate jungle as the legendary Oud Nuh, Oud Isa, and Oud Yunus. The only difference is the "Assam Organic" profile and parameters are so widely loved, we thought we'd give you Oud Nuh & Isa & Yunus… done the Assam Organic way. 
    …… So, this time you're getting 100% WILD trees that date back decades, scrupulously distilled in the time honored Hindi tradition. Unlike mass cultivated oud, which are commonly harvested at only 5 to 10 years old, this Assam Organic was wild grown in a jungle so remote we've only ever offered a handful of limited ouds from this prized region in the past thriteen years.
    Full bodied, well-rounded, classic Assam oud character… with a Meghalayan mellowness that makes this the smoothest Assam Organic release to date. Woody, deep, earthy, this evokes ancient times. Its pure tantalizing Indian oud fragrance is perfume at its most primordial.
    Its virginal rich fragrance will transport you somewhere else... Animalic (yes!) but with a translucency and etherealness comparable only to Borneo 50K!
    To the natural perfumer, Assam Organic offers a ‘foundation’ ingredient that will tie everything together in harmony and bring synergy to a blend. Almost an ‘exalting fixative,’ the Assam Organic can work wonders in blends.
    A crisp cocktail of spiced plums, tangy nectarines, and ginger-infused black tea awaits you. As the hours glide by, you’ll notice the effulgent syrupy cinnamon heart notes mesh into a honey-like sweet aroma, leaving you with a breezy, zesty olfactory delight. But picture all of this with an animalic, primal thump.
    Assam Organic is maple syrup thick. We didn’t just age this for a year – or three years – or even five years. This oud is seven years ancient, and counting! Just imagine, entire agarwood trees have been planted, grown and harvested in the amount of time we’ve aged this oud for you.
    Step your collection up a notch. Order Assam Organic today!
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    Assam Organic
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    Here's what other people are saying about Assam Organic

    Oud Yunus is nice, but I prefer AO Meghalaya much much more. So far, every Hindi oud I tried has failed to knock AOMeg out of my Top Spot. I’m not saying AOMeg is the best, because if I could, I would add smoke, spice, and pollen to it. But with the limited number of Hindi Ouds that I’ve tried, AOMeg still reigns supreme. – Curt, USA

    There’s something to be said for the style of Hindi oud, it’s just so interesting to smell unfold, so captivating. It’s been years since anything barnyardy bothered me, if it ever really did in the first place. Sure, there’s barn, but there’s leather, hay, spices, woods, dried fruits, honey, and they all just keep coming and coming. Hindi oils bring my arm to my nose more often than any other style. Assam Organic has all of that. It’s beautiful to wear. – Ben, USA

    What else can I say about Assam Organic that hasn’t already been said? Earthy, musky, and so pure! The musky aroma promotes energy and tranquility at the same time. We sure do enjoy it! Can’t wait to buy more soon. – Eric, USA

    I got soul freeze and brain numbness when I sniffed this oil. I almost shed a tear. The opening of this oil is what Hindi and what Oud is all about. Ensar should move it to the Olde Oud section. – Ammar, USA

    As for myself, I’ve experienced a game-changer, or should I say, Ajmal killer.

    Ever since I swiped Assam Organic Meghalaya, I can no longer enjoy my Ajmal oils as I once did.
    Something in AOMeg restructured my whole Hindi sensing palate. It was a big let-down because my nose had been trained for years already, so I questioned WHY did I not rise above this hurdle sooner.

    So I did side-by-sides with AOMeg and every other Hindi in my collection, and AOMeg comes out the winner each and every time.

    I do believe that my personal taste is what made AOMeg the champ “for me,” however, I think it falls a tad short of being the Holy Grail of Hindi oils. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever find my Holy Grail Hindi; it would be a very daunting task for sure. – Curt, USA

    Well, the world of Oud is ruled by Hindi, and in Hindi domain AO Meghalaya is the crown, for me at least. It is like a beloved's wrath that is, in reality, a sheer beauty. – Rai, India

    Hypothetical blend of: 70-20-10: Hindi like Yunus - Burma like Zacchariya - China like Hainan 2005, or more accurately China Sayang.

    This is a lot of oud. Wow. Impressive for organic and rests my unease about a possible future of no wild oud. Sure it will be a shame but if this is a sign of future of organic oud, we should rejoice.

    Spiced plum cake, ginger chai being enjoyed while you off mounted a beautiful horse after a long ride. Horse sweat, old saddle leather (Zaccharriya) notes get intertwined with the afternoon snack of cake and chai. Touch ginseng bitter and Chinese dispensary notes in the heart. While not a regular wear for me and I see this come out to play in winter time for me personally, it is a very very impressive oil. No denying that. – Rasoul, Canada

    Assam Organic. A misnomer actually, it is neither from Assam nor is it Organic. It’s Wild from Meghalaya. It should be called “the Rustic Sultan from Meghalaya.” – Curt, USA

    Reviews for the previous batch

    This oud really does start off primordial – hay and earth. It both smells like dry hay and wet earth. But that isn’t it of course – there is a sweetness to it at the start, and the smell of savory toast. After only a couple of minutes for me, it starts turning into a deep honey. Still some of that earlier hay, but mostly a deep deep honey. Not to say that it is only sweet – imagine smelling wild honey still in the comb in the middle of the woods. All of the ouds that I’m fortunate enough to have smelled from Ensar take me to another place and another time – and this one is no exception. I like to wear it after work to relax, but it also smells great on skin outside, warming in the sun. – Matt, MA

    The Assam Organic is just what I wanted – bold, beautiful barnyard notes in the opening, revealing the classic Hindi oud character with leathery hay-like notes coming through as the oil naturally progresses. – Muhammad, South Africa

    Let’s rewind to not so long ago, before Ensar went organic and began his  distillation efforts with cultivated agarwood. Let’s rewind to when there were a lot more wild oud oils being offered on his website, and when there was no ‘Organic Oud’ section at all. Even before all of these recent developments, Ensar had already proved that organic oud could equal or even surpass wild oud, when artisanally distilled. And how did he do that? Assam Organic.

    With Indian oils being my favorite, I do not know how I missed this one for so long. Assam Organic is truly an oil worth raving about, for many reasons. From my memory, this oil has been available on Ensar’s website for quite some time. In fact, now that I have smelled it, I’m surprised it has survived for so long, without selling out. In fact, aside from Oud Yusuf and Oud Yunus, all the oils I have reviewed have completely sold out.

    I currently have a collection of wild Indian oils that I consider to be the heart of my oud collection. I feel that within those oils is the true essence of oud, its power as a fragrance, and the reason why it has been sought after for hundreds of years. And now there is Assam Organic, a cultivated Indian oil that is every bit as deep, complex, and sophisticated as the wild oils. It begs a worthy comparison.

    Assam Organic opens with a delicious flurry of notes, all opening together so fast that all the individual notes fuse together to a majesty of a single primordial note that is at once whole and multi-faceted. At three years-old, it is the youngest of Indian oils I have tried, and yet the closely-bound and well-developed notes show the sign of a properly aged Indian oud. I can only begin to imagine where this oil will be a few years from now.

    This oil is rich. It is deep and puzzles the senses with its playful harmony of notes. Assam Organic has a slightly fruity tinge to it that is very similar to Oud Mostafa, although not nearly as pronounced or developed. In general, the notes in Assam Organic are more of a fluid song than an orchestrated composition. Its melodiousness reveals a feminine side that is rarely found in Indian oils. I believe this is what Ensar is referring to when he writes that Assam Organic has a ‘translucency and etherealness that is only comparable to Borneo 50K’.

    It is very translucent and smooth, light on the skin, as if one were wearing a Borneo oil. Usually, Indian ouds have a much ‘heavier’ and thicker feel. However, this is not to imply that Assam Organic is a ‘light’ oil in terms of fragrance and sillage. It is just as powerful, loud, long-lasting and robust as one would expect an Indian oud to be. But it has a certain finesse.

    Do not be mistaken, Assam Organic is your characteristic Indian oud. Animalic, but not quite fecal. There is more of a bitter-woodiness mixed with slight undertones of grapefruit all swirling in the deeply resinous heart of the oil. Overtones of suede permeate the fragrance, just when you think it could not get any better.

    It is a true testament to right cultivation and artisanal distillation that Assam Organic comes from mature 20 year-old trees that were cultivated and yet remains comparable to Indian oils from wild 80 year-old trees. This is astonishing to me.

    Above all, I am quite pleased to find an Indian oil of such quality for only $279. Highly recommended for established Indian Oud lovers, Assam Organic also makes an excellent introduction to Indian Oud for those who have not yet ventured into its luxurious territory. – Neeshee, HI

    I have developed a fondness for the slightly feral undertones of the Indian oil, but these undertones can vary radically from company to company. Your Indian Oud strikes a perfect balance between refinement and wildness; it is a cut above any other I have experienced. – L. Nichol, NM

    It's divine! – Belinda, Australia

    Just got the Assam Oud. Must say, y’all are nothing short of fantastic. You shipped it to perfection (as in I didn’t have to deal with goofy customs which is so unnecessary) and the bottle was FULL, not sort of full, not close to full but right to the top full. I appreciate integrity. It gets my loyalty.

    As someone who has truly worked hard to access and use high quality packaging, I commend you on yours. It feels special, like you know you are getting something that will change how you smell (scent-wise). Macy’s can’t do that!

    Now the Oud... if I ever had a past life, this Assam Oud was in it. It is so deep, earthy, musky, reminds me of some of the elements of civet. So animalistic... As an aromatherapy practitioner who works with over 350 essential oils, absolutes and CO2s, I can’t even describe all the notes that I pick up on first sniff. This is some powerful stuff. Thank you! – Cher, Canada

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