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    People would like to see oud sell for what it used to fifteen years ago. They’d like to think away the Chinese market and the extinction of wild agarwood. They’d like to see their democratic ideals spread and magically undo years of incense-grade mumbo-jumbo and finally offer affordable oud to the masses. Affordable, but still ‘top-quality’!​

    Well, friends, here you’ve got an oil for as low as I can go, without tampering with the Oriscent aesthetic one shred. The raw materials that went into the boilers are all wild, from the exact same jungles as the original Archipelago from 2005. The oil’s been aged for 2 years, and I’m ignoring those two years worth of inflation and interest-equivalent appreciation any sane businessman would take into account. Let’s also forget the zakat paid on the oil during those years. Let’s call it Agar Spring and celebrate the start of 2017 with a cheer and ‘hear hear!’ for oud democracy and bargain prices. ​

    Companies have advertising budgets. They invest in PR events. Sometimes, they sell a product at a loss, just to prove a point. If you think you could offer high-grade wild oud at this price without seriously loosening up on your quality control or without taking a financial hit, then I can’t help you.

    With Archipelago, you get a timeless classic at basically the same price it sold 15 years ago… A good spread of fresh pine leaves, vanilla and cedar, i.e. the freshness that’s characteristic of an awesome Borneo. Throughout the scent, you get whiffs of an intoxicating mentholated wood chord, if you can imagine that – a piercing sensation in the way minty notes strike you, but toned down and slightly more raw/sweet like a gentle infusion of ambergris and peeled bark, revealing a sweet, sappy citrusy note unique to fine Indonesian ouds. This feature makes this oil immediately likeable and super accessible (you can wear it to work no problem!). ​

    There’s no Maroke in this one, so up against Archipelago 2008 you’re getting less black, less dark – the original Archipelago’s beauty intact. With just the right dose of jungliness to turn the earthy dial down a notch and the gyrinops-inspired green tones up… especially in your maiden whiff, where it’s strikingly oudy in a way that kinda reminds you of a clean Sumatran (and no, there’s no Sumatran wood in here).​

    Show me where you can find such an intricate display of distinct scent notes in an oil extracted from low grade agarwood. And how on Earth you could get that Sumatran-like oudy oomph without a few years aging? And at this price…​

    Hey, I’ll make it easy for you. Just go on Facebook and order oud directly from the ‘source’. It’s way cheaper than anything you can ever get on this website. This way, you can be content that your bottle is in fact from wild wood – high-grade wild at that. You can rest assured that the trees weren’t tampered with and that there were no inoculants used in the process (obviously, nobody does that these days). You can sleep soundly knowing that it’s not common practice for 99% of distillers to mix not-agarwood-but-smells-like-agarwood oils into the mix and sell it as premium wild oud. And best of all, you can be sure that you get the very finest oud at the very lowest price, just like you can get a new car over at the Great Wall dealer, who I hear have just released a model that ’s just like a Rolls Royce, only much, much cheaper. ​

    There are people who think that Oud Mostafa No 5 basically smells like Oud Ilyas. So, I don’t always know what to say, seeing that there will always be those who are fine with a swipe of DOP on one arm and an artisanal oud on the other, unable to tell the difference; who think that the leather in a Tata pick-up truck is actual leather. That oud like Archipelago will be lost on them is a shame. That it will be compared with far inferior concoctions is something I can do nothing about. ​

    What I can do is offer you a top notch Oriscent classic – wild & naturally aged – at a #damn right, I’m making a PR statement price. As for the rest, I’ll let the oud do the talking!…

    The Archipelago is stunning! – How (on Earth) did you make this? It has to be the ultimate ‘something for everyone’ Oud creation. More in this style would be another dream come true. – JS, USA

    It’s like a younger version of Kinam Rouge! – Kevin, USA

    The Archipelago is careless and easy to wear, it went on fruity and became a bit musky. – George, USA

    I kept thinking ‘How did Ensar distill this? The price is far too low even without the discount!’ – MI, USA

    Okay, this oil is a dead giveaway by Ensar. If the price was 4 times as much, I would think it was a deal. Sweet vanilla wafting in and out of medicinal Kinam, occasional green notes there as well. This is a star. I love all my oils but this one has a special place in my collection and easily the best oil for the money I ever bought. Talk about exceeding expectations!

    Ensar, thank you so much for this oil. It is a treasure! – Phil, USA

    Archipelago is a Picasso (cubism period). This distorted Borneo wants to be Pretty and Dark simultaneously. I struggle to categorize it. This one is for Scent Junkies. Let’s sit around the table, and discuss this creation all afternoon long. – Curt, USA

    The opening I smelled barnyard but I said no way, and I smelled again and it seemed it was Kyara or Kyen. I smelled again after a few minutes and truly smelled the smoky vanilla and something sweet like some ripe tangerine? I smelled again and was reminded of the Satori Kensho and Jing Shen Lu? Where is the greenness coming from? How’s that possible from an Oud? I am so happy to have this treasure in my small collection and I know I will cherish this for a long time. Thank you again Ensar for a beautiful piece of Art! – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

    Xiang Liao Ling had an extra ticket to Burning Man, so he invited his hot cousin Green Papua. One thing led to another and well ummmmm… there’s some things you just don’t talk about in polite company. So anyhooooo, our little Archie was sent off to a very good Montessori boarding school, far far away where no one could find him. They even told him he was adopted, poor guy. But he learned to study very hard and became a very smart, refined young lad who never offended anyone. There have been whispers that say he might even be related to the Jing Shen Lu’s, since they have that crazy Uncle that likes to get drunk and sleep with the natives, tsktsk, but don’t tell anyone you heard that from me. Our little Archie became a very successful exec in Silicon Valley, you can see him driving around in his Lotus Tesla sometimes. You always know it's him, he’s umistakable because his license plate says ‘TOP KEK’. – Tuff, USA

    I just received my Archipelago now and just tried it ten minutes ago and what a pleasure! It’s really out of this world, maybe I will add high quality Borneo to your description! I am not so good at describing oils, but at this moment I am surrounded with a Cloud of Aroma that I can’t describe! It’s so beautiful and strong, thank you my friend Ensar. – Jalal, Canada

    One hour now and lots of fresh cut vanilla beans! AMAZING. I have to say something, and I swear it’s the truth: Out of all my oud oils this is the best oil I have at this price and I would pay double this price if someone introduced this oil to me. Again, I am a neutral guy trying to keep a low profile, and this is just my opinion. Thanks again Ensar for this gift. – Jalal, Canada

    The Archipelago arrived safely. I spent a considerable amount of time taking alternative swipes from Archipelago and Green Papua, asking myself the question about which one came first, the chicken or the egg… Both oils have something that triggers some kind of homesickness to me although I have never been to Irian Jaya or Papua N.G. It is difficult to say which one I prefer. I think Green Papua is wilder, more versatile, explosive. Archipelago is sweeter, more mature and balanced. – Costas, Switzerland

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