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    Agarwood and Designer Perfume


    Pure agarwood oil offers what commercial perfumery never will: an exercise in sensory refinement.

    For most olfactory adventurers and frag aficionados, the road ends with Artisanal Agarwood Oil™. It's the supreme artistic creation in the world of fragrance, an acquired taste nurtured to open doors of extraordinary sensation.

    The perfume industry tries to synthesize and mimic the agarwood scent, while purveying little more than pure laboratory chemicals, rarely any genuine agarwood essential oil. It smells the same all the time, on everybody. Pure oud oil is far more captivating.

    Ensar Oud™ agarwood oil is a 100% organic, natural, and authentic fragrance essence. Too thick to spray, artisanal agarwood oil feels like fine velvet when rubbed onto the skin. Our agarwood oils do not contain one molecule of synthetic aroma chemicals and are certifiably the core essential perfume you are seeking in any designer fragrance.