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    Yusuf Royale

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    I can’t think of an oud more beloved than Oud Yusuf. It’s easily the most praised, talked about, enjoyed, and oft-recommended oud I know of.

    Even folks who have an extensive collection of high caliber oils consider Oud Yusuf in their top tier. 

    So, you can imagine what a Royale edition of Oud Yusuf would do to you—and what an indispensable oud it would be in your collection…

    Throughout the past year, we’ve been sharing things we would probably never have shared otherwise. We’re connecting in new ways—feel more connected in these new ways, during a time of heightened isolation.

    So, I guess that’s what I’m doing here, almost involuntarily. I’m inviting you into my atelier and giving you a whiff of the oddities I keep there.

    Feast your nose on this:

    Imagine Oud Yusuf—but its apricot sweetness drenched in the jungly incense smoke of Maroke. An oud that picks fresh lilacs, diffuses them through a jinkoh incense coil, and dips them in a honeydew cocktail laced with the encens of vintage Papuan oud smoke.

    What made Oud Yusuf so universally appealing is its beautiful fusion of florals and fruits. Yusuf Royale casts those qualities on full display—but filtered through this vintage prism of Sultan Qaboos’ original Oud Royale. 

    When we sold out of the original Oud Royale, there was some resin left at the bottom of the flask we received it in from Sultan Qaboos. (If you’ve stored oud for decades, you’d know how some of the powder precipitates to the bottom.) 

    We didn’t know what to do with the remainder in the flask until years later when the idea to pour Oud Yusuf into the same flask came to me, and we ended up infusing Oud Yusuf with Sultan Qaboos’ 1982 distillation.

    That infusion was called Yusuf Royale, and we only had a few bottles. That’s why you likely haven’t heard of it before. Now that we’ve decanted the predecessor to Oud Royale in order to make the perfume edition, we faced the same dilemma.

    And we solved it the same way. We poured some Oud Yusuf into the flask for it to absorb the scent of the Sultan’s oud stowed away for over forty years and turn what is already a spectacular oud into one truly Royale

    In addition to the oud has already been absorbed from the flask, we’ll also add a symbolic amount of the actual Oud Royale in your bottle for an added touch of Indochinese oomph. 

    I know this is a big claim, but with this mouthwatering semi-bitter tinge I think Oud Yusuf fans will like this jacked-up edition as much—or more—than the original. 

    Imagine the lilac beauty of Oud Yusuf swimming in a pool of violets, purple and narcotic… kinamic.

    So, lilacs—yes! Honeydew, apricot, peach, and all the floral-fruity goodness that makes Oud Yusuf—yes! All of that…… with the grandness of Oud Royale.

    The chance to experience smells like this come around once-in-a-lifetime. Many of those who have smelled Oud Yusuf have also smelled many many Thai ouds to compare it to. And nothing compares…

    Just got Yusuf Royale yesterday and wore it last night and it’s so good I think I’m going to wear it again tonight.

    It always amazes me when I get a new oil and open it to smell it for the first time and say to myself: "It reminds me of this oil”, but when you put it on skin and it opens up, it’s totally a different experience.

    Extremely happy with this one. – Gabriel, Canada

    Yusuf Royal is smashing!

    At first, the scent of the original, with its lilac and poetry, came to the fore. But as I sat with it, bathed in its luscious scent, The underlying deeper Oud Royale arose.

    The marriage of these two ouds is amazing. It's as if they were made for each other. And they envelop me with an aura of incredible joy, comfort, and deliciousness.

    I am so deeply grateful to be able to experience this Oud over and over.


    Many blessings to you and master Ensar. – Hank, USA

    In 2016 I ordered a tola of Oud Yusuf. This Oud Yusuf I liked very much. When it finished it wasn‘t available and then there was Oud Yaqoub, but very different than Oud Yusuf.

    Then I saw Yusuf Royale, and when it arrived at home I understood this beauty which smells like Oud yusuf and something more… there is a lot of wood and a lot of fruits in it. It is for me the best Oud I ever had – Iris, Switzerland

    Wow. Breathtaking beauty. 

    Oud Yusuf’s (the original version’s) fruits are dried, candied, resin-infused. Not just enhanced by the Royale touch but transfigured. I get waves of almond and hazelnut in chocolate, along with an unfathomable oudy quality that takes this far from the realm of mere dessert. And it’s a profoundly calming oil with its steady, gentle bass note hum. – Jonathan, USA

    Yusuf Royale is quite beautiful: both deeper and softer-spoken than I expected, based on my sole reference point of Oud Yusuf parfum. Despite being a minority percentage-wise (or so I gathered from Ensar’s description), the Oud Royale seems to dominate, keeping Yusuf’s lilacs wrapped up in dark, smoky coils. It's a curious dynamic; I almost wish the Yusuf were allowed a little more daylight (I think I'm realizing that my tastes run towards somewhat lighter-bodied ouds, fruity-flowery into camphor-medicinal). While it’s not quite what I expected, it is lovely, and I expect it’ll keep growing on me—it’s already grown on me over the course of the day. And, the real beauty is that I feel I'm getting to know Sultan Qaboos through it a bit in spirit, this beautiful man with whom I now have a connection after his death through a distillation he had made before I was born. – Jonathan, USA

    Reviews of Oud Yusuf:

    I need to say that my nose/tastes changed quit a lot over the last few months. When I first smelled Oud Yusuf I didn’t like it. Thought it was too “camphory” and medicinal but I gave it another try and wow, it was a total new experience. I was able to pick up different notes: the freshness, depth and an energetic type of feel. Oud Yusuf makes me happy, it is a true mood enhancer. – Jean-François, Canada 

    I received my oud and I’m honestly blown away. I have never in my life smelled anything like it before. That is a fact. I wish I would’ve found Ensar oud sooner. I am in love with Oud Yusuf. Now I have to get a bigger size very soon because I want this scent to last a lifetime. I can’t help but sniff my wrist every second. On top of that everything from buying to delivery was exceptional. – Shae, USA

    Oud Yusuf = All of the above, plus a sweet, warm, creamy, very obvious mix of fall harvest scents. I guess this would mean a hodgepodge of spiced apple, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, etc.... , yet I don't smell any of these standing out on their own, just like I was mentioning before about how hard it is to describe. But I'm absolutely getting warm fall harvest smells which I definitely am not getting at all when I smell the Aroha Kush or the Kusuma.  Something to wear while walking through the snow towards a bonfire with friends.  Absolutely incredible!!! – Nick, USA

    I'm spellbounded. 

    I never experienced any oud like this before. It's so jammy and fruity and floral in the best of ways. It's still developing into the 4th hour.

    What a rich, elegant and incensy oud! – Gery, Singapore

    I opened the cap on Oud Yusuf and this stuff is so potent I was able to get a decent wear out of it by simply closing the cap and rubbing my fingers on my wrist. I didn’t even touch the actual oud. I opened and closed the bottle carefully and was completely blown away by the narcotic bliss of what I was smelling. There is literally a buzz to this stuff! – Aaron, USA

    This gem gave me a very personal, spiritual experience...Exquisite! The minute I put the oil on my skin, the feeling was of going straight to heaven.... this would be my personal Oud. I literately became obsessed. I added more on my skin to go to sleep, and I even dreamt of it... and amazing olfactory journey; this is what I say...heaven! – Ernesto, USA

    The Oud Yusuf sample seemed to my untutored nose first pepper, then amber, balsam, frankincense(?), and a hint of camphor. Much more, probably, but I found myself passing the closed vial past my nose at intervals, because glass was not enough to contain it, and I needed it again.

    I am used to over-hyped, over-the-counter fragrances. You wear the most expensive for evenings out, and then wonder if you still even like their cloying sweetness. You smell as artificial as the bottle you brought home. Oud Yusuf is different; it changes you. This scent is not from a bottle, it is from where you've been. It is the fragrance applied as you brushed through the undergrowth. It is bark and rain and heat and dust and places you have never been. Possibly the first time I've found a way to spend money and feel richer for it. – Rod, UK

    Supreme bliss. It is absolutely the best gift I will receive this holiday. I will treasure this oud as if I were one of the collectors Ensar described in the videos. – Cynthia, USA

    I read all the reviews and there is not much I can add. Perhaps one thing: nobody mentioned dried hunza valley apricots (a mountainous valley bordering Afghanistan / Pakistan), which is a layer I get strongly and lastingly after the top notes have receded, and that for couple of hours. Real hunza valley apricots are the "ensars" of dried apricots (rare, not cheap and sought after by connoisseurs). Good ones are nothing like any other dried apricots and not easy to find; they come full, with the pit (and its microscopic delicious bitter almond), their taste is quite unique; deep floral apricot notes treacled into a buttery caramel feel that you can let melt in the mouth for a long time.

    Also, I am very receptive to the medical end energetic properties of oud (which is what actually interests me most). On top of a mild energizing and lightly aphrodisiac feel (compared to some strong barny east Indian oils I own and love) I feel Oud Yusuf offers a strong protective, "enwrapping" and joyful presence. It feels like a long lasting loving embrace from somebody one is deeply connected with. – Nicolas, Switzerland

    I think Oud Yusuf may be one of the most beautiful things I've ever smelled. I understand why it's named Yusuf. – Inamullah, Canada

    I wear Oud Yusuf today and I again feel like Sméagol keep repeating “my precious”. This is not a fragrance, it is a state of mind. Thank you for such heavenly gift. – Milan, Slovakia

    Innocent, like the first love… happy and carefree Oud Yusuf opens with a burst of succulent dried figs (and apricots!) joined by the intoxicating an aroma of lilacs, drenched in thick, sweet, golden honey; playful and so delicious it twirls and dances atop my skin; planting most tender, purple hued kisses… it is undoubtedly THE prettiest oud one can get your nose on; oud that captures your heart upon first encounter.

    Oud Yusuf's drydown is just spectacular as its bewitching opening; floral fruity undertones mellowing down to beautiful, slightly powdery, woody base; an absolute sublime experience! – Neringa, Ireland

    What a beauty!!! Is like smelling true Nature, the essence of life. Wearing it is just feeling home, safe and in peace. Invites you to keep your mind free and just enjoy the silence surrounded by this gorgeous smell, that to me is not a perfume, is something else, something more. It is perfectly rounded and gives a very powerful message, but not screaming, this is coming from the inside what makes it impossible not to be heard or misunderstood. I love it. – Fernando, Germany

    First and foremost JUST WOW. I have never been on such a scent journey from one single product EVER.

    Oud Yusuf:

    Boozy (Bourbon)
    Clean white flowers
    Band-aid rubber smell
    Warm earth
    Flower shop
    Garden shed in summer
    Soft leather
    Cherry licorice
    White wine scent

    I’m still learning different scent profiles in this product but it is BY FAR the most wearable Oud I own. I get sooooo many questions about what I’m wearing now. And I have also opened up the door for others to start exploring Oud. – Andy, USA

    The Oud Yusuf is really quite beautiful. The opening is pleasant immediately, unlike other ouds that smell a little harsh initially and then soften on the skin after 10 minutes or so. On my skin, the scent is a floral woodiness with hints of (maybe exotic or tropical) fruit. As it develops over the next 20-40 minutes, the smell softens and becomes a close skin scent that you bury your face in to get the nuances. It is not very diffusive like some perfumes that you need to smell from a distance but is instead a soft, personal aroma. I detect something warm and slightly sweet with a vanilla-like vibe. I also get floral notes. I can’t say that I smell a specific flower, but rather that it smells like it was distilled with a variety of flower petals mixed in. Quite lovely. – Brian, USA

    I will have more specific things to say elsewhere on the subject of Oud Yusuf, but on first sniff, my verdict is this: I was born to smell like this, and the world has conspired to disguise me with lesser aromas for 44 years. Thank you for helping me rediscover this for a modest fee :) – Sasha, Australia

    The smell reminded me of the times I would roam the banana markets of the Caribbean. The sea air scented with this rich fruity smell would dazzle my senses and make me appreciate the beauty and wonder Allah has created in this world. – Sayed, USA

    I am a Navy veteran who has PTSD, and my struggle is pretty severe. And the Oud Yusuf was more effective than any anxiolytic medication I have ever used. It probably avoided me having to take a trip to the hospital to get sorted out. Thank you. – Sam, USA

    Crème de la crème. Almost like a Parisian floral perfume. I get a lot of champaca. It’s gorgeous and I can see why it’s so popular. – Nikhil, India

    This Oud is quite feminine, it also strongly has the character of the sweet mead and the fruit wine in my review of Kinam Rouge but with the addition of gorse bushes beside heather flowering in full summer!

    The dense cloud of kinamness? Kinamity? Not quite there though there is a hint of it.

    Oud Yusuf when initially applied opens with fruity mead sweetness, then opens into well-structured oudicity balanced with the overripe tropical fruit bowl and gorse / heather honey to magnificent effect. The fruitiness is almost overpowering, I think this certainly a more feminine Oud. Fifteen minutes in and a note of very subtle incense is added into the mix and forms a spine for everythign else to rest on. I wonder if Willy Wonka was real, would he have worn this for inspiration? In any event, like the best candy, it’s addictive.

    This is another Oud that I find has psychotropic effects. When I raised my wrist to my nose and deeply inhaled for a minute I actually blissed out. It gives such a feeling of calm and wellbeing, relaxation that goes far beyond even what very good sandalwood can do. The last time I felt this relaxed was when I made a homemade tea-tincture with 100g of chamomile blossoms and drunk it all in the space of five minutes. I think, and I am smiling as I type this, this sweetest of Ouds will help me have sweet dreams tonight.

    This is very, very far from being a masculine scent but it’s one that I will buy to swipe on my moustache or chin before I go to bed at night, or even better, on the pulse points of the lady of the house as well as myself.

    One hour plus later, the scent remains almost the same with a touch of Borneo 50K, almost equally as potent as the initial application. This is what aromatherapy should be. It’s a bliss inducing aroma as unlikely as it sounds, and furthermore, coming from a skeptic. Another plus point is that this is among the least expensive of EO Oud oils, I would say that it’s a bargain, not a a scent to wear for traditional men, but as a relaxation or mood boosting aid. – Robert, USA

    I think your oud probably saved me from major psych issues. My book just came out, and two people I have issues with posted very negative reviews out of spite. I had an episode of extreme anxiety and was having heart palpitations. I was alone and frightned, in tears. I was grasping at straws, trying to do anything, anything at all to get me oout of panic and despair. I went to the oud, thinking that the scent of beauty might help. It more than helped. It shot the panic down dead. My third eye opened, and I remembered who I was. The scent fired my blood while calming the dangerous hammering of my heart. I breathed in majesty and breathed out uncertainty and self-doubt. Slowly, my ship righted itself instead of capsizing. Thank you. Thank you for bringing this beauty into being. – Sam, USA

    Delicate oudy notes form a bubble over a massive bouquet of juicy red berries. A few moments later, a bubbly, powdery, blue-lotus-like note surfaces, overtaking the jammyness, before subsiding back into the delicious medley. As the drydown continues, I get a whiff of incense as the fruits take on a slightly floral character that’s reminiscent of honeysuckle. After the scent stabilizes, the soft, balsamic, woody oud notes strengthen, but do not obscure the fruits. The longevity is incredible! It just gets more and more oudy. Overall, it’s so sweet and juicy it makes my mouth water. Definitely a more feminine oud, but so beautiful I’d wear it myself anyway. – Duncan, USA

    The oud is a many-layered and unique experience for me. The longer I wear it, the more I smell within it. I catch strange hints of sea air, sun-warmed sage and creosote just as the Arizona rain begins to touch it, freshly-turned earth, leather and tobacco. I will not wear this scent often, but not because I dislike it; because it is far, far too precious. – Samantha, USA

    I for one think that Oud Yusuf smells a good bit like green kyara. – Josh, USA

    Oud Yusuf is growing on me. It is, indeed, an olfactory wonder. I am wearing it right now at a gym, and its floral notes are surrounding me and keeping me happy. – Svetlana, UAE

    Oud Yusuf was the first genuine agarwood oil I bought after wasting quite a bit on skin-irritating, headache inducing dreck. One alleged Cambodi I have from […] reeks like a dive bar urinal. Almost put me off oud for life until I discovered your site and thought to give it another try. Now I can’t imagine life without agarwood. – John, UK

    Oud Yusuf is too complex to describe in words. But if Borneo 2000 is a wood and fruit consommé, Oud Yusuf is a syrupy mélange of ingredients that are not of this world. – Guleed, USA

    Oud Yusuf is a light, amber colored oud, the bottled aroma of which reminds me of backyard humus or wet hay. Upon application, however, this oud blossoms into a myriad fragrances, paradoxically seeming both fruity and vivid, yet deep and labyrinthine. Flowers, honey, fruit and light spice come to mind, undulating along with more familiar oud notes to generate an uplifting and lambent experience. – Joseph, USA

    Oud Yusuf is something of extreme beauty. It starts out with an intense earthy note of something in between vetiver and oakmoss. Then softens up and turns into a beautiful fruity/floral reminiscent of melon and lilacs. I’m so impressed with this gorgeous pure oud oil. It’s so pretty by itself. I would never layer it with something else, because then I wouldn’t get to experience the full effect of the amazing dry down of this oil. The oil by itself feels like a fairly complex blend and transforms like one. – Craig, USA

    This is the natural result of smelling Oud Yusuf and momentarily finding oneself in the Garden of Eden. As a fellow faqir, it is nice to be able to smell metaphysics! – Raaid, UK

    I ordered the Oud Yusuf, because I find that I consistently love the way it smells. I mentioned previously that I have used a lot of jasmine and other floral oils over the past few years. This is most easily explained by the fact that I work emergency medicine, and my senses are constantly being assaulted with dreadful smells (and sounds and sights). I have to smell good things when I get home from work just to displace the terrible olfactory imprint of my work. I also read of a study that showed that you have better dreams if you smell pleasant odors just before going to sleep, so for years I have habitually swiped a little ylang-ylang on my pillow at night. So the Oud Yusuf is a wonderful thing from my viewpoint, as it has definite floral elements! – Michael, USA

    The Oud Yusuf is wonderful. I can pick up on the lilac and apricot notes that are noted in the scent description on your website. I have lilac bushes in my yard and I like apricot scented things, but Oud Yusuf is much more interesting/complex than any commercial scent. My initial impression was that of having a bouquet of flowers thrust into my face and also a slight minty sort of scent that teased the nose every once in a while. I love that different scents can be found depending on how deep I inhale from my wrist. I was wearing this for 5 days straight after receiving it and the scent grew to my liking.

    I swiped a little on my sideburns before going to work and was tickled with the scent throughout the day. I don't feel that it is so strong if applied in small amounts that others may notice it but even if they did there is nothing offensive about this oud. I had some on my wrist and used my laptop. A few days later I used the laptop again and I smelled where my hand had rested and the scent was still there and smelling so nice I could have eaten my computer. – Keith, MD

    With Oud Yusuf, the wearer can relish the olfactory delights of an entire Oriental ecosystem with just a dab. It is nothing short of a miracle which brings to mind the True Artisan. A veritable dhikr through fragrance.  – John, UK

    Oud Yusuf is completely phenomenal in both its fragrance and uplifting effects. The scent of lilac intermingles with a hint of the mystery of Oud, the way Oud lifts you to a higher, clearer, and yet more grounded place. Oud Yusuf is amazingly potent, just a tiny bit lasts for hours and hours, and brings deep joy and peace to my heart. It is the best Oud I have ever experienced and I am deeply grateful to Ensar for bringing it to the World. – Hank, CA

    It reminds me of Vietnamese green kyara a bit – or rather, when I heated some of that type of kyara my first thought was, “Smells like Oud Yusuf!” – Josh, CA

    What can be said about Oud Yusuf that has not already been said? This I find very very easy to wear, juicy fruits and lilac coloured florals, lasting into a lovely gentle light fruity floral powdery drydown that can be worn anytime anywhere, day or night, day after day. A most friendly Oud, just swipe & go! – Jim, UK

    Oud Yusuf is an out-of-this-world experience. There are many wild oud oils out there I would not pick over Oud Yusuf. To me it’s unique and beats all the wild ouds I own, even in the Royal category. It’s simply that beautiful. – Ali, IL

    I had a very strange reaction after the first application, I burst into laughter and was unable to articulate a proper sentence for a good five minutes! Never before have I had such a powerful reaction to a fragrance. – John, UK

    Oud Yusuf is a revelation. Most Ouds I have experienced (before discovering Ensar) were decidedly barnyard – but that’s not what I feel when enjoying Oud Yusuf. It has a quality that reminds me of my youth. I apply and drift in the wafts. It is an Abstract Artform composed of Earth and Fruit with a little midnight sky included. If I had to say one thing it reminds me of, it would be the dry sweetness of Rhubarb! (which I love). Heartening. – Woody, CA

    I grew up with lots of lilac bushes at my grand uncle’s house. It reminds me of a simple time in my life, with farm work, playing in the sun and berry picking. Oud Yusuf almost brings me to tears each time I get that lilac note. It’s interesting how scents can bring us all the way back to childhood. – Lars, Norway

    I really adore the Oud Yusuf. It is so sweet I can’t possibly believe it came from wood. It’s unbelievable. – Sultan, IL

    There are some Oud oils featuring a green Kyara note that are worthy of mention. Having just taken a swipe of Oud Yusuf, I am astonished at how much maturity the oil shows with aging, as it has a wonderfully pronounced pure green Kyara fragrance. Very close to the wood I just smelled. – Neeshee, HI

    It truly is a beautiful oil. Gentle yet powerful and it evokes a tremendous sense of depth and peace. I just love it. – Lynne, UK

    I’m just going to sit here and smell myself all day. – Amanda, IA

    Ever since I bought my bottle of Yusuf, I have lost interest in every other fragrance I own. This oil is the most beautiful thing I’ve smelled and I grow to love it more every day. I even wear it when I go to bed. – Brian, Afghanistan

    Absolutely sublime is all I can say. The depth of this oud is mesmerizing. A couple of hours after I swiped I was driving and I began to smell very strong dark berries. It was fantastic. I write this ten hours after swiping and can still pick up a scent of sweet honey and dark fruits. – Omar, UK

    This oud oil is so fruity and flowery that I can wear it anywhere I go. – Inder, MO

    I tried the Oud Yusuf today and it was simply beautiful. Stayed with me all through the day continuing to tease me with hints of Cambodi fruitiness. It’s been a while, and I’ll have to go back just to check, but in some ways it reminded me a bit of the Purple Dervish. But while Purple Dervish leans more towards the blue/purple part of the fruit spectrum, Oud Yusuf seems to lean more towards the orange/yellow. At times like a caramel brown or golden honey scent. I can’t really explain it but the main thing is I simply love it. – Yousuf, UAE

    Oud Yusuf is Ensar’s best Cambodian offering, and arguably one of his best offerings right now. It exceeds the categorization of organic vs wild, because it’s soon on its way to being just as good as any of his LTD oils. It’s become one of my favorites. Sweet, floral, and totally unique. – Neeshee, HI

    Yusuf is astonishingly floral! You mentioned a line of ouds for women – Yusuf should head the list. What I especially like is its combination of sweet floral delicacy and soft powderiness. It glides, it flows – it is the epitome of youthful grace and poise. Although it does’t smell like lilac it embodies the delicacy and fullness of those beloved bushes which are as much at home in a charming English cottage garden as they are in the scrubs of Eastern Asia. Although it’s been said that the tea from the leaves of the lilac bush produces euphoria, smelling Yusuf does that for me! The floral notes seem brighter and more alive contrasted with the oudy/woody basenotes, and the woods seem especially deep and rich against the lightness of the bee-beckoning floral bouquet. I get the sense that this is still a young oil – it has all the buoyancy and carefreeness of youth. I can’t wait to see how it ages, although I hope it takes its time: I very much like it just the way it is right now! – Isabella, NY

    Some pieces of the purported green kyara have a decidedly fruity-liqueur type scent early on in the progression, to go along with other notes. This is what reminds me of Yusuf. – Josh, CA

    I was in the countryside for the weekend. The lilac bushes are blooming everywhere. Remembering the comparison of Oud Yusuf to the scent of lilacs, I plucked a small branch and started smelling. One of the most beautiful narcotic floral scents, lilac flowers wither within a couple of hours, so coming home after six hours most of the smell from the flower was too faded to compare. But somewhere in between, it really did share notes with Oud Yusuf, so my respect to you for that. – Andrej, Croatia

    The twinning effect of lily and lilac, grounded by subtle woods, reminds me of a garden after gentle rains as soft breezes bring up a bouquet of florals, earth and woods in a lush and verdant world. I think that it would be most difficult to find a more beautiful oil anywhere near the price of Oud Yusuf. – Chris, MD

    It’s so beautiful I can’t hardly write my thoughts – how do you put words to such a gift? It’s like trying to describe Chopin, or Mozart, or Beethoven to me. Crying because it touches you so deeply is easier than words. <3 – Amanda, IA

    It’s everything I dreamed oud oil would be, and then some. I was on the verge of tears when I first smelled it. It was just so perfect, so unearthly and spiritual. I can’t possibly describe the smell. I will forever remember the day I first smelled Oud Yusuf. – Lars, Norway

    It leaves a smell of sugar cane in my beard. Really viscous and very very good. One of the best Thais I ever bought. Low price and high performance and satisfaction. It leaves a candy smell of wood on the skin unparalleled for me. I’ve used it for Jumuah under 33 degrees celsius and oud remained wonderfully. I recommend Oud Yusuf to anyone. – Alan, Brazil

    This morning I have Oud Yusuf on and it’s true, this is one of the lightest ouds I have smelled so far. It is filled with yummy apricots and peaches. It’s like sticking your nose into a delicious gourmet French jar of apricot jam that has been bubbling and stewing gently for hours over a slow and gentle flame. There is a very light note like a light violet color; could that be the lilac note that Ensar is talking about? (I’ve never smelled lilac absolute.) This is a delightful Cambodian-style oud but the dark berry notes here are substituted with light, warm, yellowish apricot notes. Those apricot notes stay there through the drydown phase, which is dominated by an incense smell. This is as close as one gets to the scent of heating oud chips before they start smoking. It reminds me a lot of a Borneo’s drydown phase which could be soft powdery but retains memories of earlier high notes. I was thinking about the name of the most beautiful prophet as it applies to this oil. It is Yusuf when he was young, before wisdom, life tribulations and divine inspiration were added. It’s an oud that has an external beauty but lacks the wisdom due to its age. I am willing to venture that this could be one of the best oils, surpassing Borneo 3000 in very short years. While Borneo 3000 got everyone’s rave reviews so that it set the Standard, it did so by turning all the dials of the notes and scents to neutral as in a music equalizer. I personally prefer ouds that are turned either high or low, never medium, and as such I would say that Yusuf has tons more character than Borneo 3000. – Hisham, FL

    Oud Yusuf is an instant favorite, leaving me immediately spellbound and constantly wanting more of its rapturous aroma. What a gentle oud with so much character. Yusuf is a distillation masterpiece. The ethical standards and sheer artistic vision that went into Yusuf make it a shining example of artisanal oud oil. The fragrance is clean, clear and elegantly punctuated with the freshness of florals. This is the floral oud of my dreams.

    I have never smelled lilacs or lilies, but there are clear and watery floral notes in Yusuf that are impossible to miss. In its higher register, there is a note of violet leaf piercing through the body of the oil, but so subtly that it even seems to barely lurk there. The florals are white, purple, and light blue.

    However, Oud Yusuf is unmistakably Cambodian in its harmony of sweet juicy fruits. Apricot pervades the oil and remains constant amidst its evolution. Peaches lurk and mingle behind it. Ensar’s mention of honeydew is also very accurate.

    Yusuf is ‘light’ in the sense that it has a very feminine quality. It is soft, it nearly caresses its wearer, and draws one into a sensual domain that even epitomizes the finest Borneo oils. But this oil is potent and is definitely not invisible on the skin.

    I can now resonate with why Ensar was applying Yusuf four to five times a day. It is among the most addictive oud oils I have ever smelled. Absolutely delicious, succulent, beautiful. Yusuf gives me visions of a lotus pond under a cool night, surrounded by the air of plumerias and mist of a freshly-fallen light rain.

    Easily one of the finest oud oils I have smelled, I can see why Ensar projects its maturation equaling and perhaps even exceeding that of Borneo 3000. Oud Yusuf is an oil to remember, an oil to truly enjoy and savor. The ‘powdered woody finish’ was most unexpected, but Yusuf does ultimately yield a sweet powdery woodiness that does not leave behind any of the fruits or flowers. Absolutely gorgeous. No one should miss out on Oud Yusuf, especially for its price, it is a gift to the agarwood world and a sign of ethical harvestation. – Neeshee, HI

    I saw you put my comment on your webpage. I wanted to add that to me, Oud Yusuf is the best oil I have ever smelled. So easy to wear and it is totally different from other oud oils. – Inder, MO

    At first I felt that Crassna Cha is better than Oud Yusuf, but having revisited Oud Yusuf, it’s still number one for me. The smell of Oud Yusuf is so beautiful and complex, so many nuances and shades in its fragrance which I am unable to describe. I adorned my wrists with a tiny drop at 9.30 this morning. It’s now almost 5pm and the fragrance is still there, albeit quite light. The amazing thing is that my left wrist smells different to the right. The right has a vapory kind of smell, whereas the left has a light, maybe floral kind of smell. At one time, the beautiful scent of Yusuf stayed on my wrists for almost 5 days! – Hamidur, UK

    The Yusuf is really an ethereal treat. – Curt, CA

    Seriously, Oud Yusuf is magical. Under a lot of stress or worry put on some of that Oud Yusuf and make a two rakat salat and you’re off to the realm of peace and tranquility... – Muhammad, IL

    This was my first time to ever smell a real oud in its purest form and it smells amazing. – Brian, Afghanistan

    Thanks for crafting such a nice oil. This is the best oil I have in my collection. I don’t ever want to lose this from my collection. – Inder, MO

    Here are my first impressions of Oud Yusuf...

    A perfect, warm spring day in May. I can smell delicate yet intoxicating florals wafting through the air. (I’ll be darned if he wasn’t right about the lilacs and lilies!) I get hints of fruits. I feel a sense of peace – all is right in the world – that I’ve not experienced with other ouds.

    After an hour or so, I’m getting Very Ripe Fruits mixed with florals, and a constant pulse in the background – like the support of a cello, or string base – of sun warmed woods.

    You could call this ‘Bliss in a Bottle.’ Thank you SO much! – Amanda, IA

    What a unique oud. Starts floral, maybe some lilies. Then it settles down as a powdery guaiac wood with some fruity notes... all playing extremely harmoniously with each other.  It is a quieter kind of oud in the sense that it does not hit you in the face but when I bring my wrist closer to the nose, I want to smell it forever. In the end, I can also pick up some menthol / camphor character as well. It’s great for summers and also a good oil for female oud lovers. – Faisal, WV

    No rude in this Oud, even in my overly (im)polite western culture I could get away with wearing this. I reach for it time and again, all the while, flashing neon warning signs shout ‘running low’, the only thing interrupting my Oud Yusuf Buttercream dreams. Oh and Ensar, I can finally smell the lilacs! – Woody, CA

    What I get from this masterpiece is a very pleasant scent. It’s a real opposite to the Indian animalic oud. Quite sweet with some flowers hiding in the background. I also sense a mint note, not strong at all, just enough to make it a ‘cold’ oud. Half an hour in, when my nose needs something more, the deepness kicks in and gives this scent its spiritual right. Great scent, beautiful like Yusuf, alayhi Salam! – Anders, Sweden

    My son’s response: “Dad, flowers!” My daughter: “Daddy, bananas!” Hmmm, and my self I was filled with the fragrance of dried apricots, with wafts of blackcurrant and hints of flowers with a nice smooth woody oud tone in there very unusual and very nice indeed. Later on at night still enjoying the scent of Oud Yusuf there was hints of toffee. Still enjoying it for the rest of the night at the mosque. Mashallah. Truly beautiful fragrance! – Ashe, UK

    I received the divine oil today & I’m so happy for your advice. I really like it. The fragnance brings so much peace & it calms me down... it’s magic dear... feeling so good for my purchase. Thanks a lot once again. – Raj, India

    Oud Yusuf is different, spicy, fruity, feminine. A bit dry fruit, black pepper. And on skin so different. For me smells like raisin, glove and wood. – Veronica, Estonia

    Beautiful and definitely feminine. Initial is a light aromatic with wood. Aromatic grows to a mildly spicy floral. Spicy dissipates. After a minute or two the floral is fully alive – light, airy, sweet, delicate, but a nice full, rounded scent of a middle note. – Dave, USA

    I was just comparing scents and my Baiedo Kyara Kokoh stick smells very much like Oud Yusuf. They seem to share a floral green note. Strange how Organic Oud can share some similarities between Kyara, though I did notice a correlation between Jing Shen Lu and Minorien agarwood stick. Perhaps Kyara has more oil than resin? – George, USA

    Oud Yusuf is truly a veil of wonderful flowers and warm treeyness, summer and youth perhaps, within which my mind and soul could rest for all of time left on this earth. It's light and indeterminate - but never shy, continuously making itself reminded. It's indeed very pretty. – Mattias, Sweden

    I am not a man of many adjectives, so I will skip that part. Last Saturday, I applied the oil in the late afternoon and later on I went out with my friends. After a few hours, as I was chatting with my friends in an old bar with an oaky interior in Brussels, and when I moved my hand (on which I applied the oil) towards my ear, a forgotten memory from the past occurred to me. I associated certain notes with our house in Karabakh, a mountainous region in Azerbaijan, where I used to play as a kid. There would always be logs of wood in the yard, as electricity was a luxury there in the end of 80s and beginning of 90s. It is amazing what a smell can do to us. Oud Yusuf was not "shouting" on my skin, which allowed me to feel comfortable despite its honey sweetness and floral notes. I would wear it on the days when I feel particularly strong just to balance my relationship with the people and nature. – Murad, Belgium

    I was born to smell like this, and the world has conspired to disguise me with lesser aromas for 44 years. Thank you for helping me rediscover this for a modest fee. – Sasha, Australia

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