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    Sweet China

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    Sweet China is regarded as one of the more perplexing Oud fragrances of recent years. Nutmeg and acacia, wild-honey wafting through the woody iridescence of Chinese Exclusive Oud. Make no mistake, Sweet China is by no means a modest oil. It's a challenging scent which demands time and a refined olfactory sense to even begin to uncover its intricate nuances.

    Not unlike its archetype, Chinese Exclusive, Sweet China's zesty, tangy, orange-peel aroma atop a barnyard, latakia tobacco smell, thoroughly invokes a sense of antiquity. Wondering through this aromatic labyrinth arouses subtle pleasures unknown to most.

    I have put on Sweet China LTD early this morning and it is no secret. This is full throttle on all cylinders right from the opening notes. It's as if Crassna's gone Indian. It displays a lot of Laotian characteristics. Strong camphor notes coat slight barnyard notes but those notes are softened and enlivened in a 'Kinam' sort of way as in 'Borneo Kinam'. This is oud that imparts clarity to the mind and almost creates a tingling sensation behind the eye. If Indian oud is a prelude to meditation, the fragrance of this oud is a catalyst to action. There is plenty of fruity notes here and they are on the floral side not the resiny or ripened tones but rather young and budding. The fecal and the barnyard are no more present in the dry-down phase but it retains a slight smokey scent that intermingles with 'Kinamy' honey notes. This oud has a midrange sillage and it is not an extremely complex one but there is enough layers in there to keep one happy and busy for hours. My personal liking scale: 8 to 8.5 out of 10. – Hisham Suliman, FL

    There is a certain familiarity when one takes in the fragrance of Sweet China. We can all relate to being introduced to a complete stranger, yet to hit it off with them immediately as if you've known each other for a lifetime. Its fragrance will be familiar yet unique to those who know these oils. A primordial aroma that contains a distinct fruitiness coupled with the musty, heady bouquet of the farmyard. – A.K.N., UK

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