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    Royal Ta'ifi

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    Imagine you got the chance to travel back forty years to when perms and mullets were high fashion, and the Sultan of Oman invited you to his palace and gave you a shot at distilling the freshest Ta’ifi rose petals—no expenses spared. The sultan would then collect and pour your precious rose oil in the palace’s crystal flask with its royal emblem and seal it with a wax stamp to be stowed away until today. What wouldn’t you give for this experience?

    You can only do it one time during the year. Early in the morning, you set out to pick 60,000 roses which have to be processed and distilled that same day…… and you’ll have only one ounce of oil to show for it. 

    That’s why Ta’ifi rose otto is arguably the most highly prized rose oil in the world. 

    Of course the Sultan of Oman, who was known for a love of fine perfume unmatched by any other royal figure during his time or after, got first dibs on the freshest petals, picked at the best day of the year at the earliest opportunity that day…

    This is as good as rose oil gets—except when that rose otto is then stowed away and aged for decades.

    As divine as a fine rose oil can be, compare it next to a swipe of Royal Ta’ifi and it’s like you’ve been baptized into the world of perfume all over again. 

    With oud, age imparts a vintage veneer over the fragrance which you can’t manufacture for love or money. Smell Royal Ta’ifi and there’s a golden layer, a lubani sweetness that makes you think the petals were marinated in Hojari frankincense—but they weren’t because the scent is pristine, dew-fresh to the tee.

    Royal Ta’ifi is literally that oil—the one none of us ever had the chance to distill. The one Sultan Qaboos did. We received it from the royal treasury directly, in the palace’s flask, with the wax seal—where, to our best estimates, it’s been sitting since the 1980s. We may not have been there for the making, but today you and I get to open it together…

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