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    Sumatora Senkoh

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    This is the prettiest Sumatran oud I’ve smelled. And that doesn’t take anything away from its immense olfactory depth.

    A syrupy styrax sweetness moistened by a fresh earthen note—a prairie, lakeside freshness instead of the wet earth aroma of darker Sumatran ouds—makes for a richly layered scent.

    Think Purple Kinam with a balmy undertone. A vanillic pinch lacquered in a pollen-raspberry chord brings to life what would happen if Malinau’s finest ouds got injected with Aceh’s DNA.

    This piquant bourbon aroma cloaked in a purple incense heart note, infused with a tropical tuberose-lotus warmth, vanilla essence laced with mint, pulls your nose back time and again. 

    ‘Senkoh’ indicates an unusual degree of addictiveness. With so much going on in a single fragrance, no wonder your nose doesn’t know which way to turn and keeps coming back for more.

    But Senkoh also indicates a piercing precision in the scent progression, an almost linear development where a unitone aroma oozes out steadily throughout your wear.

    Sumatora Senkoh packs all this flavor—too much flavor to take in with one whiff!—and lets you smell it over and over and over for hours. The scent is near inexhaustible, while your nose can’t get enough. That’s what gets you hooked on this purple floral wonder oud.

    *Each 3gr bottle of Sumatora Senkoh will receive a generous-sized chip (or couple of chips!) from our batch of Aceh Basic oud chips – on the house.

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