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    Unnu Accha

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Run-of-the-mill Sumatran oud often smells a bit like someone forgot to take out the wet towel from the laundry basket. But believe it or not, it’s exactly this damp jungle-thick moistness native to the island’s agarwood that gives the Sumatran scent profile such rich potential. Crafted artisanally, you’ve got the chance to turn that moistness into an exotic airiness, succulent fruitiness you won’t find in oud from any other region. 

    With this ultra rare batch, we turned that Sumatran oudiness into a jaw-dropping fruitilicious magnificence unlike we've ever experienced ourselves in any oud—our Taiwanese distillations included. The scent is pristinely clean and for a Sumatran distill, supremely ethereal. Where any kind of sweetness is normally nowhere in sight, Unnu Accha boasts a luscious raw ambery agave nectar sweetness that makes it soooo addictive!

    Unnu Accha was distilled from rare, wild Sumatran agarwood, and like Unnu Izza the yield was super limited. If you already own Unnu Izza, this is an intimate compatriot. The former was a steam/hydro hybrid; Unnu Accha a pure hydro distill that lets you in on breathtaking new vistas locked up in wild Sumatran agarwood. As a standalone Sumatran oud oil, it’s certainly a bottle that adds zing to the richest of collections.

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