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    How do I know my oud is authentic?

    A trained nose would know the difference between an authentic oud and a synthetically manufactured one on contact. Synthetic or diluted oud possesses a blunt, dull, uncomplicated, and leathery aroma. That, and if you're used to pure oud, synthetic oud gives you a headache in a matter of seconds.

    A genuine, 100% pure oud oil possesses a very powerful yet subtle and spiritual aroma. As not everyone is an oud expert, we give our guarantee of twice your money back if verified laboratory findings locate even one molecule of synthetic material in our oud.

    Take a look at our Oud Info page to find out more.


    How long will one 3 gr. bottle last?

    Each swipe of our oud is approximately one hundredth of a gram. Mathematically, if used every day by applying one swipe, your 3 gr. oud bottle should last you an entire year.

    Although some oud aficionados cannot go a single day without a swipe of oud, most of us don't use our ouds daily. Rather, one's bottle is reserved for special occasions, in which case a single bottle can last you considerably longer than one year. If kept unused in the bottle, your oud only appreciates in value ‒ the oldest oud is most prized for its mature aroma, and consequently demands the highest price.

    The opposite is true of synthetic ouds. Even though a small percentage of the oil contained in such 'ouds' might actually be made up of real oud, the main body of the fragrance is synthetic. Many of the additives used have a shelf-life. This means that the oils go off after some time.

    When you discover a forgotten bottle of pure oud oil in your closest ten years down the line, you'll find that the oil only appreciated over the years. The same cannot be said of most other perfumes.


    I've heard of people that buy oud instead of artwork or apartments. Why? What will oud be worth in the future?

    Instead of stocks, bonds, or gold, people are starting to invest in oud. Customers who bought oud Legends like Kyara LTD, Oud Royale, Borneo 3000 only two or three years ago have already seen returns of more than ten times their investment.

    The value of oud oil will increase exponentially in the coming years, due to the rapidly increasing scarcity of the raw materials. Oud oils extracted from wild harvested agarwood trees are sure to demand prices unimaginable today, running into the thousands of dollars for a single 3-gram bottle.

    Look at what happened in the market for raw agarwood in a matter of months. The Chinese oud tycoons are now acquiring oud costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the same raw materials were, only a few years ago, selling for less than $10,000.

    Unlike most collectors’ merchandise, the appearance of artisanal oud oil distillation is a recent phenomenon. Before Ensar arrived on the scene, only a handful of distillers were producing truly noteworthy agarwood oils. This means that you might be able to track down a twenty year old bottle of Cambodi oud, but it will hardly compare to oils in the Ensar Oud™ collection which are ten or fifteen years younger. Just imagine what a twenty year-old bottle of Ensar’s would be like...


    How is oud different from perfume?

    Our oud is certifiably 100% pure, natural aromatic, while commercial perfumes are generally 95% synthetic material. These are the facts, but the difference is truly in the experience.

    It's no secret that the standard formulas used in today's oud market have dioctyl phthalate (DOP) as one of the ingredients. The addition of DOP in perfume has been banned in several countries due to being a strong carcinogen. But DOP is just one name in a long list of other synthetics used in modern perfumery, all of which pass through your liver. When you apply essential agarwood oil you can rest assured that whatever is absorbed through your pores is not harming you (in fact, it might even be good for you).


    Are oud fragrances gender specific?

    Oud emanates a woody, rich, and potent fragrance that is not gender specific. At first, men and women might have a preference for the type of oud they like ‒ women may incline to the sweeter variety while men may incline to a deeper, musky scent.

    That said, although Indian oud is sometimes at first considered a more masculine fragrance, due to its intensity, some of the most ardent Indian oud lovers we know are women. In fact, women often prefer the 'strong'  Indian ouds over anything else, through which they experience an awakened sense of self-confidence and assurance. At the same time, you find men who adore the gentler, sweeter ouds, without much regard for the 'stronger' varieties.


    I noticed that some of your ouds are labelled 'organic'. Are your other ouds also organic?

    None of our oud oils have been touched by pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and all of our oils are organic in nature.

    Our Organic Oud oils were distilled from cultivated agarwood, harvested in plantations where the materials used to fertilize the soil or enhance the growth of the trees are all organic.

    Our Vintage LTD oud oils were distilled from fully matured, wild-harvested agarwood trees, which have not been touched or treated by anything but rain water and the elements of nature.


    After placing my order, how soon is my purchase shipped out?

    Orders placed by 5:00 P.M. EST are typically shipped out within 24 hours. You'll be able to keep an eye your package with the tracking details provided. If you have any questions, please contact us. You'll also be able to manage your account details and view your order history.


    How do you calculate your shipping charges?

    Currently, all orders are sent via DHL Express for a flat fee of only $15 on orders under $499, and FREE on orders over $499. We’ll provide you with a tracking number, so you can be on the lookout for your package when it arrives. 


    What is your return/cancellation policy?

    How would you feel if, after paying well over $100 for a bottle of oud, you receive a bottle that was previously in the hands of other customers? If it was opened, used, tested and worn by others, then returned to us for a refund, only to end up in the hands of the next buyer ‒ you. 

    Oud is a deeply personal thing. For this reason, and due to the 100% pure nature of our products, which are carefully weighed by the gram, we cannot issue returns on our ouds or oud chips and assure the same quality and quantity to the next customer. If you are interested in our 100% pure oud oils, why not purchase a sample first to avoid the need to return? This will grant you the assurance you need.

    As for cancellations, by submitting your order you enter into a legally binding contract with Ensar Oud, whereby the transaction is complete and the items you purchased now belong to you. Once we receive an order, we do our best to start processing it directly (which often requires logistical effort customers are not aware of). In addition to the labor that goes into fulfilling your order, once a payment has been processed credit card companies do not refund processing fees. So, except in the event that an item purchased is no longer available, we do not accept any cancellations once an order has been submitted and paid for, and we reserve the right to decline any cancellation requests. And if, for whatever reason, an order falls through you'll be charged a 25% restocking fee.

    We appreciate your understanding. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.


    I want to know more about oud, how can I consult with an oud expert?

    You can email us anytime, or call us on +1 (203) 683-7481 with any questions or enquiries. We are happy to answer your questions and queries about our oud Collection. Just as a lover loves to talk about his beloved, so do we love to talk about oud!

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