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    80’s Mysore

    Price: $50

    Oud and sandalwood often hold hands, both in practice and trade. Buddhist tradition certainly honors both. So does Catholicism. Incense lovers look for both ingredients when selecting their sticks. Resin traders look weird if they don’t offer some of each.

    But you don’t just stop doing oud because of all the sandal slivers so easily available everywhere for only a few bucks a batch. The adrenalin kicks in as soon as the prefix Mysore comes into the equation. Numbers start to multiply and your expense graph sees a sharp upward spike.  

    When you’re chasing down rare sandalwood, you’re not just hunting for any mention of Mysore. You’re going for the jackpot – sandal’s sinking-grade equivalent. 

    When you get granules that are 30-40 years old, mahogany hued, Mysore through and through, you know you’ve reached the rainbow. Granules from the red heartwood of mature santal trees… i.e. not from infant saplings, random twigs, the white outer layers that make up the bulk of extracts, or anything but what looks like the grains have been marinated in curcumin. Where the scent of the granules in your hand already exudes that mouth watering buttery aroma of the creamy vapour that takes monks on high and makes the bishop swoon. Mysore, proper

    Sandalwood’s a personal infatuation of mine. It’s a key ingredient in my oud perfumes, which made it a personal mission throughout the years to hunt down the best distills. On the way, you dig up some treasures… and who can blame you for keeping the choicest raw granules to yourself?

    Then I saw that I’m not the only one in a polygamous olfactory love affair. I’ve stopped counting the recent emails asking if I’m selling any of my sandalwood oil. I wasn’t. But those of you who know me, know what really triggered my move to make my santal stash available publicly…

    Push came to shove, and you got Mysore 1984. And now that you got the oil, you can get the wood that caliber oil got juiced from.

    I've been carefully heating the Mysore granules one at a time, on a variable temp electric heater. I have some Sandalwood slices from Daihatsu, and a side-by-side comparison has effectively ruined my enjoyment of the latter. – Connor, USA

    I really have been enjoying your sandalwood chips with my gong fu sessions. It’s a precious material and creates a sacred space. – Jasim, Dubai

    Enjoying the 80’s sandalwood chips too! I have completely fallen in love with heating sandalwood and this one really hits the spot. Everything I have come to expect from Mysore in an easy to portion & heat package with no scraping or chipping convenient. Always start my day with a cup of tea and either frankincense or sandalwood on the heater.  – Arsalan, Canada

    Last night I decanted the Mysore chips I had tinctured in perfumer’s alcohol, and I’m beyond happy with the results! No sandalwood I have ever smelled has this beautifully sweet aroma. – Cynthia, USA

    Yes, Adam, I am in olfactory bliss! The quality of your products is beyond words. The Mysore is unlike any sandal I have ever smelled (and I grew up in the 60s and 70s). I don't have the prose to describe it, but it is one of the most outstanding, soul-satisfying aromas I have ever smelled, next to Oud Yusuf.

    I wanted to make the most of this sandal, so I'm tincturing it. After just 24 hours, it is obvious I will have 250 ml of the most glorious scent! I swiped a dab on the top of my hand, and despite loading the dishwasher I can still smell it. I could use it now, that's how fantastic this is. – Cindy, USA

    Reviews for 70's Mysore:

    Wow. Marvelous. You shake the bag, open it and take a deep breath through your nose inside it, just like that, no heat, it is marvelous (lasts longer too!) – Danny, Canada

    I compared the Mysore bracelet’s aroma to my Baieido, Shoyeido, Daihatsu, and Yamadamatsu chips, and your bracelet is solemnly better. I figure your Mysore chips smell similar to the bracelet so I knew good stuff like this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. – Curt, USA

    The 70’s Mysore chips are very nice. In the unburnt state they exude a rich creamy sandalwood aroma. When placed on the electric heater (at medium to high temperature) my room is soon filled with a very nice sweet and creamy, almost ambery, sandalwood scent. On a glowing bamboo charcoal I perceive more woody and ethereal top notes. I cannot really decide which of these two ways of releasing the scent is more pleasing. This is a true ‘benchmark sandalwood’! – Thomas, Germany

    Am working at the laptop enjoying the smell of heated 70’s Mysore sandalwood dust in the background. I must tell Ensar how grateful I am that he offered this Mysore wood on his site for sale. Surely folks will regret not obtaining some of these chips for their personal use. I actually winnow down in the package to the dust as I’m using an electric heater, and then put a scattering of the chips on top of a couple of pinches of the dust before heating. It is so soothing and makes one feel beautifully peaceful just to sit here. – MI, USA

    Wonderful classic Mysore scent! If you have an adjustable electric heater start low and work you way up. The scent starts off with a slight spicy cologne for lack of a better word. Then moves into the creamy woods realm and lastly to a sort of caramelized sugar scent. Highly enjoyable and thoroughly recommended. – Chris, USA

    Got the package today. The Mysore chips and oil are outstanding. I can’t write a review right now because when DHL knocked on my door I was burning a stick of Shoyeido’s Nan-Kun. Needless to say, I can’t be sure whether the ensuing “Best Mysore Experience Ever!” was due to that combination of two forms of deliciousness. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. – Larry, USA

    The sandalwood chips are heavenly. I’m heating them as I write to you. – Marian, USA

    The sandalwood chips are so rich! It’s a scent I want to wear! I’ve been tincturing some so I can wear it as a close skin scent. – Dan, USA

    I jumped for the sandalwood first and I can already say this is the best sandalwood oil I have ever smelt and I do have quite a few oils. I am really glad this oil stood up to the hype and it is my official benchmark to compare all other sandalwood. I was even more pleasantly surprised to burn the wood and see how perfectly complementary it is to the oil. As soon as I started burning some, my wife was totally mesmerised by the scent and she usually doesn’t have much to say when I burn anything. I think it actually put her straight to sleep, haha. I will need to get more. MashAllah. – Taher, UAE

    So I burnt some sandalwood, and… it is paradise, only I want to smell, close my eyes and smell, I don’t thinked it was so beautiful, gripping, so woody, earthly. – Francisco, Spain

    The 70’s Mysore chips also have that ‘Mysore Goodness’, but on top of it is a heavy dose of bright Santalol. I guess the overall surface of the Chips is very much more than the Beads, therefore releasing more Santalol. So do I like them? I love them! – Curt, USA

    I’m really enjoying your Mysore sandalwood chips/dust. I’ve got it on my electric heater right now, and it’s been perfuming my table area most of today. A very sweetly soothing fragrance; it is such a pleasure. – MI, USA

    Actually, one of the things that I’ll be ordering are the Mysore granules. I’ve been using them with Matteo and I’ve caught him laughing a couple of times, so I’ll take that as he likes them! By the way, have you noticed a similarity with the Santal Royale?  The granules and the oil are very similar. I thought the granules would be similar to Mysore 1984, but definitely lean more towards Santal Royale. – Steve, USA

    I bought 70s Mysore from you a couple of months ago. I am getting spoiled… I don't like regular sandalwood anymore! – Quinton, Netherlands

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