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    Assam Kinam

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Predecessor to Oud Nuh, Oud Isa and Oud Ayoub, Assam Kinam is only preceded by Oud Yunus, in our line of wild, ancient Meghalayan distillations.

    Mature, exotic and warm, resplendent and rich – it boasts a unique and unrivaled aloeswood character, comparable only to its close cousins in our Meghalayan collection. You may find its sublime oudy character so possessive that you'll find it hard to resist.

    Try this experiment: apply the Assam Kinam on one arm, then sniff. After that, apply a sweet Borneo oud on the other arm, and smell that. Now clear your nostrils, go back to the Kinam, sniff again. You'll find Assam Kinam to be quite possessive, perhaps even jealous. Once she senses some competition, she intensifies her game. – Hasan Ohridi, NY

    Perhaps I had the advantage of a label but from the start I could not mistake it for any other than a Hindi. This oud is smooth... a flowing river with deep undercurrents that are feral and indolic. It has some of the qualities of the Sulaiman which I like and little of its tanginess. The Kinam offers something more... A strong pulse running through giving it a spicy sheen and woody vibrancy. A mild, saucy, mineral wholesomenes. – Sheraz Shaikh, Toronto

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