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    Unnu Kasra

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Imagine the deep Bruneian blue of Sultan Mustafa injected with the hypnotic floral beauty of Oud Sultani.

    If Oud Royale 1985 turned syrupy thick, spicy as fresh styrax, and retained the same balmy musk aroma, then you’d get a whiff of Unnu Kasra’s flower-laden scent of petrichor, menthol-like but not minty, like basking in the bouquet of tuberose on a walk in the morning after rain.

    Earthy like only fine Sumatran oud can be—that deep, delicious combo of oud vapor, wet stone, and tobacco molasses, all filtered through this herbaceous creamy tuberose laced resinous fusion you smell hour by hour.

    This is the third and final installment in our Unnu trilogy, all ranking among the most limited distillations we’ve ever conducted. 

    That’s why Unnu Accha and Unnu Izza sold out quickly, and why, if you haven’t been wandering the oud world long, you probably haven’t heard about either of those. 

    Unnu Kasra is more limited than both its predecessors (only a handful of bottles are available) and is the superior oil of the three. That’s why I’ve kept it stowed away all these years. 

    If you wondered what all the praise for oils like Oud Sultani, Kannan Koh, or Oud Royale 1985 is about, Unnu Kasra fills you in on the magic and lets you dive nose-first into artisanal, wild incense-grade Sumatran oud, aged for half a decade.

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