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    Sultan Salman

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    I couldn’t let you go without a mind-altering Sri Lankan Sultan, now could I? 

    I bet the Sri Lankan ouds you've smelled have been, bar none, delicate floral, nice-smelling 'ouds'. Light in color and profile. What sets Sultan Salman apart is that it doesn’t do 'nice'. This is a resinous blast straight from the heart of centennial Walla Patta mother trees.

    Now… picture a Sri Lankan oil turned equal parts New Guinea ethereal and transendent. Picture that same oceanic blue-green vaporousness infused with the almost Bornean buttery spiciness so inherent in Walla. Fuse them together into a unique Ceylonian scent and you've captured the most exquisite aroma agarwood has to give.

    If you're ready to sign up for some proper graduate studies in the scent of raw resin (not auxilliary notes!) then here you've got the agaresin on full display.

    At the risk of putting down a bottle of oud that sold for $1,000 more, quality-wise Sultan Salman smells right on par with Sultan Abdül Aziz… And the blue-green, all-resin profile… bang on! Only with that dark Walla cucumber cool smoke atop mimosa blossoms beckoning the soul to caverns yet unexplored by any oudloving nose that ever went.... "Ahhhhhh!"

    Sultan Salman is hardcore oil turning into beauty in a beast mode each time I sniff it, Ambergrisfied Walla Patta resin on pitch dark fermented New Guinea Gyrinpos incense. Glitch in the Oud Matrix creating a breath-taking beautiful Frankenstein’s monster LOL! Epic… – Ammar, USA

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