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    Sultan Orhan

    Now a Legend
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    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    I stood on the back of a parked pick-up truck holding a water hose. Yellow water gushed into two half-ton tanks beside me—fuel for the first hybrid hydro-distilled New Guinea oud oil in history.

    We've had the great fortune to work with an extremely limited batch of New Guinea gyrinops this past year; a once in a lifetime chance to explore the scent dimensions dormant in its deep dark resin. 

    Rather than zoom in on the green fruity, forest floral profiles like we did with oils like Sultan Murad and Sultan Fatih, Sultan Orhan was custom designed to isolate the unique incense essence of wild Papuan gyrinops. Exactly as if you're inhaling bubbling burst of vapor straight from a burning oud chip, dense green heart notes embody Sultan Orhan's agar kernel. This piercing oud wood smokiness makes this oil especially therapeutic, with a scent that exudes a meditative mood.

    You might have smelled ouds where the incense note lies just-just beyond front notes of fruit or spice. You get a whiff of it, but wish it was more in your face. Brand new hand made hybrid copper/steel oud pots, cooked using our oscilating temperature control, dripping into imported German pyrex, amplified the clarity of this Papua's pure agar core to give you a pristine oud-meets-oud essence that hits home hard.

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