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    Yoshi was made like you’d make rose oil. I don’t mean infusing oud and rose. I mean distill 100% pure oud oil the way you’d extract pure rose essential oil.

    This meant: Über delicate pore-expansion, copper-steel cookers, zero steam, tri-fractionation… i.e. nothing that’s ever been done to oud wood in India to date.

    What we did: Custom designed a system dedicated to distill a new breed of oud that fuses India’s age-old oud culture with traditional floral extracts. One spill-over effect was that Yoshi is the first hybrid copper-steel distilled Indian oud ever. (Distillation date: April 2015.)

    To make this landmark debut even more memorable, we used an ultra-rare batch of 100% wild ancient agallochas from Imphal (Manipur) – the most prized and legendary oud producing region in India.

    Copper is the metal of choice for extracting floral aromatics because of its even thermal distribution properties, and the delicacy of its interaction with our ancient agallochas fired this scent into an olfactory realm far removed from the orthodox farm barn everyone equates with Indian oud, leaving it barren of uneasy feral undertows.

    For regular rose extraction, you’d simply run the tap to get your water supply, but if you’re squeezing ancient wild Manipuri aloes in copper, you don’t just settle for the first tap around the corner. That’s why the hydrosol we got from Yoshi traces back to a remote village by the Brahmaputra River.

    The result: Wild blossoms, spice meets spice, raw honey, rooibos, cherry jam, silage that ain’t shy, tonka bean laced cedar moss, and believe it or not.... a hint of Chinese tea rose.

    If you’re looking for a classic full-bodied Indian oud scent – mighty, animalic, bare power barn – get Assam Organic instead. Yoshi is pure perfume, where power meets pretty in a vaporous mint masked powderiness that demands to be worn to work – and yes, heady enough to aid meditation.

    All that, for a value that is simply unmatched by anyone in the oud producing world.

    Yoshi from Ensar is up today. Such a nice oil. Hints of Assam 3000, but darker. Floral yet very balanced in profile. Yoshi is one of my favorites. After wearing it several times, I just cannot be without it. It is THE perfect everyday scent. Absolutely perfect from initial application all the way through the drydown. – Phil, USA

    A dark cherry wrapped in myrrh. A tiny bit of
    Green hojary frankincense. A bit of Aku Akira as well.
    Although there is that distant deep cherry note.
    The scent is more dry than wet. It reminds me
    Of an orchard in late summer, early autumn.
    Very beautiful. – Matt, USA

    Totally devoid of any fermented, barny or indolic notes. Adams description was spot on. It resides sprightly between Assam 3000 and Muana Supreme. It has a similar Assam backbone as A3000 then verges towards the fruitiness of MS. But while MS remains austere, Oud Yoshi is more playful and vibrantly medicinal. – Lance, USA

    There is just something about this oil that speaks to me. A combination of cherry, honey, sour fruits, very smooth incense. It is a complete package for me. Originally I got this as a sample but could not hold back on getting a full bottle. – Phil, USA

    Another excellent blind buy for me as I had not sampled it. At the time I got it I had been wearing some strongly barn oils and found Yoshi to be floral in comparison. On subsequent wears I found that those florals were different, if floral at all. One of the comments on the page mentioned that there was some myrrh-like notes and I agree. What I had labeled as floral was more of a vibrant, bright, nearly aldehydic myrrh note reminiscent of that note in one of my favorite perfumes, Serge Lutens La Myrrhe. In the middle it becomes darker with dark, dry cherry and resinous wood notes. Although Yoshi is from Manipur, at that stage it reminds me more of Bhutanese oils like Muana Supreme. – Lance, USA

    The floral is not the same as for instance in Oud Yusuf. It is more of a bright note as opposed to a sweet note. It develops and grows more darker and incensy. The cherry notes become more prominent and then it dries down to a beautiful sweet wood scent. A very sophisticated oud which is more perfume like than most. – Phil, USA

    Today I put on the beautiful Yoshi. This oudh has no barn smell which is commonly found in Indian oudh. (Don't get me wrong, I love the barn in Hindi oils and could care less on what people think on it's offensive aroma. The likes of Assam Kinam, oud Sulieman 3 and the beautiful no one would believe Cambodian Oud Mustafa 5 are some of the best Oudhs I have come across barn wise) but here we have the Yoshi, one of the most beautiful peach/tobacco notes I have come across. There are a few notes which reminds me of another non barn Hindi oudh, the beautiful Assam 3000. 
    After the fruitiness slowly fades, the Indian wood comes into play. Very vibrant and bright. You come to know that this is some top notch wood where this oil came from. 3 hours going and the aroma is still hitting me so beautifully. Simply awesome stuff. – Shaykh Abdul Wahab, USA

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