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    Ambre et Bois

    Price: $295


    The vintage, woodylicious, super creamy sandalwood alone is worth the price tag.... Dotingly aged since 2005, the new release includes my hallmark sandal which I use exclusively in the creation of my oud perfumes.

    Infused with exquisite beachcombed ambergris located in California in 2006, it makes for the most satisfying sandal-amber infusion you could possibly crave.

    To intensify the innate, animalic soul of raw ambergris further, this new composition adds two exceptionally rare sandalwood distillations: classic vintage Mysore from back in ’84, and a private run of Santal Royale by our Taiwanese Wizard in 2006—reserved only for this exclusive batch of Ambre et Bois.

    Can be worn as a standalone perfume, or used as an exalting fixative in perfume creations.

    Very limited stock.


    This has become my go to scent these days! Go to work… a swipe of Ambra, jump on the yoga mat… a swipe of Ambra, heading to bed… you guessed it, a swipe of Ambra! It helps me reach that Zen state of mind that I strive for daily. As for the scent itself, I find it a beautiful creamy woody sandalwood. With the added shimmering depths of high quality Ambergris. In the background there is a slight zesty spice that ties it all together making a fine standalone perfume. Simple… Timeless… Beautiful! – Chris, USA

    Your perfume, Ambra, smells heavenly! The mouth watering vintage sandalwood melts into the ambrosia like ambergris, creating an unique olfactory revelation. Sensual, alluring and sweet but never intrusive it develops nicely on my skin and lasts very long. After a day the balsamic ambergris turns into a firework. I cant remember the last time I smelled a scent so harmonious and balanced. Moreover, it is very rare to come across genuine ambergris. This is art in a bottle, exclusive and luxurious. – Samuel, Switzerland

    I loved them both.  It was a tough decision but ultimately I fell for the way the sandalwood stepped back and let the ambergris shine after a hour or two. I felt like I was getting the both for the price of one. I do love the Santal Sultan also and may be back for that.  For now though, I am obsessed with the Ambra.  I cannot stop sniffing my wrist! Really beautiful! – William, USA

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