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    Sultan Leather Ghalia

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    Most of the famous perfume houses have tried their hand at making the ultimate leather frag. Many of them found inspiration in Old English Leather and the Cuir de Russies by Creed & Chanel. Names like Napoleon, Mick Jagger and Errol Flynn top the list of VIPs who used Cuir colognes as their signature scent. So, it’s a longstanding and intimidating tradition to step into.

    These compositions were an inspiration and I wouldn’t even think of trying to one-up any of the master perfumers who’ve been keeping the Cuir heritage alive. My hope here is simply to add to that tradition. Having delved into all the Cuir EDTs, EDPs and colognes I could get my hands on, one thing always made me wonder… There’s one ingredient that could make any leather aroma explode with oomph in a way nothing else comes even close… yet nobody ever used it!

    This is what led to the creation of Sultan Leather Attar. To add an OUD-inspired rendition to the legacy of Old English Leather & Co, and offer perfume lovers the chance to experience just how amazing and exalting a fixative Artisanal Oud can be. And with this private ghalia edition you get all of Sultan Leather Attar… gloves off—to showcase a musk-amber-oud ghalia straight from the Sultan’s himself.

    The oozing sensuality of Sultan Leather Ghalia is courtesy of the eclectic fusion of Oud Qaboos — a sinking-grade distillation from 1980, commissioned by and made for Sultan Qaboos himself — roused by a boutique of sought-after roses (including Himalayan, Turkish, and Indian rose essence) with a stellar cast of supporting aromatics (30+ of them), this ghalia edition maxes out the dials. 

    The top notes are alive and savory, with a pristine frankincense-like citrus chord infused with frangipani and vanilla that immediately highlights the tobacco leaf in more detail within a few minutes. The first Leather Attar used an assortment of different ouds. But when you smell the unique interplay between Oud Qaboos’ resinous oopmh and the smokey-sweet citrus-tobacco tenor of the top notes with the jasmine-rose heart, everything else went off the table as I irresponsibly poured this precious heirloom into this new leather brew.

    I didn’t want to temper down the sensual quality of previous cuir colognes – vintage leather jacket, tobacco chewing heart notes… the sultry allure has always defined cuir perfumes, and that’s why you’ll find bohemian artists and businessmen wearing them alike. Now, add the oud and in Sultan Leather Ghalia you get tobacco laced leather-come-hither heart notes that flow from its velvet, raw saddle top. You could even have called it Cuir de Charnel because it’s so unapologetically seductive… dab some SLG on your neck one evening and it might just push your mojo into second gear, if you know what I mean. 

    If every new Ward al Taifi that comes out is just too rosy for you, here’s to roughing things up. Or if birch tar and citrus just isn’t your thing. When you crave a parfum’s organic allure without the candy-make-it-sweet-please additives, uncap your bottle of Sultan Leather Ghalia and sniff yourself some Ahhhh… NOW we’re talkin’.

    With the release of Oud Royale, we couldn’t leave out the attar-and-nothing-but-attar lovers out there. Not just that, I want to offer the attar the perfume is built on neat…… with some attar-only bonuses. 

    Sultan Leather Ghalia doesn’t stop at giving you the ultimate vintage oud experience. To make this a true ghalia, you can’t end the show with oud and fine rose. That’s why you can hold the bottle in your hand and see the thick layer of Sultan Qaboos’ antique Tibetan musk drenched in the Sultan’s own collection of ambergris, crushed to a powder all these decades later—for you.

    As I said before, ghalias were traditionally gifted to the sultans. But Sultan Leather Ghalia is – literally – the Sultan’s gift to you and me.

    No matter how talented the perfumer, he or she is only as good as their ingredients allow them to be. My thanks go out to all those who go to the ends of the world to make it possible for us to work with only the finest ingredients nature has to offer, and a special token of thanks to Sultan Qaboos, may he rest in Peace—who inspired my oud journey since day one. At the end of the day, this is what really makes Sultan Leather Ghalia such a decadent Oud Parfum.

    Now, in the spirit of all things Cuir: Women, get it for your man. Men, get it for your woman!

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