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    Royal Guallam

    Now a Legend
    Final Bottle Sold
    Available only from private collectors of fine oud oils worldwide

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    There are oils that belong to Ensar Oud the company, and there are oils that belong to Ensar Oud the man. This falls in the second category.

    To the Japanese masters, Guallam is a sacrosanct profile (we’re talking kyara country) and what you have here is one of the crowning jewels of my collection. This is Purple Kinam, without the ‘Purple’ – Kyara de Kalbar, without the ‘Kalbar’ – Kinam Rouge, without the ‘Rouge’ – the direct progeny of Kynam No 1 – pristine kinamic chords that echo loud and clear from head to base: A narcotic, bitter-spicy vibe that makes this oud the masterpiece of the Guallam Series, and one of the very greatest legends of Oriscent.

    Royal Guallam is sunlight yellow, bitter kyara numbness, atop the most elegant woody profile to have ever been distilled by the son of man. There’s an elegance and a mindnumbing note that really hits the spot. A sensation that’s more pheromonal than the most sensual musk, more beautiful than the most delicate botanicals. That’s the quality of the wood that went into the boilers you smell, as well as the treatment of that wood in our signature Oriscent style, stripped of all experimentation and techniqueing.

    When you craft Vietnamese agarwood à la Oriscent, you get the cleanest-pitched bitter-sweet kinam heart notes that act like head notes echoing from middle to top, lending a sort of dynamic depth and pull to the profile seldom experienced in contemporary oud production.

    A suave spicy drydown that’s as ethereal as the airiest Borneo – without the ‘Borneo’. Age it for four years, and what do you get? You’ve got incense à la monkoh, where the goal was never to depart from the properties of the outrageously rare jinkoh that transmuted into drops of the most precious oud on Earth.

    I kept the tin we originally poured it in at the distillery. Time and again, I’d return to the empty tin to take deep, insatiable breaths, taking in all of the myriad aromatic properties that is the cosmos of Royal Guallam.

    If you’ve ever walked into a very high end perfume shop, where they try to combine the most precious natural extracts with things that are not quite as precious, you get a myriad spices, resins, flowers and botanicals coming at you all at once. All of that is contained in the single origin, wild incense grade Vietnamese sinensis oud oil that is Royal Guallam.

    It smells like one note – the note of bitter medicinal Vietnamese agarwood – yet, that note contains within it an entire aromatic cosmos that is even more complex than Kinam Rouge. And no oud is more complex than Kinam Rouge!

    We can’t go back in time four years or deflate the astronomical costs of wild Vietnamese agarwood. We can’t un-string the $50,000 bangles, un-carve the miniatures, or revive the jungles and resurrect the centennial grandmother trees. It takes all one’s effort and cleans out one’s bank account just to scrape together a few hundred grams of wild incense-grade wood here and there. So it’s not about how much the raw wood cost us. Give us a truck stuffed with cash today, and we can hardly find you that wood again…

    Very soon, it’ll hit home that you can’t even put a price on this kind of oud. And you’ll realize that a bottle of Royal Guallam has suddenly become your most precious possession. If you hear about the legends all the time and wish you’d snagged one when they were available, here is your chance to go back and own one of the all-time greats.

    Note: I’ve received inquiries about Royal Guallam asking if it bears any resemblance to Guallam Solide. It must be said they are completely different, and don’t bear any resemblance to one-another. The closest thing to Royal Guallam from previous releases would be Kynam No 1, but RG has its own unique shine, which is distinct and quite different to Kynam No 1’s. Royal Guallam was distilled from wood harvested in the legendary Nha Trang region of Vietnam, whereas Guallam Solide comprises of wood harvested throughout the country, as well as Laos.


    That was all I could say when I was fortunate enough to experience this oil. SubhanAllah. Ensar’s discription is spot on. The complexity of this oil is unbelievable. Unlike anything I've experienced before. And it just keeps on unfolding like there’s no end lol. This is all smelling off the dipstick. Right there and then I fell in love with this oil and I knew I had to get some more. – Tayib, USA

    I wore Royal Guallam on Wednesday. Oh my, oud from another dimension. I really am stymied for a description but it is indeed utterly satisfying and transporting and wondrous. It’s gonna take some olfactory development to get a handle on this one. Am so glad I took the leap and that you were able to set it up for me. I think my oud-world just expanded with a Big Bang! – Jen, USA

    This is it. This oil is King, Emperor, and Pharaoh of all Oud oils. It doesn’t get better than this one. I am reluctant to use the Royal Guallam. Have applied it once, and found it so heavenly that I will have to use it sparingly, and on rare occasions only, so as not to waste it… This is a once-in-a-lifetime oil, so precious that I cannot afford to over-indulge.

    And Ensar’s description is spot-on, the ‘cosmos of a myriad scent notes’ is exactly what I find in it. So far it has reminded me, at this stage or another, of all oils I have ever sampled, from the old Oriscent days to the most recent distillations – all the notes are contained in this one oil. It displays a unique, unsurpassable  sweetness, like that milky sweetness of Kyara, plus some floral sweetness of a field of roses (it doesn’t really smell like roses, but has the intensity of a garden of roses in full bloom) plus an agarwoody sweetness admixed with it… riding over all the notes I love in the many oils I had the luck to sample. – Thomas, Germany

    Okay, I have been holding on for as long as I could to comment on this oil. I wanted to experience it a few times before putting up any review.

    This oil very unique in its scent profile. Despite being from Vietnamese wood like Guallam Solide, it is really different smelling. There is a unique sweet medicinal kinam scent which is so sublime I was just blown away. It is a fairly lively scent. It is a scent you feel immediately that truly special occasions merit its application. I am not sure I can really give more details about its scent because it is really more an experience than a smell. This is an heirloom oil which I am extremely blessed to possess. – Phil, USA

    Royal Guallam is seriously a Vietnamese Purple Kinam… so hard to picture it but so easy to make the connection when you smell it. Same amazing quality, same tantalizing effect, same ethereal journey. – Taher, UAE

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