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    Turkish Rose

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    What may seem like a luxury to a novice soon becomes indispensable to the serious perfumer. As an ingredient, Turkish rose is a staple of mine and a key note in the likes of EO 1.

    Fine Turkish rose is harvested only once a year, and most of the harvesting happens in “The City of Roses” – Isparta.

    This rose’s deep red color and velvety texture on the skin—the reddish veneer that lingers after a swipe—stands in contrast to the super thin, water-like liquidity, light pink colored bottles of rose most people are familiar with.

    Rich and exceptionally deep-red, this Turkish rose absolute is elegantly diffusive with a subtle honey sweetness penetrating the red petal aroma, with this vintage vibe that imbues the fragrance with an intrinsic old-world feel that’s so different from what you smell in the much diluted, mass-market rose substitutes.

    Turkish Rosa Damascena is molecularly dense (made up of 350+ elements) and is a genetic hybrid (some include Fedtschenkoana to the Gallica and Moschata duo), which makes it a versatile, nuanced ingredient and soulful perfume on its own. 

    A drop to your bath, into your favorite moisturizer or cream does wonders. Or—if you’re like most folks reading this…… all you care about is the smell. A dab on your neck, behind your ears, on a scarf or shirt collar, lets its heady deep red aroma project and beautify the air around you.

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