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    Yes, there’s lush notes of peach fruit jam and lightly spread honey. But instead of the ‘thicker’ jammy scent notes you find in other Thai ouds, think fruit juice – with added sugar! I’m telling you upfront, you’re gonna want to drink this oud straight from the bottle. 

    There’s no trace of woods in the background, hardly even in the drydown. For oud oil, that’s pretty weird. No sulfuric rays that pierce through, or any of those metallic notes that permeate almost all contemporary Thais. To tell you the truth, you hardly find a trace of oudiness in this oud, save for a subtle mineral earthiness just beneath the juiced up clementine and guava mix.

    Never tried oud before? This should be your first bottle. Tanoishi takes you from the overly sweet mainstream to the fruity-earthy niche. It shows you what oud is all about without throwing you into the deep end. You don’t have to worry about the fabled potency of the ‘stronger’ profiles you typically hear about when talking about pure oud oil. Wear this anywhere, to any occasion, through any season, when heading out to work in the morning or to dinner at night (for ladies and gents alike).

    We've been working hard to perfect artisanal oud distillation, and here are the fruits (literally!) of this labor. In Tanoishi you have an oil that gives contemporary wild-harvested distillations a run for their money, while giving wild agarwood trees a chance to run for their life.

    Go easy on your wallet, and on the planet. Support the future of Oud: Buy organic!

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