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    Suriranka Naya

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    Drop deep down into a dark resinous abyss. A walla patta core bubbling up beneath zesty pink frangipani top notes, cooled by an ocean fresh cucumber cool. If you wondered why other Sri Lankan oud smells nothing like this, has zero of this oh-so-soft Guallam bitterness lacquered with that lemon blossom mimosa-sweetness…well.

    There’s a secret recipe… I'm sure you figured that out by putting Suriranka Senkoh up against any other walla. Part steel, part scattered seashells, spiraling glass pumping ice cool water to keep the temp down. And awesome gyrinops. 

    I’ve been enamored, seduced by— and in love—with this Naya. You crave it day in, day out, all night. The white champaka kisses, a rejuvenating summersault into its aquamarine Ahhhhh! Serene, tuberose sweet, suckled by Monkoh smoke that makes your tongue wet your lips. That’s premium walla, discreetly distilled (triple the time it normally takes) for you.

    If you know something about me it’s that you shouldn’t expect this oud to be released before 2021. But here you go, as stuffed-with-incense a Ceylon your nostrils will ever feast on, a drydown so delectable I’m having doubts about breaking my fast as I sit here blissing out watching the sun’s yellow turn red. If Senkoh hits the spot for you, Naya cranks up the addiction-factor, keeps all the aquatic cool… and filters it through an even thicker cloud of bubbling walla.

    The Suriranka Naya is heavenly! So beautiful and delicate, yet powerfully executed to deliver a hard punch in a velvet glove. One of my favorites, so far. – J, USA

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