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    Ultimate Oud Sampler

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    If you’re new to oud, a whiff of these custom distillations gives you the most complete introduction to artisanal oud oil you can ever ask for.

    You get nine samples that include Organic Ouds, Aged Wild Ouds, a rarity from our Olde Ouds, and three Oud Legends. 

    From wild-harvest rarities to groundbreaking organic oils, discover why these ouds are in a league of their own. Tanoishi lets you smell artisanal organic oud, delicious and fruity. The sheer aromatic depth of oud aged for well over two decades: Tigerwood 1990. Discover the famoud aroma of Cambodian oud with King Kambodi, the sweet sencha of Wang Liao Kuo. Sinking-grade Malaysian oud aged for close to two decades… Borneo 50K… olfactory insanity!


    Wild Ouds

    Wang Liao Kuo

    King Kambodi

    Tigerwood 1990

    Organic Ouds

    Aroha Kyaku

    People's Silani


    Oud Legends

    Oud Ahmad

    Kinam Rouge

    Borneo 50K

    I believe the best way to really get into oud is through contrast. Smell the stark difference between regional ouds; see why they say Thai ouds are fruity and be blown away by the deep aquamarine of Sri Lankan oud. Experience firsthand how the various oils mature over time, as well as how wild oud compares to organic. The best part is to see how your own olfactory sense becomes more refined to the subtleties of premium quality oud oil.

    Discover a wide range of fragrances that will soothe and please every personality type; ambery, airy, sweet, earthy, fruity, woodsy, spicy, and fresh. The intensity of Tigerwood 1990 possesses a character that is not present in the smoky-green vapors of People's Silani. While each oud is precious, they are invariably unique.

    We also offer individual .3 gram samples of our ouds, but we want to make these otherworldly fragrances as accessible as possible. So, we’ve put this comprehensive set together to give you the most complete and affordable entry into the world of artisanal oud oil. Each vial contains .15 grams, enough for you to wear multiple times.

    For many olfactory adventurers, the road ends with oud. These samples give you glimpse as to why…

    Order the Ultimate Oud Sampler now and you’ll get a free .15gr sample of Monsieur Oud.

    Siempre me ha sorprendido que siendo Ensar Oud el más valioso y prestigioso creador de oud, no sea un tipo elitista que reserva en exclusiva sus oud para los millonarios del mundo. Gracias a estas muestras ( y a algunas de sus creaciones populares) Ensar pone a disposición  de cualquier ciudadano la belleza y suculencia de sus tesoros. Después de intercambiar varios emails, la generosidad de EnsarOud  hizo que mi caja de muestras llegara a mis manos con el añadido de un delicioso regalo. Abro la cajita, abro los viales, y aunque encerrado estos días de coronavirus en mi casa, toco la tierra, la luz vibrante, el agua, las frutas dulces y ácidas, la fresca ligereza de las flores,  las maderas humildes y lujosas. Toco los ríos, los estanques, los manglares. He abrazado las selvas del mundo. Soy un pájaro, soy un tigre. – Juan, España

    The world has changed since the smell of your oud oil sample set. Until then I hated oud perfume. I hated it more than caterpillars. But my world has changed.  – ‚ÄčMatsuko, Japan

    I am really enjoying these wonderful Oud oils! Now I know what all those people reviewing these oils were raving about on Youtube. I really appreciate Ensar Oud for creating these amazing oils, and offering sample sizes for purchase!  – Canace, USA

    I am still deeply impressed by each of the samples of Ensar Oud. Each of them deserves some time to contemplate the sophisticated festival of vectors, each line bringing me somewhere new… I never thought fragrances could be this intricate. – Fahd, Netherlands

    As for the oud samples. Now I know. Too much to say, but I know. Feel sad for those who don’t. – Younes, Kuwait

    Now that I’ve tried a couple of oils from other distillers… I can say that agarwood oil is special in a way that it is impressed not only with the wood essence, but it delivers information about the distiller himself. Some oils have a trade aura of moneymaking; some are just oil for the sake of the oil itself, and here is Ensar Oud. It is very clear a Man doesn’t have the intent of making the most money or most transactions… Ensar Oud is powered by pure intent to create the most unique essence known to humanity, to distill an oil worthy of God’s good pleasure, and this intent adds to and changes these oils into precious gems. I would definitely walk the oud journey with Ensar. – Elena, USA

    Since they arrived I have been dancing around town baffling its inhabitants with my Martha Graham wrist-to-nose choreography. – Richard, USA

    I just got the samples an hour ago, put on some Oud Yusuf and I understand! I understand why people write such wordy, emotional reviews. I am walking around campus smiling like a madman saying salam to any and everyone I see.

    If this was the Oud I was introduced to 4 years ago when I first got to the Gulf, I would have found you 2 years sooner. I now lament all the missed offerings that are now in the realm of Legends. I am nonetheless comforted by the knowledge that others are enjoying them.

    I am going to look at all my other tolas differently now. Tonight, I will find all my dealers in the Souq and chant Ensar Ensar Ensar!

    Your client for as long as you distill. – KS, Oman

    I had a quick sniff of the samples and I am really blown away. The smells are absolutely hypnotic. – KC, Hong Kong

    I am taking my time getting to know these liquid miracles each day. I’ve always enjoyed great smells but these artisanal oils genuinely inspire me. The character of each one is fascinating! I’m truly amazed at the clarity I’m noticing and the calming awareness of breathing even in a complex technical surrounding. I think the path you have followed is bringing the most unusual and appreciated gifts to those of us lucky enough to have discovered this niche. – TJ, USA

    I will say that these are definitely game changers for me. I’m looking at the 150+ bottles of attar, mukhallats and oudh that I have collected from many many years in Mumbai a little differently at the moment, but in short, I’m very happy.

    I have a great passion and a great deal of respect for the artistry involved in making the aforementioned; so much so that I considered devoting half of my life to it, and started to import the best I could find to share with friends. But that is another story that has been paused for the time being…

    It’s hard for me to fathom that these oils are derived from only agarwood, their complexity is mindboggling. Some of the finer “oudhs/mukhallats/attars” that I own seem to touch on what is being expressed in these samples, but Ensar’s are much more refined, articulate and cleaner. – Stefan, Canada

    My wife and I just finished sampling all the vials and they are simply exquisite. We started on Valentine’s Day and did one a day for the next nine days. Cracking open a vial, discovering each fascinating new aroma, applying it and inhaling the intoxicating smell all evening long became a rather enjoyable ritual for us. The thrill of what each new oil would smell like is over but it is still quite a treat to just bathe in the olfactory experience of oud oils.

    I must admit that I was never a big fan of personal fragrances, but my wife developed an interest in oud perfumes and was wondering what the real thing smelled like so I surprised her with the Ultimate Oud Sampler. She loves them and now I am hooked as well. I had no idea such heavenly scents existed. We both have our favourites, she likes the Oud Yusuf whereas I prefer the Purple Kinam, but we were both blown away by the Jungle Kinam. Such a cruel tease to find that it is no longer on the market though.

    These samples should last some time and I don’t know where we will go next. A bottle of one of our favourites, a new sample pack, or perhaps try some of the wood chips. Whatever will be, you’ve opened up a whole new wonderful world for us and for that I thank you. – Michael, Canada

    Thank you for these treasures. These oils all feel alive. I tried the other day to wear some Shammamatul Amber and Taifi Rose that I have purchased from an Arabic store, and they felt dead on my skin. Amazing what God has made. If oil from a tree can bring this much motivation to man and joy, imagine what God has in store for those who love him. 

    “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9) – George, USA

    The ouds arrived and they are all stunning. I had a bit of a head cold when they landed, and waited until my sense of smell returned in full force so that the oils' charms wouldn’t be lost. They are all amazing. I’m blown away by how each one really does have its own personality, and how varied the notes are when each has dried down. My favorite is whichever I happen to be wearing. Is this open minded, or fickle?  Haha. I do love mossy and green scents, so the Papua is much loved. The mostafa makes a delightful transition from honeyed animal musk to softly suaded leathers. If I get the fund together, and it hasn’t sold out, I may splurge on a bottle of Jing Shen Lu. Thank you so much for including that tester as a gift. It really is beautiful. – Anne, USA

    I received the sample pack today. The monk, the other helper / translator and I spent a good 2 hours going through them and having rare tea. It was a very special day… I cannot describe how well oud and the smell of aged puer tea go together! The monk (Master Hong) was extremely impressed, taking 2 full pages of notes of his thoughts of each one and enquiring about getting quite a few himself… He is extremely experienced with these things and very picky… I’ve never seen him show much interest in the oils most incense shops have here in Taiwan but yours definitely struck a nerve with him, a good one! He is also not a fan of perfumes at all but fell in love with the Blue Kalbar. He has been educating me on the quality of agarwood, especially in relation to incense, so it was nice to share with him something of a quality that he could truly appreciate. – Chris, Taiwan

    They’re very unique. I’m very stringy to apply them… for now. I compared the smells with other oud oils I bought and your product is very much different. I do not know how to explain it. Unique, rare… I would like to understand why Ensar Oud is different. Let’s say the same wood is used by other distillers to extract the oil; what would be the difference? Temperature? Soaking time? Pot? Please explain this to me, as I very much want to understand. I trust certain sellers, and their most expensive product is around $500 for 3ml. I’m in Malaysia and this is quite expensive for me due to the exchange rate. Their product is 100% from same wood as you use (no mixing with other low grade chips, according to them). Thank you. – Yusof, Malaysia

    0-60 in 2.3 seconds. All the packages have a lovely mint julep crossed with some very unique citrus rind you can’t quite place crossed with some tantric Gyuto Monk chants crossed with some cedar/juniper note. Smelling the samples bag gives you an ohhhhhhh shit kind of sensation. Like when your friend gives you a bag of fresh cubensis and you say to him slightly apprehensively ‘I’m really gonna lose it this time aren’t I.’ Definitely some magic is afoot. – Mark, USA

    I definitely appreciated that all of the oils received are much higher in quality than all my previous purchases [from other vendors]. – Angelo, Italy

    Keep doing what you are doing! Just smelling some of your other creations in the sample pack you sent and am being blown away! Out of this world! Really brings one to appreciate the natural wonders of Allah's creation and can help one when contemplating doing Zikr as well. May the Infinite Noor and Ruh of Allah be with you always and may Allah guide you forever! – GL, UK

    By smelling all these type of Ouds, it feels like taking a trip through South East Asia. Ensar was right, ‘While  each oud is precious, they are invariably unique.’ My olfactory sensors in my brains are having a party whenever I smell the samples. I personally love them all. For some people they are sensitive to the barnyard smell, hence having these samples will give you a mark to see which Oud is for you & from which region.

    The Oud that really put a smile on my face is Oud Sulaiman III. The scent profile is from the Bengal region that connects into Burma. I have a bottle from Sylhet (Bangladesh), and I just have a bit left & thought I will never smell that top note again. 

    When I received the samples (very quick delivery) & when I opened Sulaiman III & smelled the oil, I almost started crying, tears of joy by the way. It’s the note that I missed & craved. Strong on the barnyard note with an amazing uplifting feel that words can’t explain. It’s definitely a scent from the past that I encountered again. JazakAllah to the whole team at Ensar Oud for all the hard work to put a smile on my heart.

    This sample set is like taking a class for Oud scent. I am a Oud addict & having these samples is awesome when I have friends & family over when we discuss Oud oils. Will have to purchase another set just to keep on the side for the kids when they grow up inshAllah. If you are dedicated Oud collector this is a must to have. – Ish, Canada

    Thank you for your quick shipping. Everything arrived this afternoon with an extra sample. This is indeed great and refined materials, a true luxury feature, rare and high quality. Now, I have to educate my western taste to fully appreciate the complexity of these oils. So far, I am really happy with what I have received. Thank you for your work. Ralph, France

    The samples are here! That was so quick, thank you for such a fantastic service. I have a swipe of Borneo 200 on one wrist and I swipe of Oud Yusuf on the other and both are sublime. I only wish I could let you smell the utter rubbish that was sent to me by a different company last year and I only wish I'd found you earlier. I'm looking forward to trying all of the samples and finding some perfect ouds to work with for my next perfumes. – Liz, UK

    As a new perfume house, we are absolutely head-over-heels in love with Ensar Oud’s superior quality. We have been accentuating some of our eclectic fragrances with your Oud and the results have been nothing short of stupendous! We’ve used the smoky brilliance of Aroha Kyaku to give a lovely and unique mystique to one, and we’re using Mostafa 5’s grandeur to highlight a subtle but exquisite fragrance that is oh so elegant. – Ali, Australia

    I am replying to thank you for the samples you are selling, it is such a great opportunity to discover different variants of such a rare oil.

    Among the samples I received, with regards to my taste and limited experience, there were three oils I would qualify as simply mesmerizing. It is hard for me to say which would stand apart as my favourite… however, on most days I would choose the Borneo 50K. The other two that I love are Borneo 2000, Purple Kinam.

    I also really like the oil named Oud Yusuf, because I get notes of fermenting fruits turning into some very rich and thick eau-de-vie like essence. This oil is very dynamic, full of life, I dare say dionysian. The well behaved gourmand aspect in this one is something that sets it apart. At least for Western people, in my view, it is a timeless scent, meaning it is forever a modern scent. If I were an experienced perfumer, I would try to spiritually bond the respective souls of Oud Yusuf and Roja Dove’s Enigma. – Patrick, Switzerland

    As the Arab man stated "After Ensar, by Allah, only in heaven will we get to smell anything of higher quality" so InshaAllah one day I'll order a sample of Ensar and after this life compare it to the scents of paradise. – Abdul Karim, USA 

    I knew I should not have gone down this road (the Ensar Oud road) because I would have fallen in love with the oils. I guess life is too short to wear cheap oud. – Khawar, USA 

    My first impressions are very good indeed. Beautiful work here. Green Papua hands down is my favorite, followed by Oud Yusuf (all honeyed hallucinogens, yowzer) followed by Jing Shen Lu (the bitter luxury). I need to spend more time with the Tigerwood though, as I found it majestic but a bit monolithic on my skin.

    These are highly evocative oils.

    You will definitely enjoy my attention for years to come! – Chris, USA

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