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    Aroha Kush

    Price: $125 $99

    There are those that believe agarwood has one ‘pure’ smell. That Koh Kong ouds have an immutable Koh Kong core, that Borneo has some magical essence, or that Pursat produces the best oud.

    I don’t buy that.

    Oud oil is alchemy. You can coax Gyrinops green from Koh Kong red and transmute Pursat’s peaches into medicinal Guallam. Each tree is an individual. Even two trees standing next to each other in the heart of Cambodia… each will have its own soul.

    In the words of Plato: “Oud has some generalizations, but there are no universals. Artisanal oud – especially – is ALL about particulars.”

    That’s what Aroha Kush lets you smell. An aroma that’s zesty like cream soda, but guava coated in kakao wrapped in layers of crassna green. Exotic silage exuding a smooth cranberry molasses meets tobacco aroma that’s a joy to wear daily. Unobtrusive, and without the cloying pasteurized fruit smell of so-called entry level (Thai) ouds, here you’ve got a robust pure Cambodian oud profile that’s mature and delicious all at once.

    The reason Aroha Kush packs so much flavor is courtesy of juicing together organic and wild agarwood. And I don’t mean we mixed oils here. This is a full-on co-distillation of exclusively Cambodian agarwood collected from across the country (including Koh Kong, Pursat, Kampot, Pailin, and Kampong Speu), with the bulk made up of wild harvests. Despite the logistics of gathering such a montage of Khmer raw materials, the added costs, the time, labour, and waiting doesn't mean you have to pay more…

    Oud at this price is almost always low-grade mass-produced cultivated ouds, or if wild… badly done. You either end up with lackluster one-dimensional oud, or a song that grinds into white noise as top notes recede into a dull dustiness that comes from low-grade wood distilled in a rush to meet Big Perfumes output quota.  

    Aroha Kush wafts with a rich entourage of accessory notes oozing with tamarind hedged around a soft-peppery heart that’s half sencha, half sandalwood cream. This makes the fragrance a joy to wear and explore, flowing with plenty of oud-heavy base present in more resinous wild Cambodian aloes. It doesn’t try to be… anything. Not Pursat or Pailin or any of the labels we apply to a smell that’s other-worldly at heart.

    This is the kind of oud you double swipe, triple swipe, and hand out to your friends. Morning, midday or midnight, the green cool infused with savory cherry tobacco that’s almost pineapple sweet… and the inherent – or is it? – resinous heart of Cambodian crassna.

    For all those about to embark on a month of fasting and vigils: There’s a special practice among scent lovers to lock-in memories through fragrance. For example, you’d choose and use and specific perfume only for a certain occasion or at a certain place. Smell the same perfume ten years later and you’ll be right back to that moment; back to that special place.

    Aroha Kush’s earthy sweet, soft-incense aroma gives it wide appeal, and we’ve done our best to make it as affordable and accessible as possible—AND put it on sale before the new moon heralds the beginning of Ramadan. Its appeal combined with the discounted price makes Aroha Kush the ideal oud to spread the love at tarawih. To perfume the prayer halls and houses and log down this month’s fasting and goodwill in your olfactory memory for good. Ramadan Mubarak!

    I shared some of this with some of my friends here in Dubai and asked them how much they thought that I paid for this oil. They agreed on somewhere in the 1,600 DHS range ($400). They were very surprised when I told them the grand total was $100. This oil has a beautiful red base to me, with way more power than I thought it would have. It is earthy and grounding but has an uplifting side to it, with dried fruit and spice. It almost has a driftwood smell to it (in the best way). I cannot believe that it's possible to have an oil like this for less than one of the boring Cambodis that you'll find in the mall. Congrats on this oil and thank you for the bargain! – Matt, USA

    I perceive many notes in it, the woody oudy main character supported by a fresh fruit peel sensation, like the one you get when you wash some peaches! Quite strange, being acquainted to Assamese ouds. It is creamy and mouthwatering, with touches of incense ( I got Boswellia neglecta and it's opening is quite similar to Aroha Kush's balsamic facet). – Francesco, Italy

    It's a mixed emotion of an oil. True to the description the notes dance from one to another within a short span. 

    Since I had People's Pursat first I was hesitant to buy it, but my mind had a sudden awakening that Ensar's budget line never disappoints [...] Guess what, I am right, this is a true Ramadan sacrifice by your team and a wonderful gift to your customers at this price point. – Afthab, Dubai

    Aroha Kush is rather pleasant on my skin it’s slightly earthy, a little resinous, slightly peppery, and smells like before it rains. It also has that smell of an extremely humid jungle, it’s soft and non offensive and calming. A nice oud for the price. – Kyle, USA

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