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    Sultan's Rose - running low

    Price: $210

    Sultan’s Rose is easily one of the most beautiful, soul-stirring scents on Earth. Enjoy its tenacious, piercing aroma that puts your nose up close to early spring petals in bloom. An absolute perfumer’s delight, and a fragrance famous for stirring up romance at home.

    Quality rose harvests are notoriously limited, extraction costs are high, while all the besotted rose-lovers and leading perfumers stand in line calling first dibs on the finest harvests. And at the front of the line was Sultan Qaboos, who made tracking down the world’s most prized aromatics nothing short of a presidential mission.

    Sultan’s Rose is an in-house blend made of the same roses I use in our EO Parfums. It’s because of this that I rarely sell any rose neat—because it’s a key ingredient. Fine rose is not just a cornerstone of EO Parfums, but the class of rose we select is second to none at any given time. The best roses can cost four to five times more than otherwise fairly decent oils, and you can guess which end of the spectrum you’re looking at before qualifying for being added to an EO Parfum. 

    Leading the show is an exceptional rose from the treasury of Sultan Qaboos, who was as renowned for his love of fine rose as he was for exotic ouds. This extract was literally locked away for years – likely decades – and until now impossible to get hold of. That, while ‘aged’ among rose traders means two or three years. 

    Those who tried a sample of Sultan Qaboos’ perfume that came with your bottle of Oud Royale will know what to expect. Rose is a versatile ingredient but greatly depends on the kind and aromatic depth. If it’s too light, you lose the diffusiveness you want to add to a perfume (take a guess how we achieved Oud Royale’s projection with zero synthetics…… ) and if it’s too earthy, you mute the other flowers and muddy the spice.

    Sultan’s Rose beautifully showcases different facets of a fine rose. Obviously, if you want to use it as an ingredient you can stop looking for anything better. But most of us will choose to take a fat swipe neat and let the beauty of fresh rose transport us.

    I have Sultan's Rose and I can tell you it is stunning. It is like putting your nose directly in the flower early in the morning when it first opens. It's the truest, fullest, most satisfying rose I've ever smelled.

    I've been wearing it non-stop for days now, it's absolutely addictive. After experiencing how good this one is, that Royal Ta'ifi is like a siren's song calling to me right now...

    Sultan's Rose is absolutely beautiful, I am so in love with it! – April, USA

    It evolves just like the flower blooming as more rose and cream comes in as the body heats it up. Together with the creaminess there is a mild smoky and incense background note interspersed with a green leafy herbaceousness and a slight metallic tang. Closing is rose and cream. – Yasin, Singapore

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